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fitMom Review: Does It Make Pregnancy Weight Disappear?

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1827 Views 3 Reviews
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Wondering whether to use the fitMom program to get back in shape after pregnancy? Read my review to find out if it’s worth it.

fitMom reviews

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Giving birth is a miraculous event in every woman’s life. A new child gives an overwhelming rush of emotions, a sense of a new beginning, and pure happiness. 

Yet, after the first few days, when profound emotions wear off, the body heals, and reality hits, many women start feeling the urge to get back into their pre-pregnancy body shape, lose weight, and feel active again.

That’s where tools like fitMom come into place. They’re specially designed to help new moms get back into shape after pregnancy.

I heard a lot of good things about the fitMom program and decided to test it out thoroughly. In this review, I’ll share everything you need to know about this app, including its pros and cons. So, read on if you want to learn more.

What Is fitMom?

fitmom app logo new
Our rating:
  • Personalized workout plan to meet your unique needs
  • Individualized post-pregnancy meal plan to fight deficiencies
  • Informative guide and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Rich recipe database of easy-to-cook meals
Start fitMom Free Quiz
  • checkmark
    Personalized plans created and double-checked by healthcare experts
  • checkmark
    Detailed questionnaire to evaluate the health condition
  • checkmark
    A different diet plan for each woman according to her food preferences
  • checkmark
    Additional focus on glowing skin, healthy hair, and nails
  • checkmark
    Motherhood-relevant fitMom add-ons such as guided meditation library
  • checkmark
    Variety of pricing plans to fit individual budgets and needs
  • checkmark
    Registration is required
  • checkmark
    Some workouts can be challenging to follow
  • checkmark
    No mobile app

fitMom is an all-in-one wellness program that offers workout (HIIT, prenatal, postnatal, and bodyweight) and meal plans for women. It’s known as one of the best pregnancy workout apps to help new mothers lose weight and reach their fitness goals.

What I liked the most about this program is that it adjusts the plan according to individual women’s needs. It considers your postpartum body condition, desired goals, breastfeeding, available time, and even time passed since childbirth.

Another great feature of fitMom is that it’s not another strict diet and exercise-pushing app. Instead, it assesses your dietary requirements, expectations, and physical capabilities individually to provide compassionate support throughout your postpartum journey.

Additionally, it can also be a suitable option for women who have gone through a C-section.

When I was examining different workouts available on their website, the most important thing that I noticed was that they target pregnancy-related muscle groups, which is an excellent thing. And to accelerate the process of getting back into shape, you’re provided with a nutritionist-approved diet that restores vitamin deficiency and balances hormones.

⭐ Rating


✅ Benefits

Individual meal & workout plan, easy-to-follow

❌ Drawbacks

Paid app, registration is required

🍎 Is equipment needed?


🔔 How to get started

💰 Price

From $2.75 per week

How I Started Out With fitMom

To start the fitMom program, I went to its official website, where a big orange “Continue” button welcomed me. Clicking on that starts a quiz that you need to complete.

Filling out the quiz allows fitMom to evaluate your body, nutrition, lifestyle, and your expectations from the program.

It asks you about your age, height, weight, the body area(s) that you want to improve, concerns you’ve faced during pregnancy, days of the week when you can exercise, time that has passed after childbirth, your physical activity level, and whether or not you’re breastfeeding.

The quiz also asks general questions about your diet, like foods that you don’t eat and food allergies. If you are worried about not having enough time to cook or exercise, the program takes that into account and provides you with a plan that suits your lifestyle. This gives no excuse for enjoying stress-free time with your baby and improving your body shape and overall well-being.

Once you answer all the questions, the website asks you to enter your email address, select your desired subscription model, and get the plan that fitMom has created for you.

While fitMom doesn’t have an app for you to download, the user interface on their website is clean and easy to use on your phone. You can also save the page and add it to your home screen for easy access.

Is fitMom Only for Moms?

While fitMom, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for women expecting or having a baby, this program is also suitable for all women. It means that you can use it, even if you’re not pregnant, to lose weight and improve your body shape.

I liked the fact that this solution can focus on different muscle groups relevant for all women, including the upper body, back, tights, and buttocks. Besides, it can also help you enrich your diet and enjoy glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails.

Does fitMom Really Work?

After examining the workouts, meal plans, and user reviews of the fitMom program, I can confidently say that it can actually help you improve your body shape and lose weight.

Here, I must mention that some of the workouts can be too demanding for some women, especially the ones who have never worked out before.

However, it’s not something that should be considered a deal breaker because most workouts are easy to follow.

Main Features of fitMom

fitMom screenshots
Health Reporter edit

Here’s a list of the main features that fitMom offers to its users.

#1 A wide range of goal-oriented workouts

fitMom offers a wide range of goal-oriented workouts to meet the unique needs of each woman. As I’ve mentioned already, these plans are created individually based on the quiz you fill out during the setup process.

The company strictly avoids a one-size-fits-all approach to make sure that no two women receive the same workout and meal plan.

So, whether your goal is to promote muscle growth, focus on cardio, or achieve weight loss, the program selects exercises tailored to your current weight, fitness level, postnatal body condition, and time availability.

Except for very few ones, most workouts are designed to be easy to follow, making them doable and repeatable. However, if you still find it difficult to perform workouts, you can consider using walking apps.

#2 Nutrient-rich recipe database

To help you meet your post-pregnancy nutritional needs, fitMom offers a rich recipe database of healthy and nutritious meals. The meal plans focus on foods high in microelements and vitamins essential for women after pregnancy.

These recipes not only increase energy levels but also provide sustainable nutrition without causing energy crashes. What I liked the most about the program in this domain is that it teaches you quick meal prep ideas so that you can save time and concentrate on your baby.

While weight loss is an additional perk of these meal plans, they’re primarily designed to support your overall well-being. They can keep you energized and hydrated so that you can meet your fitness goals as soon as possible.

Important note: Staying hydrated is critically important during and after pregnancy to combat psychological and physical changes that occur. So, make sure that you drink plenty of water. You can also take hydration supplements if you find it difficult (or forget) to drink water.

#3 Minimal equipment required

You don’t need any special equipment to perform the workouts that fitMom provides. A yoga mat, a simple set of dumbbells, and some free space to move around will be enough.

I also liked the program’s approach to providing exercises that you can perform even while holding your baby. You might also want to keep a scale handy so that you can see the results, as you move through your personalized workout plan.

#4 24/7 support

fitMom offers experienced specialists who are available round-the-clock to address any questions or concerns you might have. Whether you need guidance on exercises, meal plans, or any other aspect of the program, the support team is there to assist you at any time.

#5 Daily motivation

Another great feature of fitMom is that it offers daily motivation and helpful tips throughout your motherhood journey. They serve as daily doses of encouragement and inspiration to uplift your spirits and make it easy to stay committed to your workout and nutrition plans.

These in-app tips and tricks are thoughtfully designed to make sure that you perform exercises correctly. Additionally, they also encourage you to start challenging yourself and perform at your best potential.

#6 Educational content and meditation guide

Beyond workouts and meal plans, fitMom offers informative articles on postpartum recovery, self-care, baby care tips, mood improvement, and stress management. These guides can help you navigate the challenges of new motherhood and learn how to take care of yourself and your baby.

Additionally, fitMom also provides a meditation guide that can assist you in promoting your mental well-being and staying calm while managing a busy schedule.

A Word From MD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios, MD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

It’s completely normal to gain weight during pregnancy, and it can be challenging and stressful to get back in shape after giving birth. It’s true that many women experience social pressure to lose weight quickly after having a baby.

But to achieve that, it’s essential for you to accept the body that you have now and make peace with it. Additionally, it’s also important to keep in mind that getting back in shape will take some time.

The quickest way to do this is to pay attention to your diet and work out regularly. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and there’s also no supervision. It means that pushing yourself into strict diets and vigorous workouts can do more harm than good to your postnatal body and mind.

Make sure that you talk to your doctor before making any changes, whether it’s related to your diet or physical activity. Your healthcare provider knows your medical history, and only they can put you in the right direction.

What I Liked

Here are the main benefits of the fitMom program that can help you get back in prenatal body shape and confidence quickly and sustainably. 

#1 Personalized exercise program

Unlike many other programs and YouTube videos that offer standard, undifferentiated exercises, fitMom workouts are designed individually for each woman. 

The program evaluates the data you provide in the quiz and provides the most effective exercises according to your current body shape and goals.

The program takes little time to complete. You don’t need to sacrifice your sleep or precious peaceful time to go on a walk while the baby sleeps. The exercises can take as little as 15 minutes daily – it is enough for you to start witnessing the results.

#2 Diet plans based on your preferences

If you are allergic to (or simply do not like) some foods, fitMom’s nutrition plan considers that. For instance, for a mother who follows a vegetarian diet, the meal plans suggest vitamins that will be relevant for her and the baby.

The nutrition plan is created for you to consume all the needed nutrients, vitamins, and macro-elements from easy-to-cook food you like. Daily food recommendations will help you eat healthily without overthinking the dinner options.

However, I would like to mention that it would have been nice if the program offered more food/meal options.

#3 Sustainable weight loss

Although you might want to see that pre-pregnancy body immediately after you give birth, your body takes time to heal and recover. It is considered a reasonable goal to lose around 1 pound per week.

fitMom exercises are created to help you lose weight, gain confidence, and reach your target weight goal that is sustainable and lasts.

#4 Science-backed information about motherhood

When you become a mom, everything changes: your mood swings, your body heals and recovers, and your routine gets centered around the new family member. 

Although it gets very tempting to google every aspect of your new chapter of life, contradictory parental advice might confuse you and cause more stress. 

fitMom offers valuable and doctor-approved informational articles about pregnancy, nutrition, postpartum recovery, and healthy habits. They can help you be confident in your motherhood journey and have a more pleasant time with a newborn.

#5 Supports glowing skin, healthy hair, and strong nails

Many women experience massive hair loss a few months after pregnancy. Other women experience dullness of the skin and weak, brittle nails.

While these bodily reactions are completely normal and expected, they leave a mark on the way women feel about themselves.

fitMom can help you improve your skin, hair, and nails via a balanced, vitamin and nutrient-rich diet, followed by an active and overall healthy lifestyle.

What I Didn’t Like

Just like any other app and program, fitMom also has its own set of cons that you must understand. Let me explain them in detail.

#1 Registration is required

One downside of fitMom is that it requires registration before you can access its features. Although only the email address is needed and most users don’t mind that, others may find it inconvenient or prefer to use apps without mandatory sign-ups.

#2 Some workouts can be challenging to follow

While fitMom aims to cater to women of all fitness levels, some users may find certain workouts to be challenging, especially if they are new to exercising.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are only a few of them that are a bit more demanding to perform. So, you shouldn’t consider it a deal breaker.

#3 No mobile app

Currently, fitMom does not have a dedicated mobile app. While you can easily access the website by adding it to your home screen, it might be disappointing for some people who want to access their diet and workout plan through an app.

However, it’s possible that the developers might introduce a mobile app in the future, which would give users more flexibility in their fitness routines.

What Do Online Reviews Say About fitMom?

Whether I’m testing a digital app or a dietary supplement, I always check online reviews to find out what other people have to say about the product. I did the same while testing fitMom, and here’s what I found.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

I’m happy for Shaidikia that she found fitMom to be helpful. As I’ve mentioned above, the program offers some workouts that you can perform with your baby to spend quality time.

Joy Jackson
Screenshot from
Joy Jackson
Screenshot from

Joy is yet another satisfied user of the fitMom program. Plus, I agree with her recommendation, as the program should offer more food and meal options.

Dinky K
Screenshot from
Dinky K
Screenshot from

Dinky also shares the same views about the program. I think in the last part of her review, she wanted to write “maintain,” and yes, fitMom does that.

How Much Does fitMom Cost?

Currently, fitMom offers three different subscription plans.

1-month plan

  • Cycle: Billed every month
  • Cost: $37.00 ($9.25 per week)

3-month plan

  • Cycle: Billed every 3 months
  • Cost: $52.00 ($4.33 per week)

6-month plan

  • Cycle: Billed every 6 months
  • Cost: $66.00 ($2.75 per week)

fitMom vs. Alternatives

fitMom isn’t the only fitness option out there that’s designed to help women get back in shape after pregnancy. There are many other options available in the market, including the following:

Comparison Winner: fitMom
Strong Mom

Different pricing plans for all budgets

Supportive community

User-friendly interface

Detailed questionnaire about women’s health

Daily tips

Plans created by experts

Tips about pregnancy and motherhood

100+ exercises


Although reasonably priced, it is a paid app

Registration is needed


Many issues reported in the app


Little variety of exercises


Is fitMom legit?

Based on the current positive user product reviews and workout plans created and double-checked by healthcare experts, fitMom is a legit wellness program.

A new mom can reach her ideal body weight and get back in shape by following custom-tailored meal and exercise plans.

Where can I register for the fitMom program?

You’ll need to go to the official fitMom website to register for the fitMom program. After registering and filling out the quiz, you will receive a personalized plan based on your fitness goals.

Do I need equipment to start?

As mentioned earlier, you do not need any special equipment or preparation to start working out. A yoga mat and a few dumbbells will do the work just fine.

Mainly all the exercises are based on using your body weight and counterbalance. Besides, you can always try working out with your new baby – it might be a super fun experience!

Where can I get the fitMom app?

As discussed above, fitMom doesn’t currently offer a mobile app. To start your plan, you’ll need to go to and complete a quiz to get your workout and meal plan. You can then add the website to your home screen to access it quickly.

How I Tested

I used a systematic approach to evaluate fitMom. I considered its overall quality, effectiveness, price, and brand reputation to determine if it was worth the time and money. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these factors.

Quality 8/10

fitMom’s team involves women’s healthcare specialists from various areas: a coach, a nutritionist, and a professional physician. These specialists create a custom workout and nutrition plan based on each woman’s current and desired condition.

My only reservations in this department are that the program should offer more food and meal options and a dedicated mobile app.

Effectiveness 8/10

Based on positive feedback from the community and healthcare specialists, it is safe to say that this program is effective for women who have recently given birth.

Apart from reaching your weight goals, it can also help you improve your mental well-being through informative guides and tips. 

Price 7/10

fitMom isn’t the cheapest program available in the market, especially when you opt for a monthly plan. While it can be budget friendly for some people, others might find it difficult to spare over $9 every month for this program.

Brand reputation 7/10

The team behind fitMom started this program just a little over 2 years ago. The quality and effectiveness of the program are appreciable, but the program still needs time to establish itself fully and build a more extensive and shining track record.

fitMom: The Final Verdict

I think fitMom is a perfectly safe and convenient program for pregnant women and new moms. It helps women attain their fitness goals: lose weight, get fit, or get back into their pre-baby weight and body shape.

However, I think this app still needs some improvement and could offer more meal plans and recipe ideas.

While it can be a decent investment for new moms seeking to regain their self-confidence and reach an ideal body shape after giving birth, there are plenty of other cheaper (or even free) apps that can offer similar features.

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Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1827 Views 3 Reviews
3 Reviews
  1. user
    Sarah W.
    13 Dec, 2022 at 10:22 am
    10/10 a lifesaver for new moms

    this app helped me lose all the weight I’ve put on during pregnancy!

    reply reply reply
  2. user
    Michelle Kim
    31 Jan, 2023 at 6:42 am
    8/10 Easy workouts that work

    I though that getting back to my shape will be hard… but this app has easy workouts that work! I’m 20 lbs down

    reply reply reply
  3. user
    Laura G.
    31 Jan, 2023 at 2:53 pm
    9/10 Delicious recipes!!

    The workouts are great, and the trackers are very useful, but the recipes.. oh my, they’re delicious!

    reply reply reply

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