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Weight Loss
SuperBeets Review: Is It Really Worth Your Money?
Weight Loss

SuperBeets Review: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

Finding the right supplement to manage blood pressure can be challenging, but there might be one that does the job. SuperBeets claims to strengthen your heart’s natural functions. We explain what SuperBeets is and whether it really promotes heart health and energy support.

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Managing your blood pressure can be a challenging process. 

You might have days where you feel extremely low or days that are completely normal and don’t interfere with your health. Blood pressure can change all the time, and medication isn’t for everyone.

SuperBeets is one of those supplements that claim to lower blood pressure and encourage healthy circulation. Creators of this product promote plant-based ingredients that provide both energy and stamina. But does this dietary supplement actually work?

In this article, we provide a SuperBeets review by listing the pros and cons, potential benefits, ingredients, and possible drawbacks of using the “heart-healthy” supplement. 


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  • SuperBeets can help lower blood pressure
  • May increase your energy levels
  • The supplement is easy to drink every day
  • It promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Cheaper than most dietary supplements
  • Great way to add nutrients to your diet
  • Supports easy blood flow to the heart
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Not suitable for those with low blood pressure
  • It might change the color of your urine
  • The powder supplement may not dissolve properly
  • Only has two flavors available

SuperBeets is a dietary supplement that supports heart-healthy energy and blood pressure. The plant-based formula contains non-GMO beets that are grown naturally in the USA. Beetroot can supposedly improve blood flow by releasing nitrates – a compound that relaxes blood vessels

This clinically-researched supplement might help maintain pressure levels through efficient nitric oxide production. It can also increase your energy and stamina, leading to better motivation. However, this powder can work and feel different for everyone using it. 

People usually mix one scoop of the powder with water to relish the cardiovascular benefits. SuperBeets is aimed at adults who prefer drinking dietary supplements rather than taking capsule-based pills. You can get this product in the black cherry and original apple flavor.

⭐ Rating


✅ Pros

Support heart health, boosts stamina

🍭 Flavor

Black cherry, original apple

💊 Dosage form

Powder, gummies, or chews

🥦 Ingredients

Beetroot powder, magnesium, malic acid

💰 Price

From $27.97

What Is SuperBeets?

SuperBeets is a powdered supplement that contains non-GMO beets. It was designed to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and support your overall heart health. The creators made sure to research this dietary supplement to see the effects on lowering blood pressure. 

This supplement is the “world’s first and only beetroot powder” that promotes nitric oxide production. It has a plant-based formula that was generated by the University of Texas Health Science Center. A few key natural ingredients are malic acid and magnesium ascorbate.

Some people use SuperBeets for weight loss purposes. Nitrates are believed to prevent weight gain and provide more energy to do long-mile runs. SuperBeets was only created to support heart health, so using it for weight loss can increase the chances of seeing no physical results.

Does SuperBeets Work?

SuperBeets may or may not work for certain people. Every dietary supplement reacts differently to each body and can specifically help those with high blood pressure. To determine if this product works, you need to try it yourself or read customer reviews to understand their opinion. 

Remember that HumanN carefully selected each ingredient to make sure they work for strengthening heart health. Their plant-based formula may seem a little more trustworthy. The creators state that SuperBeets contain 100% non-GMO beets only grown in the USA.

In fact, SuperBeets is classified as a “nitric oxide supplement” due to the high levels of nitrates. These natural chemicals have been thoroughly studied for reducing high blood pressure. Products containing nitrates usually work for dilating and expanding blood vessel walls.

SuperBeets Ingredients

SuperBeets contains many natural ingredients that claim to support your health. The plant-based formula focuses on giving you more energy to live a better lifestyle. Remember, there are no artificial sweeteners or synthetic colors present in this powder supplement.

Here are four of the main ingredients in SuperBeets: 

#1 Non-GMO beetroot powder

Non-GMO beetroot powder means it was created without genetic enhancements. The ingredients used to make this powder also didn’t receive engineering. This means the beetroot substance in SuperBeets is completely natural and doesn’t contain secret modified ingredients. 

However, research has shown that there are no nutritional benefits from choosing non-GMO products over non-organic products. Non-GMOs are generally better for the environment, but they won’t make huge differences to your health or specifically maintain normal blood pressure.

Beetroot powder lowers blood pressure in just a few hours of consuming it. The nitrates decrease inflammation and boost nitric oxide levels in your body, further maintaining steady systolic blood pressure. People also drink pure beetroot juice to gain the same health benefits.

Creators of SuperBeets believe that beetroot is the key to healthy circulation. Blood pressure medication isn’t for everyone, so making a natural beetroot supplement is the best option. Pairing this heart-healthy supplement with a healthy diet can help strengthen blood vessels. 

#2 Malic acid

Malic acid is an organic compound found in some cosmetics, food, and medicine. This acid is believed to enhance your exercise performance and boost energy levels. People who have chronic fatigue syndrome might take malic acid supplements to improve their endurance.

Even though malic acid gives you the energy to exercise, it won’t help you lose weight. SuperBeets is not intended for weight loss and should only be used to improve your overall health. To drop a few pounds, try long-distance running or eating a low-carb diet

This ingredient is good to have for energy production, but too much of it might cause side effects like headaches, stomach discomfort, and serious constipation. There is little evidence to suggest that malic acid lowers high blood pressure or strengthens your heart’s natural functions.

#3 Magnesium ascorbate

Magnesium ascorbate is a non-acidic form of vitamin C. This is a gentler version that suits those who have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Your body needs magnesium to increase energy metabolism, immune defenses, and protein and fat synthesis for regulating fatty acids. 

SuperBeets contain plenty of magnesium ascorbate to lower blood pressure. The diuretic properties help your kidneys to remove more sodium from the body. Sodium reduction means your blood vessels relax, leading to decreased blood pressure upon taking the supplement.

Some people believe magnesium is good for weight loss, but this mineral alone won’t help. You should only focus on taking this supplement to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. However, magnesium might speed up your metabolism and burn extra calories throughout the day.

#4 Stevia leaf extract

Stevia leaf extract derives from the leaves of a stevia plant. This ingredient originates in South America and primarily produces steviol glycosides for liquid extraction. Many companies use this plant due to its sweetening properties, making it great for the SuperBeets’ two flavors.

HumanN decided to use this extract for taste enhancement, but that’s not only the main benefit of the ingredient. Stevia leaf supposedly reduces blood sugar levels and helps limit caloric intake, further encouraging people to follow a zero-calorie diet for their health. 

Just be aware that stevia leaf extract for lowering blood pressure doesn’t have any scientific evidence. People can still use this ingredient to create a better taste, but that doesn’t mean it has direct health benefits. HumanN only added this to enhance the sweet cherry and apple. 

Benefits of SuperBeets Beetroot Powder

There are many health benefits that derive from beetroot-based products. Nitric oxide production is the key factor for lowering high blood pressure, but it can also do more for your body. A beetroot powder supplement might be better than consuming raw beetroot juice. 

Below, you’ll find four potential health benefits of SuperBeets:

#1 Improves heart health

HumanN strongly believe their plant-based formula is heart-friendly. Several main ingredients like non-GMO beetroot powder and magnesium are known to decrease blood pressure. Nitrate-rich vegetables like beets can prevent cardiovascular disease and potential strokes. 

Magnesium also plays a role in maintaining cellular membranes. This protective barrier keeps your heart in place and stops it from expanding too much. A strong double-layered membrane means it can protect big blood vessels, lubricate the heart, and help it work properly.

Even though stevia leaf extract is just a sweetener, it can still lower blood sugar. Having less sugar in your bloodstream can prevent type 2 diabetes – a condition that disrupts glucose production in the human body and damages normal blood pressure regulation.

#2 Increases energy levels

Malate (a type of acid in SuperBeets) can boost athletic performance by feeding the energy cells in your body. This may help you go long-distance running or for walks that last over 2 miles. Having enough energy is important for preventing fatigue, weakness, and depression

Just remember that SuperBeets isn’t an energy drink or mood booster hack. It mainly serves as a beetroot “juice” supplementation that fuels your body with nitric oxide. Greater energy levels is one of the smaller health benefits, as it improves blood pressure management.

#3 Might help to maintain healthy blood pressure

SuperBeets is all about maintaining diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The beetroot powder derives from beetroot juice – a type of vegetable that contains nitric oxide. You can consume this supplement to reduce blood pressure, as it specifically relaxes your blood vessel walls.

Some people might take nitric oxide supplements to feel healthy again, but they don’t always have the right nutrients. HumanN wanted to include magnesium, malate, and stevia leaf to improve overall health. This can be better than eating fresh beets on a regular everyday basis. 

This product lowers blood pressure due to the increased nitric oxide levels. Your body converts dietary nitrates into nitric oxide – a molecule that widens blood vessels and allows blood to flow through easily. Soon enough, your blood pressure will return back to normal. 

#4 Might help with weight loss

SuperBeets wasn’t designed for weight loss, but it might help you achieve those small physical changes. The strengthened athletic performance can encourage more exercise throughout the day. You might take a long walk in the morning or go to the gym to perform strength training. 

Magnesium may also strengthen your metabolism, leading to a better fat-burning process. It can reduce water weight, which usually slows down results. You can take magnesium supplements to boost your metabolism, as SuperBeets wasn’t made for burning stubborn body fat

However, don’t just take this supplement to lose weight. You should only buy SuperBeets if you have high blood pressure and want to avoid blood pressure-lowering medications. Consuming beet juice every day can still play a key role in your healthy diet. 

Drawbacks of SuperBeets  

Like many other supplements, SuperBeets will still have drawbacks. Not every blood pressure supplement does exactly what it says. HumanN wanted to create an authentic product that improves your overall health, but there isn’t much evidence to support these official claims. 

Not having enough evidence means people won’t feel comfortable buying it. Proof of clinical tests could help consumers understand the several health benefits. If you want to know more about their authenticity, you could read customer reviews that detail personal experiences. 

SuperBeets is also expensive for some people, as one container costs $39.95 for just a 30-day supply. You may want to go for something cheaper before buying a full subscription. There might be other blood pressure supplements that have a better price point for consumers. 

One thing about SuperBeets is the controversial taste. Several reviews state that it can taste “powdery” or doesn’t replicate the cherry and natural apple flavor. If you care about how supplements taste, it might be worth finding another supplement that has more flavored options.

How to Use SuperBeets

You can take one daily scoop (around 5g or one teaspoon) and add that to 3–5fl oz of plain water. There isn’t a set time you need to take this supplement. It might be best to drink one scoop of SuperBeets in the morning if you have a busy day or often forget these products. 

Don’t have more than 2 servings within 24 hours. This could lead to side effects like stomach pain, dry mouth, headaches, and constipation-related sickness. Always follow the suggested dosage on the SuperBeets package and stop taking the supplement if you don’t feel well. 

Creators of SuperBeets stated that you have to continue using this product to notice physical results. One study conducted by HumanN found that adults had a decreased systolic blood pressure after 4 weeks. This is only through continuous supplementation every single day. 

Also, try not to drink beet juice while also taking this beetroot-based supplement. 

How We Tested SuperBeets 

There are many factors you have to consider when reviewing a new product. You need to understand the pros and cons of SuperBeets, especially if you plan on making a big purchase. It’s not worth your money if you’re not happy about factors like the price point and quality. 

Let’s take a look at the below factors in more detail: 

Quality 9/10 

SuperBeets has high-quality ingredients that make them effective for increasing nitric oxide in your body. This product has been carefully formulated to only contain non-GMO and organic sources. People may feel more comfortable knowing it isn’t genetically engineered in labs. 

HumanN made sure not to include artificial sweeteners or synthetic colors. These ingredients could trigger side effects in those who have sensitive gut linings. Only using 100% non-GMO fresh beets in the USA shows how dedicated this company is to producing organic products.

Effectiveness 7/10 

Some customer reviews claim that they haven’t noticed any results. However, this could be due to short-term supplementation or personal factors. The ingredients will work differently for everyone and might not help those who have very high systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 

Many consumers want supplements that take only a few days to become effective. SuperBeets isn’t one of those products that work its magic overnight. You can try drinking beetroot juice or eating this vegetable to increase the level of nitric oxide content in your system.

Price 7/10 

The high price point for SuperBeets can stop people from buying it. A tub that lasts 30 days costs around $40, which is too expensive for a one-time purchase. This also runs the risk of you not enjoying the product and wanting to try something else for a lower price. 

However, the company HumanN has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t want the product. You can return SuperBeets for a full refund without having to answer lots of questions. Deals like this may help new consumers to test the supplement before fully committing. 

Brand reputation 9/10 

HumanN has a detailed story page on their website that explains their mission of helping people maintain their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. They explain more about their plant-based ingredients that help consumers “achieve optimal health” through supplements.

This company also claims to have “10+ years of relentless research & development” of their products. HumanN is keen on producing the best supplements for lowering blood pressure. They want to prevent things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks. 

A Word From Our MD

Finding the right blood pressure supplement can be a challenging process.

You might think that drinking beetroot juice every day doesn’t suit your meal plans or schedule. That’s why SuperBeets could be a good option if you need something quick. Mixing the powder with some water almost creates beet juice, except it contains more nutritious ingredients.

The ingredients can boost metabolism and increase nitric oxide levels in your body. Magnesium is great for improving respiratory health and systolic pressure. Consuming beetroot juice is the best way to get these dietary nitrates.

This supplement can boost your energy levels and decrease blood pressure. More energy leads to more exercise that builds your fitness strength. Exercise is known to maintain blood pressure due to the improved circulation in your blood vessels.

Always talk to a medical professional if you don’t feel well after taking a supplement. It’s not worth experiencing the side effects just to make the most out of your money. The doctor can tell you the best natural treatment for high blood levels without lots of medication.


How much beetroot powder should I take per day?

You can take one scoop (around 5g) mixed with 3–5fl oz of water a day. This should help your body produce nitric oxide that strengthens blood circulation in the heart. People can consume this dietary supplement at any time of the day, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

What is the taste of SuperBeets?

SuperBeets comes in two flavors – original apple and black cherry. They have a sweet taste that easily mixes with water to give you that hydrating touch. You might taste some of the chalky powder if it doesn’t dissolve properly, but keep on mixing to get rid of any lumps.

Where can I buy SuperBeets?

This powder supplement is available on the official HumanN website. You can buy SuperBeets as a one-time purchase or subscribe to save 35% plus free shipping. Other websites selling this dietary product aren’t legitimate and could be promoting false and harmful ingredients. 

Conclusion: Is SuperBeets Worth It?

SuperBeets is worth trying if you don’t want to get prescribed medication. 

This product also saves you from buying beetroot juice just to relish the benefits. You can mix the powder with plain water to make your own homemade beet juice. These dietary nitrates can regulate pressure levels in your blood and boost your energy for the day.

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Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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