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Balance of Nature Review: Does It Work?
Weight Loss

Balance of Nature Review: Does It Work?

Balance of Nature supplement products are popular in the wellness industry, but do they actually work? Find out how these supplements could improve your health and well-being in our review.

Balance of nature reviews

Balance of Nature is a popular brand in the wellness community offering fruit and vegetable supplements packed with nutrients and dietary fiber.

The Balance of Nature products promise a whole health system that will boost your overall well-being, but do they actually work?

We’ve taken a look at these fruit and vegetable powders and the brand as a whole to see how well these supplements work and whether they’re worth the money.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of the Balance of Nature vitamins, the side effects of these dietary supplement products, and the ingredients on each supplement facts label in our Balance of Nature review.


Balance of Nature
  • Improves the lack of nutrition in the modern diet
Our rating:
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  • A convenient way of eating real fruits and vegetables each day
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Relatively expensive supplement product
  • The brand has received an FDA warning letter
  • Requires taking 6 supplements each day
  • The supplement fact label does not offer actual values for the combination of fruits and vegetables

The Balance of Nature brand offers a range of dietary supplements that offer a whole health system. The system is intended to deal with the lack of nourishment in the modern diet.

The Balance of Nature supplements are designed to help people become as healthy as possible. They are designed to support a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

The combination of fruit and vegetable powders and a balanced whole-fiber blend is rooted in science. Balance of Nature uses only natural ingredients to boost nutrition.

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✅ Benefits

Gluten-free, non-GMO, good for bowel health

❌ Cons

Misleading health claims

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🔔 Where to buy

Amazon or their official website

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From $69.95

About the Brand

The Balance of Nature brand was started by Dr. Douglas Howard, a chiropractic physician, in the late 1990s. With interest in health from an early age, Dr. Douglas observed how fruit and vegetables could improve health.

He noticed that those who lacked access to fruits and vegetables in their diet were in poorer health. Fruit and vegetables should be part of a balanced diet that includes all food groups.

A balanced and healthy diet consists of whole grains, fruit, and vegetables as well as regular exercise.

He researched the benefits of fruit and vegetables, finding that their phytonutrient content, along with the presence of other plant compounds, helped improve overall health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Noting their benefits to the human body, Dr. Douglas decided that it was essential for everyone to get these phytonutrients into their bodies, and he set about building the Balance of Nature brand.

The brand today offers three different kinds of supplements, including fruit capsules, vegetable supplements, and a fiber drink. The products offer a whole health system and are aimed at improving the lack of nutrition in the modern diet.

What Is the Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies?

These supplements are popular products offered by the brand. They contain three different kinds of capsules, the Maintain blend, the Protect blend, and the Repair blend.

Each capsule contains a powdered blend of fruits and vegetables that are known for their phytochemical and phytonutrient content. The blends contain no additives or added sugars and are made completely from natural ingredients.

Though these dietary supplement products are very popular, it is worth noting that the brand has recently received an FDA warning letter. The letter accused the brand of adulterating dietary supplements and not ensuring the quality of their products.

The letter also stated that the products did not meet the standards for the Current Good Manufacturing Practice.

Does Balance of Nature Work?

The Balance of Nature supplements are comprised of 16 fruits and 15 vegetables as well as dietary fiber and 12 different spices, depending on the capsule you choose.

Each capsule is designed for a different purpose – Protect, Maintain, and Repair – and one of each is needed every day for it to work.

Fruit and vegetable concentrate supplementation is considered a good method of boosting your health. The Balance of Nature products claim to offer a whole health system; however, the product nutrition label doesn’t offer exact amounts of each of the ingredients.

This lack of information means that users do not know how much of each of the ingredients they are consuming and, therefore, whether they are getting enough of each to actually do any good.

While users of the brand comment on the positive effects the Fruit and Veggie capsules have, most of this proof is anecdotal.

The brand claims their combinations are based on scientific evidence and clinical trials, but without the necessary information on the labeling, it is difficult to say whether the capsules offer enough nutrition to truly make a difference.

Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies Ingredients

The ingredients of the Fruit capsules and Veggie capsules differ slightly, and it is recommended that you take both together to improve your overall physical health.

The brand uses real food, including whole fruits, to create its food supplements. Below we have summarized the ingredient combinations of each of the different Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies capsules.

#1 Maintain blend

A 720mg capsule is taken for the Balance of Nature Veggies Capsule Maintain blend. This capsule contains a combination of broccoli, spinach, soybean, green cabbage, wheatgrass, kale, cauliflower, celery, white onion, and zucchini.

A 731mg capsule is taken for the Balance of Nature Fruit Maintain blend. It is made up of tomato, papaya, banana, apple, grape, wild blueberry, strawberry, and aloe vera.

The fruits and vegetables included in this blend are designed to maintain health. This means they add essential nutrients that are needed daily by the body, including vitamins and minerals.

#2 Protect blend

The veggie capsules for the Protect Blend are 713mg. The vegetable combination inside is made up of garlic, red cabbage, red onion, soybean, carrot, kale, cayenne pepper, shiitake mushroom, wheatgrass, and sweet potato.

The fruit supplements are 719mg capsules and are made up of a fruit combination that contains orange, tart cherry, cranberry, wild blueberry, grape, apple, grapefruit, and aloe vera.

The Protect blend appears to focus on more antioxidant and plant-compound-rich fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are a great way to protect the body from oxidative stress. 

Other plant compounds include phytochemicals that protect against cancer and support good immune function, as well as phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory properties.

#3 Repair blend

The Repair blend vegetable concentrate supplementation capsules come in a 576mg capsule. It is made up of carrot, kale, green onion, soybean, spinach, cauliflower, celery, and zucchini.

The fruit capsule Repair blend comes as a 561mg capsule. They are made up of a combination of raspberry, pineapple, mango, sweet cherry, lemon, and aloe vera.

The Repair blend appears to focus on boosting your health by lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels and supporting a healthy digestive system.

Balance of Nature Benefits

The Balance of Nature products come with a few reported benefits, though most are anecdotal.

Without knowing the actual values of the fruit and vegetable combinations within each capsule, it is difficult to know how much the capsule will actually affect you.

There is evidence to suggest that using fruit and vegetable powders in your diet can improve your overall health, though.

The Balance of Nature brand also suggests that these supplements can promote a healthy immune system, repair DNA, and protect cells.

Users of the supplements have self-reported benefits that include a boost in energy levels, mental clarity, and sleep, as well as helping improve gut health, lower blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

In addition, some users saw improvements in skin, hair, and nails.

Balance of Nature Side Effects

Though the Balance of Nature brand claims that the supplements it supplies are considered safe to consume, some people may still experience side effects.

To begin with, an increase in fiber through taking the fiber and spice blend could lead to digestive issues for people not used to this amount of fiber each day. 

The brand also suggests that its supplements will not affect any medications. However, it does contain grapefruit, which is known to affect some medications. Medications it could affect include statins, calcium channel blockers, anticoagulants, and some immunosuppressants.

The Balance of Nature supplements also claim third-party testing in an independent laboratory, but evidence of this is not available. No lab reports are provided on the Balance of Nature website.

The FDA warning letter received by the brand is also worrying. The letter accused the brand of adulterating dietary supplements as well as not ensuring that their products met quality standards. On top of this, the letter claimed the brand did not meet the standards of the CGMP.

While there is no evidence of these issues causing side effects, the FDA warning does set alarm bells ringing as to the efficacy and safety of the Balance of Nature products.

On rare occasions, some people can have allergic reactions to supplements. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include a rash, swollen lips, difficulty breathing, itchy and watery eyes, and confusion. If you experience these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

How to Take Balance of Nature Supplements

The supplements produced by Balance of Nature can be taken in a number of ways. The capsules can be taken like regular supplements with a glass of water and swallowed whole.

They may also be sprinkled over cereal or porridge or chewed. They are also safe to be cooked, so they can be added to a range of meals and baked goods. You could also add them to your smoothie.

The fiber and spice blend can be taken once a day. You need to add two scoops of the blend into water or apple juice.

How We Tested

When we write reviews, we use a meticulous system of testing. We take a look at the quality, effectiveness, ingredients used, price, and brand reputation of the products that we review.

We want to make sure all of the products we review are worth the money they cost and that we’re not putting any of our readers in danger.

Take a look below to see how we scored the Balance of Nature products in each of these sections.

Quality 8/10

Quality is incredibly important in any form of supplementation, and we take it very seriously.

The Balance of Nature products are generally considered to be of good quality. Most user reviews are positive and suggest that the supplements have benefitted their health.

Something to consider with the products from Balance of Nature is the FDA letter, which suggests that the quality could be lacking in some areas of these supplements. This is an alarming accusation that will likely put people off purchasing.

Effectiveness 7/10

The effectiveness of supplements should be a top priority when choosing between brands, which is why we ensure that any supplement we review has some proven efficacy.

The Balance of Nature selection will have some effectiveness due to its high concentration of fruits, vegetables, and plant compounds. Without knowing the values of each ingredient, it is difficult to know how much, though.

Research indicates that increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can help improve your overall health, which is why these supplements are somewhat effective.

Ingredients 8/10

The ingredients in a supplement are what make it. When we review a supplement, we want to see lots of healthy ingredients that are going to improve your health.

The products that Balance of Nature offers are packed full of clean and healthy ingredients. Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that can help improve your physical health in several ways.

We’ve given these supplements a score of 8/10 for their ingredients because we think they’re well-researched and backed by scientific evidence and clinical trials.

Balance of Nature could improve its score by providing accurate values of each of the different ingredients on the labeling so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting when they use this supplement.

Price 5/10

Good health shouldn’t be so expensive that people can’t afford it. Unfortunately, this is where Balance of Nature falls short.

Their supplement products are relatively expensive when compared to other products of their kind. You can shop these products via Amazon and their website. If you choose to shop on the Balance of Nature website, you will be able to get some discounts and subscription offers.

The preferred membership subscription allows consumers a reduced price for a monthly subscription of this supplement; however, you will have to make a commitment.

The Balance of Nature offering could be too expensive for some people, which is why we haven’t scored it very highly in this section.

Brand reputation 8/10

The reputation of a brand is important to us. If the brand has a good reputation, they’re likely to have had positive effects on its customers’ well-being.

Balance of Nature has a relatively good reputation, which is why we have scored it 8/10 in this category. Online reviews are mostly neutral to positive, suggesting that, within the industry, Balance of Nature products are respected.

The reputation of the brand may have taken a hit in recent years due to the FDA warning letter; however, it would appear steps are being taken to rectify the mistakes that were made. For instance, the brand now makes it clear that the supplement cannot cure any diseases on its own.

When choosing a supplement product, always ensure that you’re buying from a reputable brand so that you get quality products that do not affect you negatively.

A Word From Our Nutritionist

Fruit and veggie capsules that contain a range of phytonutrients and plant compounds have been shown to have a positive effect on the health of users. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, in general, will always improve your health.

We tend to get the bulk of our micronutrients, which include vitamins, minerals, and other plant compounds, from fruit and vegetables in our diet, but some people find it difficult to eat enough each day.

Indeed, some diet types, like the keto diet, even restrict the kinds of fruit and vegetables you can eat due to their carbohydrate content. This is why fruit and vegetable powder supplements can be a good addition to your diet.

It is important for your overall health that you eat a balanced diet. You should get the requisite amount of macro and micronutrients each day to allow your body to function properly and keep you in good health.

A balanced diet consists of foods from each food group, including carbs, protein, fats, fruit, vegetables, and legumes. You should try to eat more whole grains than refined carbohydrates and focus on healthy fats, namely unsaturated fats, for your fat intake.

In addition to a balanced diet, exercise is also important. It is recommended that you should do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week to remain in good health.

Though food supplements cannot replace meals or a balanced and healthy diet, they can provide additional support for your body. If you do not get enough fiber in your diet, for instance, then a fiber supplement can support a healthy digestive system.

Fruit and veggie supplements are not a replacement in any way for real nutrition from actual fruit and vegetables, but adding them to your diet should not do any major harm. Indeed, it could give you that extra boost you need.

Remember to always buy from reputable and quality suppliers, only take the recommended dose, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet alongside your supplementation.


What is the cost of Balance of Nature?

Balance of Nature supplement products are available via two buying options on the brand’s website. For the Fruits & Veggies supplement product, a one-time purchase costs $89.95, but with a subscription (which comes with a one-off payment of $24.95), they are $69.95 per month. 

The Fiber & Spice blend is $69.95 as a one-off purchase and $49.95 with a subscription, and the Whole Health System is $159.95 as a one-off purchase and $109.95 with a subscription.

Is Balance of Nature a hoax?

Balance of Nature is a brand that produces supplements aimed at improving your overall health. They use real fruits and veggies to create their supplements, and many users self-report improvements in their physical well-being. 

The efficacy of the supplements is hard to determine due to a lack of information on the product label. However, adding more fruit and vegetables into your diet could improve your health.

Is Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies worth the money?

The Balance of Nature product offering is diverse, and users claim to have felt improvements in their physical health. However, compared with other products of its kind, it is quite an expensive option. Though the supplements are good for people who do not get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet, it may be cheaper to buy fruit and vegetables instead.

Is Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies approved by the FDA?

The Balance of Nature supplement products are not approved by the FDA. Indeed, the brand recently received an FDA warning for adulterating supplements. FDA approval for dietary supplement products is rare, which is why you always need to be careful when adding them into your diet as there is no real regulation.

Where is Balance of Nature made?

The Balance of Nature brand is based in Utah, United States. Balance of Nature claims that its products are made in the US; however, information on the brand’s website is limited. The brand also claims to use third-party testing, but evidence and reports of this are difficult to find too.

Where can I buy Balance of Nature?

The products from Balance of Nature are available to purchase on the brand’s own website. There are two buying options; one is a one-off purchase, and the other is a subscription service that requires a one-off fee but gives you discounts on each of the products. It appears Balance of Nature may also be available on Amazon.


Our Balance of Nature review has covered the brand’s history, product information, and the efficacy of the products offered.

The brand has a decent reputation and is generally trusted within the world of supplementation. Users self-report feeling better after using these products too, but actual scientific evidence is limited.

The products are relatively expensive compared to other products of their kind and it may actually be cheaper to just consume actual fruits and vegetables in your diet rather than turn to these supplements.

While fruit and vegetable supplementation can be good in your diet, it is best to get as much real nutrition from actual food each day rather than relying on supplements.

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Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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