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Walk2 App Review: My Personal Experience

Written by Edna Skopljak, MD
Dr. Donika Vata
Fact checked by Donika Vata, MD
Last update: November 3, 2023
15 min read 507 Views 0 Reviews
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Can Walk2 pave the way to better health? Here’s my personal evaluation that will answer this question.

Walk2 App Review - My Personal Experience

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

From my years of practice, I’ve come across various tools that aid health through movement.

Among what I’ve encountered, I think walking apps are a superb way of staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals while fostering a sense of achievement and seeing improvements to your overall health and wellness.

An emerging walking app with promising features is Walk2. Given my personal interest in walking and the considerable interest of my clients, I decided to download and test this app myself.

If you’re an ardent walker (or want to become one) in need of a new walking tool, this might be it. In this Walk2 app, I make sure to delve into the intricacies that make this app appealing, providing my take on its key features and functions. 

What Is the Walk2 App?

walk2 logo
Our rating:
  • A real-life award after completing a route
  • Immersive walking adventures
  • Calorie and distance trackers
  • Customizable challenges
  • Social walking forums
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  • checkmark
    Can be customized
  • checkmark
    Doesn’t require special training or prior experience
  • checkmark
    Offers fun and engaging virtually immersive routes
  • checkmark
    Provides the ability to connect with friends and other users
  • checkmark
    Can help you lose weight in an enjoyable way
  • checkmark
    It’s a paid app
  • checkmark
    Might not be 100% accurate

The Walk2 app is a brand-new platform tailored to assist and encourage users during their walking adventures

From tracking burned calories to discovering new and exciting walking trails, the app is jam-packed with many unique features designed to help you track your progress and encourage you to explore multiple walking routes.

The main feature that stands out most is the app’s virtually immersive routes. With this feature, you can explore fascinating routes, such as walking through Rome’s streets, right in your own neighborhood. 

To complement this feature, the app offers informative insights about famous landmarks. I found this to create a physically and mindfully stimulating walking experience. 

Moreover, the Walk2 app even sends real-life awards after completing the whole route. I have to agree that this feature greatly motivated me to finish the route.

⭐ Rating


✅ Routes

Camino de Santiago, Paris, London, Rome

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💰 Price

From $2.99 a month

🧰️ OS

iOS and Android

🔔 How to get started

Get it here

How Does the Walk2 App Work?

To get started with the Walk2 app, you need to download it on your smart device from your preferred app store, such as Google Play or the App Store. 

You’ll then have to register a user profile, adding your information, such as your name, age, weight, and fitness goals. This data is used to provide you with a personalized experience. 

The app is centered around tracking your walks and monitoring your progress. It utilizes GPS technology in your smart device to trace your walking route, distance traveled, duration of walks, and other relevant metrics. 

You can set and adjust personalized walking goals within the app to align your fitness objectives with the platform. For instance, you can set daily step counts, time limits, distances, and so on. 

Regarding progress monitoring, the app presents detailed insights, including statistics and daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of your progress.

How Does the Walk2 App Stand Out From Competitors?

The Walk2 app features several attractive features that help the platform outshine its competitors. 

Firstly, it offers users immersive walking adventures. This feature virtually transports you to iconic destinations around the world, enabling you to unlock and explore famous landmarks as you embark on walks.

I found this feature particularly unique, as it provided insightful information about famous landmarks that I encountered during my walks.

This app also provides more customizable features. For example, the app empowers you to set your own goals, including steps and distance, to suit your fitness level. 

I found this significantly beneficial as it enabled me to curate a walking regime suited to my fitness abilities and experience.

It is really impressive how the creators of this app have stepped up and offered something I have never seen before. Upon completing the Rome route on the app, I received an actual medal, which gave me great motivation to keep using the app.

What Are the Main Features of the Walk2 App?

From virtual exploration of landmarks to accessing a private community of like-minded walkers, the Walk2 app presents many handy features designed to help you achieve your walking goals and stay on track with your fitness. 

Here are the key features that I believe make this app stand out: 

#1 Multiple routes available

The app offers users the option to choose between multiple virtual walking routes, including Camino de Santiago, Paris, Rome, London, and many others.

This also allows you to experience remarkable destinations worldwide in the comfort of your neighborhood, which is especially beneficial to individuals who find their surroundings less inspiring. 

This feature goes the extra mile by providing you with educational insights about specific destinations and landmarks. This enhances your overall walking experience by making it both physically fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

#2 Calorie and distance trackers

Walk2 provides calorie and distance trackers, ensuring you can accurately monitor your progress and see whether you’re close to achieving your goals. 

The calorie tracking feature monitors the calories you burn during your walking adventures. The app calculates burned calories based on factors such as the duration of your walk, your walking speed, and your weight. 

By understanding how many calories you have burned during your walks, you can set more realistic goals and effectively manage your weight. 

The distance tracking feature in the app harnesses your smartphone’s GPS technology to measure the distance you walk. This offers a clear sense of progress, showing you how far you’ve walked and how much farther you need to walk in order to achieve your goals. 

#3 Ability to track your progress

The Walk2 app allows users to review their progress by assessing various metrics, such as calories burned, distance walked, and time taken. Upon reviewing your metrics, you can review your overall progress. 

This provides you with a comprehensive insight into your achievements and helps you identify what you need to do to achieve your goals. By providing this visibility, this app is excellent at motivating you to meet your goals and pinpointing improvement areas.  

5 Benefits of the Walk2 App: What Impressed Me the Most

Upon using the features included in the Walk2 app, I learned they collectively present various benefits that are significantly advantageous to walkers. Here are the major benefits I discovered upon using this app:

#1 Motivates you to move

The Walk2 app excels at motivation thanks to its extensive range of progress-tracking features, daily reminders, customizable goals, and virtual walking adventures, making walking feel more like a fun activity rather than a chore. 

Whether your primary intention is to reach a specific number of steps, miles, minutes/hours, or calories, this app is equipped with everything you need to keep going and achieve your goals. The app also show how much CO2 you saved by walking.

After completing an entire route, you earn a certificate of completion and real-life medals. The Walk2 team even plants a real tree for your effort. I personally have a soft spot for such rewards and found the completion awards very gratifying. 

This added touch not only provided me with a reward for my hard work but also gave me something to aim towards, encouraging me to keep going during my walks. I think this further facilitates the app’s motivation, offering recognition and praise for your hard work.

#2 Doesn’t require any special training

Walk2 is curated for all levels, offering an accessible, user-friendly experience that doesn’t require any specific training or prior experience. 

Because this walking app allows you to set your own goals, track your progress, and walk on a schedule that best suits you, it provides superb flexibility for newbies looking to start walking and experienced walkers who wish to tailor their goals to their abilities. 

#3 Fun and engaging routes

Walk2’s immersive virtual trails transport users to stunning worldwide destinations and provide insightful information, making walking both visually stimulating and informative. 

When I’m walking for long periods, I can occasionally find myself feeling bored, especially if I‘m walking a familiar route. 

I found that the fun and interactive qualities make the app significantly engaging. This helped combat my boredom and helped keep me motivated as I embarked on long-distance treks. 

I believe other users who are tired of their regular routes will thoroughly enjoy this unique virtual feature and hopefully find enjoyment during their walks. 

#4 Ability to connect with friends and other users

By providing users with exclusive walking forums and the option to connect with friends, Walk2 fosters a sense of community. 

The added social dimension of the app is ideal for users seeking interaction and motivation. You can even engage in friendly competitions to challenge yourself while connecting with others. 

Upon using the forum feature, I was captivated by a conversation with others and even made some friendly connections with other users where we exchanged helpful walking tips. 

This made me feel part of a community where my own experiences and questions were acknowledged and valued.

I also particularly enjoyed engaging in competitions with friends. This helped me challenge myself without feeling overly pressured, creating a fun way of reaching my goals. 

As a walker myself, I know how lonely long walks can get – especially if you frequently walk alone. However, the social aspect of this app motivated and enabled me to connect with a group of like-minded walkers, and I know other users could also make valuable connections here. 

#5 Might help to lose weight in a fun way

Because the Walk2 app provides a fun and engaging approach to walking, it can encourage users to achieve weight loss through long-distance walking and improve their health. 

From participating in friendly challenges to immersing yourself in virtual adventures, it may encourage you to burn calories and effectively lose weight without feeling burdened by a strict and boring exercise regime. 

By using the app’s features, such as friendly challenges and virtual adventures, I found myself walking further and burning more calories. In fact, when I engaged in challenges with friends, I forgot I was exercising altogether and felt more like I was playing a fun game.

This made it far easier to burn calories and improve my stamina. After a while, I managed to improve my body’s health without feeling burdened by my walking routine, making my overall experience thoroughly enjoyable. 

3 Downsides of the Walk2 App

Understanding the downsides of this app can help you make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you and save you from any nasty surprises after you invest in the app. 

Here are the three downsides of the Walk2 app I found slightly off-putting:

#1 Might not be 100% accurate

A potential downside to this app, and most fitness apps, is that it may not be 100% accurate when tracking your walking metrics, such as calories burned and steps.

A significant factor that potentially affects the app’s accuracy is its dependency on your smart device’s GPS tracker.

Because GPS trackers rely on your device’s signal, they may not consistently provide accurate information. Based on my experience, this issue was apparent when I was walking in remote or densely wooded areas, as this interfered with my phone’s signal. 

This was a significant drawback for me as it meant my progress was not accurately recorded and, therefore, interfered with my objectives. 

However, one way I managed to overcome this was by wearing a fitness watch, which tracked my heart rate, steps, and calories despite the lack of signal experienced in the app. I then used the fitness metrics gathered on my watch to alter my goals and achievements in the app.

#2 It can drain your device’s battery quickly

When using Walk2, I noticed my smartphone’s battery quickly running out. This is probably because the platform utilizes your smart device’s features, including signal and GPS tracker. 

To overcome this, I fully charged my device before walking and carried a portable charger in case my phone ran out of battery. 

Other helpful tips that can preserve your smartphone’s battery include lowering your screen’s brightness, turning on your battery saver mode, and closing other apps. Following these suggestions will help you preserve battery power while using the app on your walks.

#3 It’s a paid app

Walk2 is a paid app, meaning you must make a purchase to access its full range of features. This is a particular burden to users with budget constraints as it limits access to its full range of features and potential benefits.  

Although you have to pay for the app, I personally found it to be a good value for money, given its range of exclusive tools and features. 

From my experience, the investment in this app translates to a supportive community of like-minded walkers, progress tracking, detailed insights, immersive virtual routes, and more. 

All of these components are justified by their potential to enhance your walking experience and help you achieve your goals. 

Walk2 App Real User Reviews

Exploring reviews is an excellent way of seeing what other users think of the Walk2 app and determining its efficacy and user-friendliness. Here are some real reviews from customers who have purchased this app: 

Review from Irene
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The Walk2 app is fantastic! Taking daily walks on fantasy routes, such as the Camino de Santiago, adds an element of magic to my routine. Although there is a slight battery drain, it is well worth it for the experience. My daily walk has become a pleasant part of my routine, and I look forward to discovering new adventures each time.

Review from Steven
Rating: ⭐⭐ (2/5)

In spite of its fun concept and creative routes, I found Walk2 app to be buggy at times. In addition to draining the battery rapidly, this is also a paid app. There is a lot to like about this app, but it definitely needs some serious improvements.

Walk2 App Cost

The app offers users three payment plans. There’s a 6-month (billed every 6 months) plan costing $142.82, a 3-month plan (billed every 3 months) costing $60.33, and a 1-month plan (billed monthly) costing $23.99. 

Walk2 currently offers users a limited-time offer where they can save 72% on the 6-month plan and 42% on the 3-month plan.  

Comparison Table

As with any wellness tool, Walk2 is not the only option out there. Here’s a quick comparison of its key features compared to other brands.

Comparison Winner: Walk2
Conqueror Virtual Challenge

Offers an immersive experience

Provides tracking features

Offers fun and engaging games

Free version available

Provides a variety of challenges

Highly motivating


Paid app

Might not be 100% accurate

Less customization

Limited virtual exploration

Less immersive

Challenges are fixed

How I Tested Walk2 

Upon assessing this app, I reflected on several criteria components to ensure I formulated a well-rounded review. Here’s an outline of the criteria I used to test the Walk2 app:

Quality 4/5

By assessing and using its range of features, I could determine the quality of Walk2. 

From my experience, I found the app offers a smooth user experience with no glitches or bugs and provides a diverse range of exclusive features that are easy to use and relatively accurate. These qualities contribute to a final respectful score of eight. 

The main reason I deducted two points is down to the app’s minor accuracy issues experienced with its features that are dependent on GPS tracking. 

This makes the app reliant on your smartphone’s signal, which can interfere with progress tracking and potentially set you back. However, this issue only occurred when I was in remote or densely wooded areas that lacked signal. Otherwise, the app functions fine. 

Effectiveness 4/5

To determine the efficacy of Walk2, I embarked on several walks, tracking my progress over several weeks. 

It offered effective motivation and goal customization, which allowed me to tailor my walks to my experience and achieve my goals at a pace that suited me.

My only suggestion for further improvement is for the app to provide better accuracy, perhaps by integrating fitness devices, such as Fitbit or Apple Watch, for more effective tracking. 

Price 5/5

Given the diverse range of features available when you purchase Walk2, I believe it’s great value for money. However, if it were slightly cheaper, it would be more accessible to users. 

I decided to score this app an 8 for its exceptionally well-rounded package of inclusive features that come with a subscription. 

With a strong emphasis on community support, personalization, and data analysis, I believe the features of Walk2 are significantly beneficial and valuable, making them partially justified by the price of the app. 

The primary reason I knocked two points off is down to the app’s lack of variety when it comes to its subscription offers.

Ideally, I would have preferred the app to offer different subscription options, such as a 2-month or annual billing cycle. This would offer users more flexibility to choose a payment plan that best aligns with their financial capacity. 

Brand reputation 5/5

Although Walk2 is a new app, it has gained significant praise among the fitness community, as reflected by its array of positive reviews. Its dedication to providing a personalized and engaging user experience speaks volumes for the brand, making it credible. 

A Word From Our RD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Edibel
Edibel Quintero, RD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

As a registered dietitian, I believe the achievement and maintenance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle is paramount. A key way of ensuring we stay in good shape is through physical movement.

Most walking apps align with this principle, offering a beginner-friendly platform that encourages physical activity through walking while making it an enjoyable experience.

Many of my patients prefer walking to running as it’s less intensive. Because walking apps offer an array of helpful features and benefits, I would certainly recommend them to patients, especially those looking to take control of their fitness journey while having fun.


Is the Walk2 app legit?

Yes, this walking app is legit and created by a reputable company.

Where can I download the Walk2 app?

The Walk2 app can be downloaded directly from the official website. You can also find this app on the Play Store and App Store.

Is the Walk2 app worth it?

Walking with the Walk2 app might help you stay motivated, so it’s worth it. In addition, it offers data tracking options and a supportive community.

Conclusion: Should You Try Walk2?

In conclusion, the Walk2 app has emerged as a reliable walking companion, offering an engaging experience unlike any other. 

I found that its customizable goals, vibrant community, and tracking features make this app an undeniably beneficial platform that helped me achieve my walking goals in a few weeks and can certainly help you, too. 

I also didn’t feel pressured to do anything I was uncomfortable with, thanks to the app’s customizable features, which empowered me to create a walking regime that aligns with my abilities and experience. 

After just a few weeks of using Walk2, I managed to get in better shape, learn fascinating facts about wonderful places worldwide, foster a sense of belonging among a friendly community of walkers, and even share helpful tips to help others during their voyages.

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Written by Edna Skopljak, MD
Dr. Donika Vata
Fact checked by Donika Vata, MD
Last update: November 3, 2023
15 min read 507 Views 0 Reviews
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