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Octomoves Review: Does This Flow Rope Actually Work?

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1402 Views 3 Reviews
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Octomoves is a weighted rope for low-impact exercise, taking the world by storm. As a fitness enthusiast, I decided to test it to find out if it works.

Octomoves review

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

If you’ve never heard of rope flow, then you’re definitely not alone. It is a style of workout that is relatively new and involves simple movement patterns using a unique naval rope weighing around 1 pound.

Octomoves is one of the most popular brands out there that offer such flow ropes. I heard a lot of good things about this product, which made me curious. Being a fitness enthusiast, I’m always looking for new products to try and enhance my workouts.

So, I bought this flow rope to test it out, and in this Octomoves review, I’ll share my experience in detail. I’ll explain everything you need to know about this product, including its pros and cons, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What Is Octomoves?

octomoves logo
Our rating:
  • Improved mobility and joint health
  • Enhanced athleticism
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Develops good habits
  • Supports weight loss
  • Improves coordination, strength and rhythm
  • Mind and body training
Choose Your Rope Now
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    Includes free training modules
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    Has light and medium force options
  • checkmark
    Made in Europe
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    Best quality
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    Money-back guarantee
  • checkmark
    Has an app
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    Ships worldwide
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    No other training products

Octomoves is a brand that designs special gear for something called rope flow. Imagine a mix of jumping rope, dancing, and spinning poi – that’s rope flow in a nutshell.

You might be wondering, “Why are grown-ups playing with ropes?” Well, here’s the scoop: rope flow is a gentle and fun way to move your body without putting stress on your bones and joints. It’s especially good for anyone wanting to ease their body back into regular exercise after an injury.

At first glance, it might seem like using a resistance band, but here’s the twist – there’s no stretch to the Octomoves rope. Instead, there are a bunch of gentle moves that you can learn to activate different body muscles.

The Octomoves rope is made of high-quality polyester, and it’s a bit shorter and heavier than a regular jump rope. But the best part is that it’s super easy to carry around. It coils up into a tiny package that fits in your bag, car, or drawer at home.

The brain behind this unique product is Rokas Bakstys, who is a surf coach and personal trainer. He created this rope to give both himself and his clients all the benefits of rope flow training while creating a unique and fun experience for practitioners.

It can be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to get their bodies working again or even for people just looking to maintain mobility and joint health.

⭐ Rating


✅ Pros

Free training modules, great exercise

❌ Cons


🍎 Where is it made?

Made in Europe

🔔 How to get started

💰 Price

From $74.99

How I Started Out With Octomoves

Before you can start using a product, you need to have it with you, right? So, I went to the Octomoves official website to get things rolling. Once there, I spotted three choices right on the main page, including ropes for beginners, those at intermediate fitness levels, and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Octomoves rope
Health Reporter image

When you tap on any of these options, you’re taken to the product that matches up with your skill level. I ordered three of them because I wanted to see how flow ropes with different weight levels behave while working out.

I was eager to test this rope out as soon as possible, so I went for the express delivery, and my brand-new rope showed up at my door just two days later.

How Does Octomoves Work?

When I was placing my order, I noticed something pretty cool. The product comes with a 30-day free trial of the Octomoves Training app, which is like a secret weapon to help you go from a rope flow beginner to an expert.

Here’s what you get in the app.

  • Training videos for all: No matter if you’re just starting out or already a pro, you’ll find videos in the app that match your fitness level. From rope flow basics to advanced techniques, they cover everything. They’re also easy to follow and really detailed.
  • Awesome community: There are thousands of other fitness enthusiasts in the Octomoves community who are excited to help each other out. The app allows you to get in touch with them to ask questions and/or share your ideas and progress.

If you’re wondering what rope flow with Octomoves looks like, here’s a quick video:

Octomoves Product Range

Octomoves offers a range of flow ropes, and they come in different weights and colors. That means you can find the perfect fit for yourself, depending on your requirements and style.

Let’s dive into the range of products that the company has to offer.

Beginner flow ropes

For beginners, there are two different types of flow ropes available.

  • Funky Zen Green: 0.66lbs
  • Funky Zen Purple: 0.66lbs

Intermediate flow ropes

Folks who are in the middle when it comes to fitness can choose from the following four options, which are slightly heavier than the previous ones.

  • Flowzilla: 0.99lbs
  • Hydra: 0.99lbs
  • Phoenix: 1.1lbs
  • Black Swan: 1.1lbs

Advanced flow ropes

Those who are all about advanced fitness can use any of the following Octomoves flow ropes, which come with the strongest air resistance.

  • Kraken Burgundy: 1.1lbs
  • Kraken Khaki: 1.1lbs

A Word From an MD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios, MD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

Rope flow is a trendy and enjoyable fitness practice that can benefit both your body and mind. It can improve mobility, muscle growth, enhance joint repositioning and coordination, and promote weight loss.

Using ropes during exercise encourages full-body movement, helping you build strength in your arms and legs. It’s also an excellent mobility exercise for those who want to move around regularly and get fit.

However, it’s important to invest in high-quality, heavy exercise ropes to reap all the benefits of rope flow. Along with improving your mobility and fitness levels, it can also lead to a more positive mindset, which is important for your mental well-being.

There’s no harm in using the rope for at least 10 minutes every morning to prepare your body for the day. But if you have any existing muscle or joint problems, make sure that you consult with your doctor before you start using any flow rope.

What I Liked

Here, I’ll discuss everything that I liked about the Octomoves flow ropes.

#1 Promotes mobility

I started using the Octomoves flow rope as per the guidelines provided in the app. The very first thing that I noticed was that my body movements involved a full range of motion, including internal and external rotation through the shoulders.

This kind of mobility isn’t something you typically find in workout regimes and can help alleviate pain in the shoulders and back.

The incorporation of dance-type movements can also promote mobility through the hips and lower back. Heaviness, especially in the legs, tends to creep into these areas of the body when people are accustomed to living a more sedentary life. If it’s not dealt with, it can lead to negative effects over the long term.

I found Octomoves Phoenix rope the best option for relieving pain and stiffness in the body that can set in when we spend too much time sitting.

#2 Coordinates left and right brain hemispheres

The left hemisphere is used for logical thinking, and it’s what you use while reading, writing, and making sensible decisions.

The right side of the brain is all about letting your creative vibes flow. It means that when we dance or create art, it’s the right brain taking the lead.

Now, here comes Octomoves into play. It causes us to have to think critically to remember the movement patterns and also involves creative expression, especially when you begin piecing together multiple movements to create a flow sequence.

I found it pretty interesting as Octomoves allows you to remember movement patterns through critical thinking and encourages creative expression at the same time to combine multiple movements into flowing sequences.

A balance between these two hemispheres enhances adaptability and overall fulfillment in life.

#3 Low-impact activity

Low-impact activities are anything that doesn’t put a lot of strain on your muscles, bones, and joints while you do them.

If you perform high-impact training like running and jogging, you’d already know the stress they can place on your body. You can use running apps to see the impact of these exercises on your body.

And frankly, I don’t think these high-impact exercises are suitable for people who are old, overweight, or recovering from an injury.

Low-impact activities like rope flowing can benefit these people as they can strengthen and mobilize the body without putting it under unnecessary stress.

If you’re one of those people, I would recommend you use Funky Zen ropes. That’s because they’re created to be lightweight and are perfect for anyone wanting to get back into a movement practice, especially after being injured.

#4 Portable

Sticking to your exercise routine can be tough, especially when you’re on the move. Flow rope exercises offer a fantastic solution for travelers because they can be used anywhere, especially if you opt for a lighter rope.

This means you can easily perform these exercises at home, while you’re traveling, or even outdoors, allowing you to enjoy some sun and soak up some vitamin D while you work out. It’s a convenient way to stay active and maintain your routine, no matter where you are.

#5 Reduces stress and anxiety

One of the most important things that I noticed about rope flow exercises is that they require total focus. You can’t be distracted, with your mind elsewhere, thinking about other things. 

The state you slip into during flow exercises is kind of like what you feel during yoga. Both of these practices produce a zen-like state, which causes all your other stress and worries to melt away from your mind.

This mental break is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a chance to step away from the constant thinking we do day in and day out. It’s especially helpful for people who are dealing with anxious thoughts to reduce stress.

#6 Fun cardio workout

Cardio exercises have the benefit of improving our cardiovascular health through increased blood flow and lowered blood pressure. It is a part of working out that we should be sure not to miss.

Generally, our cardio days involve us monotonously running on a treadmill, and oftentimes is something people dread doing.

While walking on a daily basis and tracking your progress can also be beneficial for your cardiovascular help, it’s not as much fun as using a flow rope.

Additionally, it can also get your blood pumping, making it a great substitute for our regular cardio practices.

What I Didn’t Like

I have to say upfront that the benefits of Octomoves flow ropes outweigh the cons. However, I still consider it my responsibility to let you know all the potential downsides of using this product.

#1 Not all training material is free

Octomoves offers a dedicated training app that contains detailed videos. You can watch them learn the right way to use flow ropes and improve your physique.

However, the app isn’t free to use. You’ll get a 30-day free trial period once you purchase any of the Octomoves flow ropes. After that, you’ll need to pay to access the training material.

This additional payment is something that you should keep in mind if you’re interested in getting fit with Octomoves. 

#2 Pricey

It’s important to note that the price of these flow ropes may not suit everyone’s budget. However, while the price is on the higher end, the quality makes up for it, and you won’t need to worry about it breaking or weakening over time. 

What Do Online Reviews Say About Octomoves?

I don’t buy a new product without reading online reviews from previous customers. In fact, it’s one of the first things I do when I plan to review something. That’s because it helps me determine if a product is worth my time and money.

Let me share some Octomoves flow rope reviews with you to help you determine the same.

I bought Octomoves as an easy way to - desktop
Screenshot from
I bought Octomoves as an easy way to - mobile
Screenshot from

Katie is a satisfied user of flow ropes, and she’s completely right. It’s enjoyable, and you can use it anywhere at any time.

Novel approach to motion and fitness - desktop
Screenshot from
Novel approach to motion and fitness - mobile
Screenshot from

Greg also found the product to be useful. I agree that the app offers everything you need to start with this unique type of exercise, and it’s easy to integrate it into your fitness program.

Super fast delivery - desktop
Screenshot from
Super fast delivery - Mobile
Screenshot from

I had the same experience as Monica. The package reached my home quickly, and the product looks and acts great. I also agree with their other comment, as the rope is indeed on the expensive side. However, the benefits it brings to the table make up for that.

How Much Do Octomoves Ropes Cost?

As I’ve mentioned above, there are three different categories of Octomoves flow ropes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Octomoves often runs seasonal discounts so it’s best to check if there are any deals on their official website.

Black SwanPhoenixFlowzillaFunky Zen
WeightHeavy 1.1lbs Heavy 1.1lbsLighter 0.99lbsLightest 0.66lbs
SpecialtyBurning calories and building muscleRelieving pain and stiffnessUnwinding and de-stressingSupporting recovery after injury
Octomoves ropes
Health Reporter image

Octomoves vs. Alternatives

While Octomoves is probably the most popular brand out there that offers flow ropes, it’s not the only one available in the market. There are some alternative options as well, which you can consider.

Comparison Winner: Octomoves
Way of the Rope

Ships worldwide

Includes free training modules

Free delivery


Has light and medium force options

Made in Europe

Best quality

Money-back guarantee

Has an app for users

Ships worldwide

Offers a variety of training equipment, including apparel

Has a premium and standard version, which is cheaper

Training courses for sale

3 rope choices with a variety of weights


No other training products

1 rope option

Different rope sizes

No free trainings

Ships to only the UK


What are the differences between flow and jumping ropes? 

Flow ropes are heavier in weight and shorter than jump ropes. They weren’t designed for users to jump through and were instead created to be swung alongside the body and incorporated into almost dance-like sequences.

How much do flow ropes weigh?

Flow ropes can range in weight, and which weight you decide to purchase will depend on whether you are a beginner or a more advanced user. The weight of these ropes ranges from 0.66 to 1.1lbs.

Where to buy Octomoves flow ropes?

Various types of flow ropes are available on the official Octomoves website.

Is rope flow good for weight loss?

Yes, rope flowing can actually help you lose weight significantly. However, you need to perform flowing regularly and pair it with a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.

How I Tested the Product

Let me explain all the features that I considered while testing the Octomoves flow rope to evaluate it properly.

Quality 10/10

When it comes to buying something tangible, it’s important to make sure that it’s sturdy and long-lasting. After using the Octomoves flow rope, I can confidently say that its quality is outstanding.

These ropes are made of high-quality materials, and they can withstand the test of time. It means that they can easily ensure the wear and tear that comes with regular use.

Octomoves box
Health Reporter image

Effectiveness 9/10

What makes Octomoves flow ropes super effective is that they’re engineered with proper weight distribution. It results in an excellent workout experience compared to using a homemade rope or other less well-designed options.

The company offers different weight options based on your fitness level so that you can choose the most effective one.

One important thing that I would like to mention here is that you might need to go through a little learning curve if you’ve never used a flow rope before. So, prepare yourself for that and be patient and consistent to see the desired results.

Price 8/10

As I’ve mentioned it already a couple of times, the price of Octomoves flow ropes is a bit on the higher side. But the quality of the product and the benefits it offers are worth the investment. However, the high upfront cost might not be suitable for people on a tight budget.

Brand reputation 9/10

Octomoves is a well-reputed and popular brand, and the online user reviews speak for that. I couldn’t find a single review on the Octomoves website that is less than 4 stars.

Not only is it popular for high-quality products that deliver what they’re supposed to, but it’s also well-known for its amazing customer service.

Octomoves: The Final Verdict

In my final words of this review, I would say that Octomoves undeniably offers some of the best flow ropes out there. They’re handmade in the UK using only the best materials to serve you for years to come.

The icing on the cake is their user-friendly app with free training modules accessible to every person who is a part of their rope flow community. Not only that, but there are also multiple rope options to choose from depending on your current level of fitness and or workout goals.

So, if you’re ready to jump on the rope flow bandwagon, you can consider Octomoves flow ropes. I’m definitely keeping mine in my office to relax and play.

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Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1402 Views 3 Reviews
3 Reviews
  1. user
    Linda Texas
    20 Dec, 2022 at 4:15 pm
    9/10 Great for back pain.

    I noticed that my back hurts a couple of years ago and tried multiple workouts but nothing worked as good as octomoves! It stretches me out and makes me more flexible (i use phoenix rope).

    reply reply reply
  2. user
    Amy J.
    5 Jan, 2023 at 9:22 am
    9/10 a fun way to workout!

    using these ropes is way more fun than having a jumping rope. of course, you have to dedicate time to learn more complex moves

    reply reply reply
  3. user
    Matthew P.
    31 Jan, 2023 at 2:49 pm
    10/10 innovative product

    such an innovative concept, I got these ropes a few months back and it completely leveled up my workouts

    reply reply reply

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