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10 Running Tips and Goals to Keep You Motivated
Before you run, think about the reasons that make you want to run. Just ask yourself whether...
running goals
6 Benefits of Running in the Morning
When it comes to running, there are different benefits you can get depending on what time of the...
benefits of running in the morning
6 Best Running Supplements to Try in 2022
For regular runners, getting all of the nutrition you need can be made difficult by the amount...
Best Running Supplements
7 Tips on How to Start Running When Out of Shape
Getting in shape with running can be quite challenging, but have you ever wondered what...
how to start running when out of shape


proper running form
Proper Running Form: 10 Tips and Techniques for Beginners
As a runner, being able to take on more challenges and run faster and more efficiently over long...
myfitnesspal alternative
8 Best MyFitnessPal Alternatives in 2022
When looking at food labels and food tracking in your homemade food diary – or the notes in...
best hiking apps
15 Best Hiking Apps for Weight Loss in 2022
Spending time outside has many benefits, like decreasing stress and boosting vitamin D, and the...
joggo vs couch to 5k
Joggo vs. Couch to 5K: Which Is Better for Running and Weight Loss?
Starting a running journey with the goal of losing weight is challenging for everyone. While it...
rowing vs running
Rowing Vs. Running: Which Is Better For Cardio?
Cardio exercise is an important part of any training routine. With cardiovascular disease being...
jiggly butt
10 Tips and Exercises to Have a Jiggly Butt
Let’s face it. Big booties are in. Everyone seems to be looking for new ways to make their...
HIRT 101: High-Intensity Resistance Training
High-intensity interval training is a form of exercise that has grown increasingly popular...
working out 4 days a week
Working Out 4 Days a Week: Benefits and Workout Schedule
You don’t have to do strength training every day for muscle growth. The same applies to serious...
why do my hands swell when i walk
Why Do My Hands Swell When I Walk?
Many people experience swelling in their hands during exercise. Exercise-related hand swelling...
why does stretching feel good
Why Does Stretching Feel Good?
Stretching is something we might do before and after a workout, and generally, aside from knowing...
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