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Trendy Celebrity Supplements: The Science Behind Lemme Purr Vaginal Health Gummies

Trendy Celebrity Supplements: The Science Behind Lemme Purr Vaginal Health Gummies

HealthReporter author Nadzeya Sankovich
Written by Nadzeya Sankovich | Fact checked by Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD check
Last update: March 4, 2023
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The Kardashians’ latest release, Lemme Purr vaginal vitamins, is causing a buzz. This article will delve into the scientific research behind this product and its key ingredient, SNZ 1969™. Also, we’ve consulted with a medical expert to give you all the information you need.

Lemme Purr Vaginal Health Gummies
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Kardashians, it’s that drama seems to follow them everywhere.

To be thorough, remember that Kim Kardashian once said people just need to work harder.1 Or that Kylie Jenner was called a billionaire by Forbes, but it turned out that she was not.2

Now, Kourtney Kardashian is back in the spotlight with her latest venture. Her brand, Lemme, has released a product called the Purr Vaginal Health Gummies. It claims to “support freshness and taste” down there.

With so much controversy surrounding the gummies, it remains to be seen whether they’ll be a success or just another Kardashian drama.

Investigating the Effectiveness of Lemme Purr Vaginal Health Gummies

The key ingredients of Kourtney Kardashian’s Vaginal Health Gummies are:

  • Pineapple extract
  • Vitamin C
  • SNZ 1969™ probiotics

The Purr claims to promote vaginal health, freshness, microflora, and pH levels.

Can we verify this claim scientifically? Let’s examine the evidence.

There is no direct proof linking the consumption of pineapple to a vagina that tastes “good” (which is, actually, not easy to measure). However, studies suggest that fermented pineapple juice can aid in the growth of healthy vaginal bacteria.3

Vitamin C plays a variety of roles in the body, including supporting immune function and acting as an antioxidant. Some studies have also explored the potential benefits of vitamin C on vaginal health.

The research found that women who consumed a vitamin C-rich diet were less likely to develop bacterial vaginosis (BV) – a common vaginal infection. Another study found that vitamin C supplements reduced inflammation in women with BV.4

SNZ 1969™ is not only included in these vitamins but is also positioned as a key component. What does this strange combination of numbers and letters mean?

The Lemme website says SNZ 1969™ is a clinically studied probiotic. At the same time, our team did not find any references to medical research on the Lemme website. An instant red flag? Let’s dig deeper to answer.

KK Nutrition, Inc. (aka Lemme) likely sources the SNZ 1969™ probiotic from Sanzyme Biologics, an Indian company. The manufacturer’s product page lists clinical references. Maybe we can find something here?

There are studies on the anti-tumor activity of SNZ 1969™, as well as its effect on high cholesterol or watery diarrhea patients. Nothing related to vaginal health or the genitourinary system.

Yet, there are several studies conducted on SNZ 1969™ probiotics on the internet. One of them examined the effects of SNZ 1969™ on vaginal flora in women with bacterial vaginosis.5 The study found that it was effective in restoring healthy vaginal flora and reducing the recurrence of BV.

The question remains, how this probiotic will work in women with healthy vaginas. At the moment, there is no associated research available.

What Experts Think

To shed some light on the effectiveness of these gummies, we sought out the medical expertise of Kelly Johnson-Arbor, MD. Kelly is a medical toxicology physician and medical director at National Capital Poison Center.

“SNZ 1969™ is a type of spore-forming probiotic. They survive in an acidic environment of the gut and affect the gut microbiome. Since an imbalance in vaginal bacteria causes bacterial vaginosis, probiotics also prevent and treat its agents.

Lemme Purr Gummies are considered by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are not heavily regulated by the FDA and cannot be marketed as a preventive or treatment for any disease. Because of this, Lemme gummies cannot be advertised as an effective treatment or preventative measure for vaginal conditions.

Yet, Lactobacillus strains have been studied for this purpose. During one study, 70 women used relevant douches for four days. As a result, they reported an improvement in symptoms such as vaginal discharge, odor, irritation, and burning.6

The results are encouraging. However, there is still little evidence of the specific Lactobacillus strain SNZ 1969™ as a treatment for vaginal disorders.

Moreover, it’s unknown if SNZ 1969™ is effective in maintaining the normal vaginal microbiome.

Since it is a dietary supplement, Purr Gummies are not heavily regulated by the FDA. The gummies may contain unwanted contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals.

Also, there might be other ingredients present that are not listed on the package label. Those vitamins may not even contain the ingredients listed on the product itself.

Because of this, it’s certainly possible for people to experience unwanted side effects after taking these vitamins.

Probiotics can change our bacterial microbiome. This increases the risk of immune disorders in people with a weakened immune system, heart disease, or intestinal disorders.

Be careful with prebiotics if you have
Health Reporter edit

All in all, SNZ 1969™ has been studied in women with bacterial vaginosis. Yet, it’s unclear whether it has any beneficial health effects in women who do not have specific vaginal concerns.

Vaginal odor and discharge are normal for many women and do not necessarily require treatment with a probiotic.

Many vitamins (including those endorsed by celebrities) can cause toxicity when used in excess and may interact with other medications. So, talk with a doctor before starting any vitamin regimen.”

Are Purr Vaginal Health Gummies Worth the Hype?

Although celebrity vitamins may cater to a specific audience, the efficacy evidence is often limited.

The Purr vagina gummies contain probiotic SNZ 1969™, which has been studied only in women with bacterial vaginosis. It remains uncertain whether it benefits women without specific vaginal concerns.

The Lemme website asserts that SNZ 1969™ clinically supports vaginal health but doesn’t provide any research links.

Why spend 30 dollars on questionable supplements when there are proven options like pineapple and vitamin C? That’s right, pineapple – the same juicy fruit that the Kardashians swear by for digestion and bloating.7

So, consider incorporating pineapple and vitamin C-rich food into your diet.

Vitamin C rich Food
Health Reporter edit

The most important thing for a healthy vagina is simple – maintain good hygiene and seek medical attention for any signs of discomfort or infection.

Remember that a vagina doesn’t need to have a specific smell or taste. As the saying goes, “It’s a vagina, not a piña colada.”

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