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Weight Loss
Beyond Body Review: Is It Worth the Money?
Weight Loss

Beyond Body Review: Is It Worth the Money?

The ultimate guide on your health journey. How to lose weight through gradual lifestyle modifications.

Beyond Body review
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Most people have struggled with their relationship with food at one point or another. This has pushed people into fad diets and other unhealthy habits that starve the body of the right ingredients and do more harm.

However, there is a program in the market to help you shed the extra weight without putting your health at risk.

Beyond Body is a fully personalized wellness book offering a structured and unique approach for clients to lose weight.

This article will give a thorough Beyond Body review and highlight whether it is the right program for you. Without further ado, let us dive in.

Beyond Body – A revolutionary way to wellness

Beyond Body
A revolutionary way to wellness
  • Personalized workout and meal plans
  • It contains 1,000+ recipe combos
  • 300+ pages
  • Has an assistant app on the go
Our rating:
Start Free Quiz
  • No subscription fees (one-time payment)
  • International shipping for a hardcopy book
  • Easy-to-follow program with pictures and instructions
  • Beginner-friendly as it doesn’t make drastic changes to your eating habits
  • Unsuitable for pregnant women


Beyond Body is the first personalized program that helps you attain your body goals in a manner that suits you. It does not work on the one-size-fits-all policy but focuses on customized nutrition and habits to help you achieve your health goals.

The book addresses the primary causes of weight gain. You don’t have to overspend on a personal trainer or nutritionist, as the book will serve as your personal wellness assistant, with the diets and workouts crafted to meet your specific needs.

You can either order a physical Beyond Body copy or an online ebook version. Among the incredible design features of the physical copy are choosing the unique color you want and having your name embedded in the book.

Like any other wellness program, high-risk groups such as pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions should seek the doctor’s advice before starting the Beyond Body program.

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What Is the Beyond Body Book?

Beyond Body is the first personalized wellness book in the world with long-term solutions that help customers lead healthier lifestyle. It is tailored to an individual’s age, body type, and other critical characteristics.

Typically, personal trainers and nutritionists cost about $50 to $100 per session, but Beyond Body gives you access to nutrition and diet plans without breaking the bank. Lose weight and improve the quality of your life with this wellness book.

Beyond Body Book
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Unlike most programs that promise you a supermodel figure in an unrealistic time frame without addressing the root cause of weight gain, Beyond Body book focuses on sustainable health changes that improve your health and well-being.

It has meal plans and workout routines tailored to your diet preferences, lifestyle, and background, helping you follow a healthy lifestyle.

You can order the physical book to your doorstep, and as you wait, you can download a digital copy to get started right away.

Who Is Beyond Body for?

Beyond Body book is an amazing product for those looking to improve their health. It uses client information such as age, body type, current weight, and other demographic information to create a unique solution for your needs.

Beyond Body is for you if you have ever tried meal and workout plans that didn’t work as promised. The Beyond Body assistant app acts as a companion aid in your program.

It is sometimes hard to track your workouts and calorie intake progress during your journey.

However, the Beyond Body assistant app helps you track your calorie intake, water intake, and weight loss journey. With the assistant app, you can monitor everything and adjust your routine as per your body’s requirements.

Beyond Body Customer Reviews 

Customer testimonials convey enthusiasm and trust in a product. A quick scan through the Beyond Body customer success stories shows what clients have achieved through this product.

Many people using the product report long-term success, and the personalization of the Beyond Body program also serves as a big plus for them. Below are some of the client reviews from verified buyers of this product.

Health Insider edit

Most of the reviews are positive. Of course, as with any other wellness plan, this book might not be for everybody. Let’s be honest, buying a wellness book is not enough, but this is the first step to a healthier and stronger you. If you are willing to follow the diet plan and workout, you will see changes in no time. Beyond Body book is for those who are ready to change their mind and body.

If you are struggling with eating disorders, are pregnant, or lactating, Beyond Body is not for you. If you are still thinking about buying it, consult with your doctor before buying this book.

Is Beyond Body Book Worth It?

Yes, the Beyond Body book is worth your time and money, and many people report feeling healthier after using the product. It starts with a 3-minute survey where you need to answer some individualized questions.

The first question concerns your primary goal: gaining muscle, maintaining weight, or losing it. Other follow-up questions include your sleeping routine, eating habits, potential allergies, workout routines, and unique diet preferences.

The main goal behind these questions is to narrow down your specific needs. Once they have answers to the questions, they make a health analysis and create a book with a personalized meal plan and workouts to suit a healthy lifestyle.

They then ship the hard copy book to your delivery address, and you can also use their free ebook as you wait for delivery.

This guide promises to lower your stress levels, improve general health, and help form life-long positive habits. Certified nutritionists create the book with a unique approach to ensure you get long-lasting results.

Benefits of Beyond Body’s Wellness Book

Following health and wellness products that are not suitable for you will only lead to further health complications. However, the Beyond Body wellness book has numerous advantages that help you regain a hold on your lifestyle.

Below are some of the health benefits of the Beyond Body wellness book.

#1 Personalized 28-day meal plan

Unlike other wellness programs that need you to change your diet rapidly, Beyond Body offers you a personalized 28-day meal plan to help you easily transition and adapt to a new lifestyle.

Certified nutritionists create these meal plans with over 1,000 variations and meal combinations. You also get cooking cheat sheets, tips on superfoods, and nutritional data on each meal you consume.

Beyond Body eliminates the pressure associated with dieting as it gives an exceptionally adaptable approach to promoting healthy living and changing your nutritional habits.

The meal plan is also versatile, and you can easily choose what works best for you. Your dieting does not have to be boring, as there are replacements and alternatives for every meal.

The meal plans are backed by medical research and revolve around a hypercaloric diet. This diet aims to reduce 150 to 350 daily calories instead of excluding entire food groups, leading to steady body changes over time. That’s the magic of the Beyond Body book.

#2 Personalized workout plan

An exercise routine is essential for healthy living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Beyond Body gives you helpful workout tips and guidelines besides a carefully curated meal plan.

Like the meal plan, workout plans are prepared by licensed fitness experts to meet individual goals. People have different metabolisms, but the Beyond Body program is tailored to suit your body type and training style.

Coupling a healthy diet with an exercise plan helps improve your mobility and cardiovascular health. The 28-day training regimen depends on your level of physical activity. It starts with warm-ups and eases to weight training. The book also covers all you need to know about exercising, such as the importance of sleep, stretching exercises, and breathing techniques.

#3 Suitable for any diet

Most people have allergies and food sensitivities to certain food groups such as nuts, gluten, lactose, shellfish, and soy. 

Beyond Body addresses this by considering any diet preferences or intolerances you may have.

The meal plans are flexible enough, as there are alternatives and substitutes for every meal. Beyond Body’s focus is not on specific dishes but on ingredients, and you can combine different dishes to come up with your delicacies.

The meal plans have many variations, and you can easily experiment with various combinations and find a plan that best works for you.

#4 Book adjusted to your medical history

In addition to a personalized meal plan, the book considers your medical history. 

It offers advice on coping with diabetes, gastritis, celiac disease, and other ailments. The book has tried-and-tested recipes targeting your overall well-being.

#5 New habit formation strategies

Another great feature of Beyond Body is the simple strategies promoting healthy living. It is pointless to follow a routine that overhauls your entire lifestyle as you are unlikely to keep it.

However, Beyond Body addresses this by giving you the option of making small, subtle changes by slowly developing good habits and eliminating unhealthy eating ones. The book has dedicated sections describing daily routines and unique strategies for long-lasting weight loss.

After following these routines for 28 days, they will undoubtedly make your transition to a new healthy lifestyle smoother.

#6 Mindfulness techniques

Beyond Body also understands that physical health is not the only aspect necessary when improving your overall health and lifestyle. Good mental health helps your body work better during Beyond Body program; hence they incorporate mindfulness techniques throughout the book.

Some mental health amends include following a healthy sleep routine, learning breathing techniques, and managing anxiety.

Poor mental health and elevated stress levels directly affect the outcome of your weight loss routine. Following mindfulness techniques ensures you stay on track throughout the entire diet program.

Good mental health puts you in the right mindset for living healthier life. It also leads to better decision-making, improved moods, and reduced chances of depression and anxiety.

#7 Consultation with a nutritionist

Sometimes, you may need that extra information from a nutritionist to help you make positive changes. 

The assistance might simply be concerning food patterns and combinations. Beyond Body offers the opportunity to solicit for nutritionist services to guide your dietary habits.

Nutritionist consultations are very affordable, and you can add this feature at checkout or order it later if you need more help. The nutritionists help you maintain a healthy diet and motivate you throughout the whole journey.

#8 Glowing skin guide

Our food directly affects our energy levels, health, and appearance. The best way to get glowing skin is by eating different superfoods. Among the powerful ingredients in superfoods is vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and an essential ingredient for a robust immune system and giving healthy, radiant skin.

Beyond Body offers a comprehensive glowing skin guide and gives you various fruit and vegetable options you can add to your foods to get that glowing skin. They also give guidelines on the recommended water intake to ensure the skin is nourished adequately.

How Much Does Beyond Body Cost?

The Beyond Body physical copy costs $33, including free shipping and a free ebook. 

There are also other additional checkout options, including their assistant app and nutritionist consultations.

Comparison Table

Beyond Body

Available in ebook and printed formatNo subscription fees (one-time payment)

International shipping for a hardcopy book

Easy-to-follow program with pictures and instructions

Beginner-friendly as it doesn’t make drastic changes to your eating habits

Tracks weight loss, workouts, and recipes

Considers allergies and sensitivities

Personalizes your meal plan based on preferences and medical history

Numerous recipe ideas

Personalized weight loss programs

It has an intermittent fasting timer

It has a calorie tracker

Custom meal and fitness plans

International shipping (only free for UK residents)

One-time coaching

Unsuitable for pregnant women

It has complex subscription plans with constant upsells


Some of the health recommendations are generic

Beyond Body
Overall Rating

Available in ebook and printed formatNo subscription fees (one-time payment)

International shipping for a hardcopy book

Easy-to-follow program with pictures and instructions

Beginner-friendly as it doesn’t make drastic changes to your eating habits

Tracks weight loss, workouts, and recipes

Considers allergies and sensitivities

Personalizes your meal plan based on preferences and medical history

Numerous recipe ideas

Personalized weight loss programs

It has an intermittent fasting timer

It has a calorie tracker

Custom meal and fitness plans

International shipping (only free for UK residents)

One-time coaching


Unsuitable for pregnant women

It has complex subscription plans with constant upsells


Some of the health recommendations are generic

A Word From a Personal Trainer

Following a healthy diet plan helps in increasing weight loss, boosting the body’s metabolism, and improving overall health. Incorporating principles such as a workout routine and eliminating unhealthy foods gives a better approach to long-term weight loss.

Various factors such as gender, age, genetics, sleep patterns, and medical conditions affect a person’s weight loss rate. Therefore, it is necessary to have a personalized diet and workout plan to lose weight at a healthy pace.

Before planning to lose weight, it is best to consult a licensed healthcare professional and a professional trainer for long-lasting weight loss.

How We Tested

Beyond Body is a popular eating plan that guarantees weight loss through a structured system. Like other weight loss programs, we assessed the important factors directly affecting the people using this product.

Among the factors we evaluated in this Beyond Body review were safety, sustainability, customer experience, and nutrition quality.


We tested whether the components of the Beyond Body diet are safe for sustainable weight loss. The diet plan eliminates harmful processed foods and refined carbs and focuses on nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

The diet plan also limits added sugars and beverages associated with weight gain. It also contains foods rich in protein, which increase a sense of fullness.

After using Beyond Body, most people report feeling healthier as it focuses on lowering overall calorie consumption and boosting metabolism, leading to gradual and sustainable changes.


We also tested the sustainability of the product. Most diet plans are expensive and unsustainable, making them hard to follow long-term.

However, a one-time fee of $33 is quite appealing for dieters who want a good deal. The diet plan is also versatile, with numerous combinations, making it easy for all dietary preferences.

It also considers clients’ medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, and develops a custom diet for them. The ingredients of the meal plans are readily available in local stores, making it easy to follow through with the diet for a long time.

Nutrition quality

The most crucial aspect of any dietary plan is nutrition quality. We assessed the nutrition quality of Beyond Body to ensure clients do not suffer from any nutrition deficiencies.

The diet plan included nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, lean meats, ground beef, and legumes.

It also gave directives on avoiding foods such as sweeteners, processed foods, refined grains, soy products, and fats and oils.

The diversity of the meal plans allows the dieters to consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods within the first 28 days of the diet.

Customer experience

Most of the customers using this product were satisfied because of the customization of the plan to their dietary preferences and fitness levels. Beyond Body offers excellent flexibility and guidance on various health options to follow, unlike most weight loss programs.

If you need a support team and structured meal guidance, the nutritionists have you covered to give you a smooth experience.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Beyond Body.

Is Beyond Body legit?

According to the reviews from health experts, nutritionists, and customers who have used it, Beyond Body is legit. Users can access individualized diet and fitness plans that work in the best of ways to ensure long-lasting results.

Where to buy Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is available for purchase on the official Beyond Body website.

Can I get only the Beyond Body ebook and not the hardcover?

Yes, if you do not want the physical book, you can access the ebook only immediately after customizing your diet plan.

Does Beyond Body ship internationally?

Yes, Beyond Body ships internationally, and depending on your location, the hard copy book can arrive in 8 to 14 days.


As you’ve seen in this Beyond Body review, this product offers an all-in-one solution when looking for a personalized weight loss program. Access to a workout and diet plan makes it easy to form new sustainable habits and lose weight healthily.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. The tips in the Beyond Body wellness book are simple and easy to follow, and after just 28 days, users report weight loss, higher energy levels, and improvements in overall health. Starting the Beyond Body personalized program is undoubtedly a worthy investment to kickstart your changes.

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3 Reviews

  1. Karen G. 10 Jan, 2023 at 10:45 am
    Karen G.
    10 Jan, 2023 at 10:45 am
    10/10 | This book is crazy good!!

    Last year I bought this book as a gift for myself… the best gift ever! It has many meals options and exercises, but most importantly, the book is highly personalized to me

  2. Sophia88 22 Jan, 2023 at 10:09 pm
    22 Jan, 2023 at 10:09 pm
    9/10 | Recommend

    I really liked this book and the meals were so easy to make. I couldn’t do some of the exercises because I broke my leg but I still use this book everyday

  3. Betty P. 31 Jan, 2023 at 2:27 pm
    Betty P.
    31 Jan, 2023 at 2:27 pm
    9/10 | I lost 27 lbs

    this book helped me lose 27 lbs and counting, I’m glad my daughter bought it for me

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