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How to Get Rid of Banana Rolls? 6 Proven Strategies Included

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: March 28, 2023
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Carrying excess weight in visible locations can knock your confidence. Find out how to get rid of your banana roll fat at home with simple lifestyle changes that have proven benefits.

how to get rid of banana rolls

We all carry more fat in certain areas. Often, you dislike a particular place more than others, whether it’s a double chin, upper arm fat, or those banana-shaped folds under your butt.

If banana rolls are getting you down, you’re not alone. Excess fat in this area can make you feel insecure, and many people undergo cosmetic procedures to remove the unwanted fat. However, liposuction surgery is not the only solution.

You can lose banana roll fat by living a healthy lifestyle and targeting the area with various exercises. It takes time, commitment, and alterations to your usual routine.

In this article, we share how to leave your banana roll problems behind.

How to Get Rid of Banana Rolls: 6 Diet and Exercise Tips

You don’t have to accept your banana roll fat. You can burn this stubborn fat with the right diet and exercise regimen. Say goodbye to unflattering banana rolls and hello to toned and shapely buttocks and upper thighs. Just follow our top tips to achieve your ideal body shape.

#1 Eat a high-protein diet

A high-protein diet can help tame cravings, allowing you to eat fewer calories and control your appetite. Studies show consuming more protein than the typical recommendation reduces body weight and improves body composition by decreasing fat mass.

Moreover, protein is known for building muscle mass and enhancing muscle definition. When implementing a new training routine, you need enough protein to tackle banana roll fat. Select lean protein sources for your diet, such as beans and legumes, skinless poultry, and lean meat.

#2 Incorporate more fiber

Fiber is great for weight loss because it is super filling. It encourages overall fat loss, including banana roll fat, by keeping you feeling full and reducing your appetite. It also keeps your gut in order. Science suggests that the gut microbiome influences weight control.

You can get fiber from beans, lentils, broccoli, berries, and oatmeal.

#3 Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

Drinking alcoholic and sugary drinks can lead to the buildup of too much fat. Alcohol consumption can promote a higher body fat percentage and is closely associated with obesity risk. It decreases fat breakdown and encourages hunger and unhealthy food cravings.

Studies show that soft drink intake encourages weight gain, regardless of physical activity level. That means you might not counterbalance weight changes even if you exercise regularly.

#4 Do more cardio exercises

It’s time to quit the sedentary lifestyle and get active.

Cardio is excellent for burning fat. The right amount of cardio differs between individuals, but you can get started with exercises you find enjoyable. You can get in shape with running, an activity perfect for burning calories and working the glutes and leg muscles.

Remember, there are alternatives to running for cardio, such as swimming, cycling, and high-intensity interval training.

As well as cardio, try strength-training exercises that target the gluteal muscles. Banana roll fat exercises focus on those problematic areas, e.g., the glutes and thighs. You can try squats, lunges, donkey kicks, hamstring curls, and bridges.

#5 Cut back on carbs

Slashing your intake of refined carbs can help you lose weight. These foods are often very dense in calories, which can lead to gaining more weight overall. When eating carbs, opt for complex carbohydrates like those found in whole foods, such as grains and beans.

You could also try a low-carb diet like keto. The ketogenic diet works by putting the body into ketosis, which means you start burning fat for fuel. It’s ideal for burning fat cells that you struggle to combat with exercise alone.

#6 Try to stress less

Chronic stress can contribute to multiple health problems, including weight gain and difficulty losing weight. You might become less active, struggle to get enough sleep, and develop cravings for unhealthy foods, like those high in carbs, fat, and excess calories.

Managing your stress levels will help to reduce these negative effects. With less stress in your life, you will be better able to remain active and in control of your weight loss journey.

What Is Banana Roll Fat?

Banana roll fat is the crescent-shaped fat pockets that collect just below the buttocks, at the top of the upper thighs. The unique shape is reminiscent of the banana fruit, which explains the name. Many people have banana rolls, especially women, who are more prone to storing fat.

Banana rolls comprise a type of stubborn fat, known as subcutaneous fat, that accumulates under the skin. It is not as dangerous as visceral fat, but it is more visible and challenging to lose because it serves some primary functions in the human body.

What Causes Banana Roll Fat? 4 Reasons Behind It

Not everyone has fat pockets below the buttocks, so where does your banana roll fat come from? The truth is, it’s easy to accumulate fat in this zone, especially as a woman. Still, some culprits make you more likely to store excess fat in particular places.

Let’s inspect some common causes for developing banana rolls.

#1 Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can trigger the gathering of banana roll fat. Many women experience hormonal changes at different times in their lives. For example, pregnancy and menopause can all lead to an imbalance that results in excess fat.

Aging and medical conditions are other natural triggers of hormonal changes.

#2 Genetics

Whether or not you have banana rolls can simply come down to your genetics. Our genes regulate body fat distribution, which means they determine where we store fat. So, you might inherit this common trait if banana rolls run in your family.

#3 Body composition

Body composition is the percentage of fat, muscle, bone, and water in the human body. Several factors determine your composition, including age, sex, and health status. You might have a higher percentage of body fat than muscle which is more prominent in specific places.

#4 Diet

What you eat significantly impacts your body, and an unhealthy diet is a key culprit for banana rolls. Eating unhealthy foods can lead to you eating more calories than you need. With excess calories and a lack of exercise comes the accumulation of unwanted fat.

Are Banana Rolls Unattractive?

Banana fat rolls are often a source of embarrassment for men and women. The layer of extra body fat can distort the shape of your buttocks and thighs. It can make you feel self-conscious in tight-fitting clothes and might make it difficult to fit into certain pieces.

However, it is natural and common! Many women and men have strong, fit, and healthy bodies despite their banana roll fat. Everybody is unique, and you are still attractive, banana rolls or not.

But keep in mind that carrying excess fat throughout your body can harm your health. Banana rolls comprise a stubborn form of subcutaneous fat. We all need subcutaneous fat because it stores energy, but too much can often indicate that you also have too much harmful visceral fat.


Why do I have banana rolls if I’m skinny?

Contrary to popular belief, banana rolls are not limited to overweight persons. Skinny people can develop banana rolls for multiple reasons, such as genetics, hormonal imbalance, and body composition. Rapid or extreme weight loss can also cause the fat tissue and skin to sag.

Is it possible to completely get rid of banana rolls?

You can get rid of banana rolls by making lifestyle changes. Eating a healthy diet and partaking in regular physical activity can aid fat loss and help shift stubborn fat in this area. You can remove banana roll fat with liposuction, but side effects like scarring may occur.

Can exercise help get rid of rolls?

Yes! Exercise is a critical way to promote fat-burning and lose fat. While you can’t spot reduce fat, exercising regularly encourages overall fat reduction. Fat rolls, such as your banana fat, will gradually melt away with a proper fitness regimen.

A Word From a Personal Trainer

A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, genetics, and hormonal issues can all contribute to fat pockets beneath the buttocks. While it’s completely normal to develop fat here, many people seek ways to remove it. But aside from plastic surgery, you can blast banana fat with other methods.

You can start by getting more active. A tailored training routine can help you burn fat, enhance muscle tone, and transform the appearance of your glutes. Practicing healthy eating is another important way to help diminish banana rolls and reach your body goals.


Carrying extra weight in the form of a banana roll can be unpleasant, but there are ways to remove or reduce its appearance without surgical intervention. While you can’t control your genetics, you can make lifestyle choices that keep your body in good shape.

Diet and exercise are proven methods that promote a healthy body composition. Talk to your doctor if you are attempting to lose a significant amount of weight with a new regimen. Your safety is of utmost importance.

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: March 28, 2023
6 min read 943 Views 0 Comments

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