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How We Vet Brands and Products

From time to time, we cooperate and partner with various brands/products in the health and wellness industry, so we may recommend their products on our page.

There are a few criteria by which we select with whom to cooperate and whose products or which brands to recommend:

  • Product/brand credibility/reputation
  • Company reputation
  • Public controversies about the company and/or its product
  • Company maturity
  • Other publicly available information

These criteria ensure that we only recommend products or brands which we trust.

Although we might recommend certain products to you, we take no responsibility nor guarantee their quality, as we evaluate each product based on publicly available information, most of which might be taken from the brand or product page. Thus, the brand shall be responsible and liable for all and any product claims.

We might also get certain commissions from such products/brands if you buy from the links provided on our page – this is how we maintain the functionality of our website. You can learn more here.

Our Product Vetting Process

All products and brands are evaluated using the same criteria. These include:

  • Evidence-based health or medical claims
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle without promoting stereotypes or unhealthy goals
  • Adherence to industry standards and leading practices
  • Third-party certifications
  • Absence of FDA or FTC warning letters and resolved issues
  • No pending or previous lawsuits regarding employment or marketing practices, or class-action lawsuits
  • Compliant ingredient list and labeling

We periodically review our partner brands to ensure they meet our standards. If a brand falls below our standards, it will be removed from our content. If a product hasn’t passed our review process, we’ll clearly state why to help you make informed choices.

If a product or brand has changed certain claims or has had a decline in reputation, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that it is involved in some questionable practices or scandals, or it no longer passes our vetting process, we may remove such brands and products from our content.

Please be aware that there may be instances where prompt response is not possible. It is important to understand that not all brand.