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Reverse Health Review 2024: A Nutritionist’s Take on Weight Loss in Menopause

Dr. Donika Vata
Written by Donika Vata, MD
Fact checked by Edna Skopljak, MD
Last update: January 3, 2024
14 min read 508 Views 0 Reviews
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Navigating menopause-related weight gain can be challenging for women over 50. So, I decided to review the Reverse Health program to see if it held the answer to shedding those stubborn pounds.

Reverse Health Review 2023 - A Nutritionist’s Take on Weight Loss in Menopause

In my relentless search to support my clients’ weight loss journey, I understand the uphill battle that comes with age. The frustration of losing weight can be daunting, but the good news is that there are methods that promise results while allowing you to enjoy life’s pleasures.

A custom weight loss program can help you find the process that works for you by encouraging you to make small changes that last a lifetime. 

Among the countless options, Reverse Health piqued my interest primarily because of its tailored approach for mature women going through menopause. I decided to conduct a Reverse Health review to discover if this weight loss program could work for my clients.

If you’ve been struggling with weight issues as you’ve matured, read on to see if Reverse Health could be your solution.

What Is Reverse Health?

Reverse Health logo
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  • 12-week weight loss program
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Accountability group
  • Personalized meal plan
Get Started
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    Focused on female physiology
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    Provides member community
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    Supports various diets, including vegan
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    Designed to be sustainable
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    Only for women
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    App required

Reverse Health is a 12-week weight loss program designed to empower women at any age to take control of their health. The co-founders of Reverse Health initiated the program after seeing their mothers struggle with weight loss during menopause. 

This program is intended as an antidote for those tired of fad diets that don’t provide long-term results. Instead, Reverse Health offers personalized meal plans, exercise routines, and social groups. You can meet like-minded women on the app and hold each other accountable.

⭐ Rating


✅ Best for


❌ Not suitable for

Men and anyone under 18

🔔 Where to get it

Google Play and the App Store


From $30

Who is Reverse Health for?

Although the original intention for Reverse Health was a weight loss plan for more mature women, I think women of all ages could make the most of it to improve their overall health and quality of life.

This program is especially beneficial for women who are dealing with pre-diabetic symptoms or menopause-related weight gain. Older women can look forward to aging healthily, maintaining strength, reducing mental fog, and fighting fatigue.

Why Reverse Health Caught My Attention

I’ve observed many of my female clients fall into fad diets and restrictive eating habits to lose fat, only to find out that such methods are not sustainable. Reserve Health caught my attention because it shares the belief that completely eliminating certain food groups doesn’t usually lead to long-term results.

Their 12-week program offers a personalized nutrition plan and professional support from dietitians and physiotherapists. I think combining these factors could lay the foundation for an excellent program that values women’s health.

Reverse Health claims its customers have achieved healthy and sustainable weight and reduced menopause symptoms. Intrigued by such claims, I decided to conduct a Reverse Health review to see for myself if this product can really help women achieve their desired weight healthily.

How to Get Started With Reverse Health

The first step in getting started with Reverse Health is to complete their short quiz about your goals and intentions. I took the quiz myself to decide if it was worthwhile.

The quiz asks you to choose a time scale for your weight loss journey and goal weight. If you’ve ever had your ideal weight, it also asks how long it’s been since you were at that weight.

I appreciate that the questions in the program encourage honesty and introspection. For example, the question “Why do you want to lose weight?” enables users to think critically and identify their desired results. 

In addition, after assessing their activity levels, users are asked to identify what triggers snacking, which helps uncover the reasons behind their struggles with healthy eating.

Throughout the quiz, you must also define your menopause diet with the following options: low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, carnitarian, and low-FODMAP. This highlights how customizable the Reverse Health program is for your dietary requirements.

How to Get Started With Reverse Health
Health Reporter edit

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’re asked to sign up with an email address. You may choose from a 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month membership to get started. 

What’s Included in the Reverse Health 12-Week Program?

I found that Reverse Health has a comprehensive list of features that make it more accessible and usable for newcomers. I’ve divided the parts to give you a clear idea of what you could expect if you signed up. Here’s an overview of the 12-week program:

#1 Personalized meal plan

The Reverse Health program includes a personalized meal plan based on your physical metrics and desired weight loss. How much weight you plan to lose affects how many calories you should consume daily. The app includes personalized calorie counting depending on your weight and goals.

Your age also impacts your dietary needs. The meal plan ensures you get the right macronutrient intake for your age. If you specify any requirements, allergies, or preferences, your meal plan will incorporate those factors. 

#2 Exercise program

An exercise routine works with a meal plan to elevate your quality of life and boost your physical health and strength. Your program reflects your capabilities, goals, and activity levels. If you live a sedentary life, you can use the exercise program to start moving regularly.

The Reverse Health program videos include basic exercises like the shoulder press or bicep curl. I like that they include seated exercises for beginners; however, the videos could be more engaging. They’re typically around 20–30 minutes long with simple voice-over instructions.

The exercise routine is optional, but I recommend including physical activity to build strength and increase mobility. While figuring out how often you should work out as a beginner takes time, it’s worth it. 

#3 Educational video content

I think a positive feature of the Reverse Health program is the use of educational video content. 

The world of health fads and crash diets is full of misinformation, and my clients often have misconceptions about “bad” food groups. I appreciate that this program breaks down complex nutritional processes into simple terms anyone can understand.

The educational content on the app includes videos about how sleep quality impacts weight loss, how to gain weight during menopause if that’s your goal, and why you might not be losing weight. I think these videos are insightful and helpful for mature women. However, users could find similar content for free elsewhere.

#4 Professional support

Between registered dietitians, physiotherapists, and health coaches, there are many professionals to help you on your weight loss journey. The Reverse Health app features information and support from experts.

There’s also an optional weekly FAQ call feature where users can get their questions answered by the co-founders, Matt and Monika. I think this is an excellent feature to convince potential users that Reverse Health weight loss is the real deal. 

If you have any questions about your plan, progress, or other aspects of the Reverse Health app, you can get your answers straight from the source. This is a paid feature that comes with a membership, but it might be worth the money if you find value in communicating with professionals.

#5 Community support

The member community is a more crucial feature of the Reverse Health app. Social support increases your likeliness of completing health treatments from 76% to 95%. Communicating with like-minded women trying to achieve similar goals can help you stay focused and motivated.

You can choose the optional daily accountability group feature, letting you access other members for daily pep talks and encouragement. Joining together lets you make friends and be an ally in someone else’s weight loss story.

#6 Supplement recommendations

As a nutritionist, I believe supplements aren’t essential for sustainable weight loss. However, they can make all the difference for some people experiencing fatigue, especially supplements for gut health. The Reverse Health app has a helpful supplement guide personalized to your age, weight, and health.

While other weight loss apps push specific supplements based on sponsorships and advertising, this program promotes relevant supplements for users. I think users will appreciate the option to use supplement recommendations to assist in weight loss and even improve joint health.

What I Liked About Reverse Health: 4 Main Benefits

There are many features of Reverse Health to enjoy. I rounded up my 4 favorite features and reviewed them in more depth here. This is what you can look forward to with this program:

#1 It’s based on female physiology

It can feel frustrating for women of a certain age to try losing weight and getting fit when the fitness world focuses on people in their 20s. Instead, this Reverse Health weight loss plan is based specifically on female physiology. The co-founders were inspired by their mothers, who experienced difficulties with sustainable weight management during menopause.

In my experience with clients, I’ve found that mature women often feel overlooked by the industry. What I particularly like about Reverse Health is that it takes into account the hormones that become more active throughout the menopause process. Focusing on the needs of mature women by working with their physiological changes is an excellent feature.

#2 It promotes building healthy habits

I always emphasize the importance of creating healthy habits. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come second nature to everyone, and it takes time to establish habits that lead to sustainable weight loss. I appreciate that the Reverse Health team promotes building healthy habits to outlast their program. 

One way they do this is by rejecting the concept of taboo foods. Many clients struggle to establish healthy relationships with their food, and I find this approach very helpful.

Adopting healthier habits can reduce your risk of diabetes or obesity-related illnesses if you’re struggling with weight. Using small, achievable goals like bringing lunch from home to work or planning your meals ahead of schedule makes weight loss more sustainable.

#3 It’s suitable for different diets

Another aspect of the Reverse Health weight loss approach that I like is its adaptability to various dietary requirements. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, carnitarian, or omnivorous, Reverse Health has the appropriate meal plans that provide your nutritional needs without sacrificing your dietary preferences.

I have worked with clients following a low FODMAP or low-carb diet to avoid gut irritation or other challenging IBS symptoms. The fact that Reverse Health offers meal plans for these specific diets further enhances its usefulness for those who are committed to preventing weight gain.

#4 You have access to professional advice

One of the best things I can offer my clients is my professional input and advice. Reverse Health users can always use the app to get advice from health professionals who can reassure them, recommend a certain course of action, and provide general encouragement.

These are invaluable features of a health app that I think make Reverse Health a valuable asset for older women looking to make a change in their lives.

Downsides of Reverse Health

Although this program has its benefits, I do have a few observations where it could be better.

#1 The program is not sustainable

The most pressing issue I have with Reverse Health is that it isn’t truly sustainable. While it’s more sustainable than other weight loss programs, it’s not perfect. A single 12-week program isn’t enough time for some people to develop long-lasting habits. 

Equally, they market 6-month subscriptions, far outlasting the 12-week program.

I would suggest making some of the goals – like losing up to 7lbs in a week – more realistic and extending the weight loss process. Losing weight gradually and steadily is better for your health.

#2 They push specific supplements a lot

This program suggests supplements for women’s health, which I think is a positive. However, it also means similar items get pushed more frequently. For example, supplements with collagen, protein powder, or vitamin D have the potential to be highly beneficial for mature women, so they are recommended the most. 

Reverse Health has its own supplement brand, meaning there’s plenty of incentive for the program to recommend the same supplements repeatedly. They offer bundles including whey protein, collagen, and vitamins in one package.

I would diversify the recommendations to make them more suitable to the individual. Whether or not I recommend supplements when working with clients depends on their wants and needs. However, the supplements are only a recommendation and aren’t essential purchases.

#3 Customer support is not efficient enough

One of my biggest concerns about this program is its customer service record. Online reviews suggest that it’s difficult to get in touch with the company, especially for refunds. Full refunds are rare, with the company preferring to offer membership extensions rather than returning funds.

I would like to see this changed so that customers can enjoy their interactions with the company without worrying about money. Nonetheless, it seems like few people have the desire for refunds.

How Much Does Reverse Health Cost?

Reverse Health programs cost anywhere from $30 for one month to $72 for a 6-month membership. However, these prices come with promotional offers, like the 80% discount offered below. They break the price down into what it costs you each week, which I think helps to put it into perspective for potential users.

How Much Does Reverse Health Cost

What Do Other Users Say About Reverse Health?

The Reverse Health app reviews on the App Store are very mixed. Some users report that it’s the best diet app they’ve tried, while others find that the service doesn’t provide enough challenge for women already living active lifestyles.

This review complains that the physical exercise portion of the app isn’t challenging enough.

Useless for already active women - Do Not Buy - D
Screenshot from Apple App Store
Useless for already active women - Do Not Buy - M
Screenshot from Apple App Store

On the review aggregator site Trustpilot, Reverse Health reviews remain mixed. Carole reports that she enjoys the program and thinks it could be expanded.

Really enjoying the program
Screenshot from
Really enjoying the program
Screenshot from

Meanwhile, Barbara found that the app didn’t meet her expectations and struggled to get the refund she wanted.

not as described and impossible to cancel.
Screenshot from
not as described and impossible to cancel.
Screenshot from

Reverse Health vs. Other Weight Loss Programs

Comparison Winner: Beyond Body
Beyond Body
Weight Watchers
Reverse Health

No subscription fees

Doesn’t forbid specific foods

Group support available

Encourages exercise

Focused on female physiology

Provides member community

Supports various diets, including vegan


No support system

No way to track success

Weekly weigh-ins

Can trigger eating disorders

Only for women

App required

How I Tested Reverse Health

I used numerous tactics to comprehensively evaluate Reverse Health. I evaluated the program in numerous categories:

Quality 8/10

I gave Reverse Health a positive grade for its quality because of its clever design. The founders had a clear mission – to help mature women get and stay in shape. The inclusion of qualified dietitians, physiotherapists, and health coaches, along with tailored 12-week programs, further enhances its quality. 

The app itself is well-designed and easy to use, even if you’re not confident with technology. It’s easy to navigate and control the settings for your account and membership, further contributing to this high grade.

Effectiveness 8/10

The combination of a nutritious diet plan and a fitness regime proves highly effective for long-term weight loss. Daily accountability measures also contribute to its effectiveness, promoting goal focus without restricting food groups. 

Unlike many other diet programs, I appreciate that this one doesn’t focus on restricting certain food groups or labeling foods as “bad.” Customer feedback shows that many women have had success using Reverse Health to lose weight and improve their overall health.

Price 7/10

The slightly lower price score results from a confusing pricing structure that encourages a 6-month commitment for a 12-week program. I think mature women might benefit more from having access to a gym for about the same price as the program after the 12 weeks are up.

Better alignment with the 12-week duration or lower overall costs would improve this rating.

Brand reputation 8/10

Reverse Health enjoys a positive brand reputation, with users benefiting from community accountability and inclusive diet plans. The creators are committed to providing health and fitness content that supports mature women, including those experiencing menopause. 

After reviewing the competition, I found that Reverse Health is one of the frontrunners for providing health content for older women.


Is Reverse Health legit?

Reverse Health is a legitimate way to lose weight, although its sustainability may differ depending on your lifestyle. It is well-designed for older women who are menopausal, premenopausal, and perimenopausal.

Does Reverse Health work?

The 12-week programs offered by this company work to help you lose weight and build a more active lifestyle. It’s especially helpful if you get involved in the community and the daily accountability aspects of the plan to keep yourself on track.

Where can you get Reverse Health?

You need the app on a smart device like a phone or tablet to get the most out of this program. Reverse Health is available to install from the App Store and Google Play. You must also pay for a subscription to access the features.

A Word From Our MD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios, MD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

Weight loss can be challenging, particularly with yoyo diets making it difficult to sustain. However, avoid crash diets that quickly shed weight. Losing 5–10 pounds in a month is reasonable, but losing more is less sustainable.

If you’re considering a specific diet or exercise program designed to help you lose weight as a mature woman, always consult your doctor before beginning. If you believe your weight gain was a result of aging, there are anti-aging foods that might help you lose weight. A balanced diet also improves your organ health, preventing diseases like diabetes.

Additionally, always include exercise in your weight loss journey to maximize your results. Staying active as you age is essential for enjoying a long, independent life. Keeping your mobility strong can prevent surgeries or other life-changing treatments from impacting your quality of life.


Losing weight during menopause can be tough, but a balanced diet and exercise are key to staying healthy and independent. Reverse Health offers a program to help mature women address weight concerns without extreme dietary restrictions or excessive workouts.

As a nutritionist, I think this program could be perfect for women who want to start working out in an inclusive environment where they can meet like-minded women and progress together toward improved health. If you’re interested in a different program that’s designed with everyone in mind, you may opt for Weight Watchers or Noom.

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Dr. Donika Vata
Written by Donika Vata, MD
Fact checked by Edna Skopljak, MD
Last update: January 3, 2024
14 min read 508 Views 0 Reviews
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