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Why Does Everyone Hate Me? 6 Reasons for This Feeling

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 8, 2023
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Feeling like everyone hates you can be a mental challenge. You’re constantly stuck with negative thoughts that spiral out of control, but why does this happen? We explain the reasons behind this feeling and effective ways to deal with other people’s opinions.

Why does everyone hate me

Sometimes, negative feelings can make you assume the worst. 

There are days you spend panicking about other people’s opinions. You might believe they hate you or plan on leaving you when they get the chance. This type of anxiety damages your mental health and even makes social interactions challenging. 

A lack of contact doesn’t always mean people hate you. Certain friends and family could have busy lives that don’t leave enough room for regular meetups. It’s important to learn more about your own feelings and whether they play a part in your deep-rooted fears. 

In this article, you’ll discover reasons for feeling like everyone hates your presence. 

Why Does Everyone Hate Me? 6 Reasons Behind This Feeling

The feeling that everyone is against you can be damaging. You may be paranoid that close friends and family aren’t being completely honest. Being in this mindset for too long can dampen your mental health, especially if you don’t get the right treatment.

Here are 6 reasons why you feel like everyone hates you: 

#1 Being a sensitive person

Being sensitive means you notice small changes in people’s moods, behaviors, and communication. This could trigger overthinking, which leads to serious anxious thoughts. A sensitive mindset can make you believe that everyone hates your personality. 

There are things you can do to be less sensitive around others. Practice mindfulness by acknowledging painful thoughts. You don’t need to listen to negativity in your mind, so just accept when those feelings come and start doing something fun to eliminate them. 

Consider stretching every morning or going for a brisk walk to release built-up tension. Being stuck in the house will only heighten your sensitivity. A study found that living an antisocial lifestyle could increase the risk of mental and personality disorders.

#2 Loneliness

Feeling lonely is bound to cause certain mental health conditions. Research discovered that not taking care of your social well-being can promote psychiatric disorders like clinical depression, social anxiety disorder, paranoia, and bipolar disorder (BD).  

Not having social support only worsens paranoid thoughts throughout the day. It could be that no one is available to hang out when you’re free, or you feel isolated when living alone. Just remember that not everyone can make consistent plans in their lives.

Loneliness also causes cognitive distortion – an internal thought pattern that comprises inaccurate thinking, perceptions, and beliefs of other people’s feelings. Not being around people as often may convince you that they aren’t interested in hanging out. 

#3 Insecurities

Many people have personal insecurities they don’t show. 

Feeling insecure is one way to lower your self-confidence and highlight flaws. You may think people hate you because you’re outgoing or that you’re too pushy when asking to hang out. However, when someone says no, it’s not a representation of their opinion. 

There are days when friends or family members don’t want to go outside and be sociable. Also, one person could be having a really bad week. Don’t take it to heart when someone turns down your offer or asks to arrange another suitable time. 

Just remember that insecurity is part of being human. Not everyone can battle this feeling or ignore their flaws when meeting new people. It’s just about changing your mindset through setting goals, being kind to yourself, and confronting bad feelings. 

#4 Low self-esteem

Sometimes, you might believe that you don’t deserve to have company. Thinking low of yourself will naturally push people away. Common cognitive distortions are what happens when you think of things in a negative way instead of building a positive environment. 

You can use more encouraging statements or build positive relationships that raise your confidence. Changing the way you think and behave could prevent low self-esteem. Of course, therapy is another option for those who need to release inner feelings. 

#5 Comparing yourself to others

Seeing people do well could make you feel down. 

You’re constantly comparing your own achievements to theirs, especially during times of low self-worth. Of course, making this comparison every day will convince you that everyone hates your company and that you’re the loser among the group. 

Remember that everyone is their own person. You can’t be exactly like someone else just to copy personal achievements. Think about your strong personality traits, whether those be self-awareness, reliability, humor, enthusiasm, or trustworthiness. 

#6 Mental issues 

There are mental disorders, like paranoia and depression, that make paranoid feelings worse. You go through periods of extreme thinking when assuming people hate you. Over time, any sense of self-respect goes out the window and drains your health.

Being in a bad state of mind could also distort your opinion of the other person’s perspective. Someone may tell you that they love your personality, but those nagging thoughts that arise every day convince you it’s not a true statement at all. 

Does Everyone Hate Me?

No, everyone does not hate you. This negative feeling could stem from insecurity or past problems that have damaged your mental health. Just remember that people are bound to have opinions, but that’s nothing against who you are.  

You’re bound to have days that feel worse than others. On these days, you could pick up on small changes in people’s language. Instantly, the emerging fear that people hate you right now can be overwhelming and seriously damaging to your physical health.

Just remember that not everyone hates you. Sometimes it might feel like this statement is true, while other times feel hopeless. Focus on the people currently in your life, whether that’s close friends, family members, or your partner in a relationship. 

How to Deal With People Not Liking You?

There are bound to be people that you don’t get along with. You can’t always be friends with everyone you meet. Sometimes, people will address their dislikes or show them through certain behaviors, but there are ways you can deal with this problem. 

Keep reading to find 4 ways of managing this feeling: 

#1 Focus on yourself

You should focus on your goals and aspirations. There’s no need to waste your energy on people that aren’t positive. Cut them out of your life completely and spend time thinking about new hobbies, interests, or even places you want to visit on holiday. 

Consider going for morning walks or runs as well. Studies have proved that exercise boosts your mental health in the long term. Just a simple 10-minute walk every day should be enough to clear your mind, ease anxiety, and eliminate negative feelings.

#2 Try relaxation techniques 

Testing out relaxation techniques can help you get enough sleep and eliminate cognitive distortions. Consider making a hot cup of tea and sitting outside for a while. Studies prove that natural environments positively improve your mental and physical state. 

Listening to music is another great technique for relaxing. A study discovered that music increases the “happy” hormones in your brain. During times of stress or depression, play your favorite songs to prevent bad thoughts from worsening. 

For more guidance on calming your mind, try one of the best mental health apps. These mobile app are designed to soothe thoughts and depression symptoms.

#3 Address your concerns

There’s an option to speak to those people around you. Aim to start a calm discussion about their current feelings and possible reasons for the conflict. This could be a chance to learn about the other person’s opinions when it comes to hanging out. 

You can’t go into these conversations with all-or-nothing thinking. This means you either agree completely or take the opinion in a really bad way. Consider finding a middle ground where you can both openly negotiate and settle any conflict. 

#4 Consider therapy

Of course, therapy isn’t for everyone, but professional help could be key to improving your overall well-being. A therapist is there to listen and offer advice on certain topics. You can talk about trauma and current relationships or feelings that drag you down every day. 


What is it called when you think everyone hates you?

People call this feeling paranoia when they believe everyone is against them. You’re constantly aware of what others say and do in your presence. Persistent thoughts could also be a sign of a mental disorder that causes low self-esteem and delusions.

What causes someone to dislike you for no reason?

Jealousy is usually the main culprit for people who get sudden dislikes. Someone could hate you for getting more attention or for lifelong achievements. This jealous feeling can be overwhelming for someone who craves the success that other people get in their lives.

How do you know if someone hates you?

Some common signs that someone hates you may be reserved body language, a lack of eye contact, forced conversations, passive aggressiveness, and blunt statements. They usually put minimal effort into speaking with you or hanging out regularly.

A Word From a Psychologist

Getting along with everyone is just not possible. There will be times you don’t mesh well with someone or moments you don’t agree with their opinions. It’s important to focus on the people that do appreciate you and want to make an effort to stay in your life.

You should seek professional help to improve your mental health. Online therapy is a great option for those who feel comfortable talking over video calls. Find something that works for your preferences, and never suffer through those bad feelings alone.

Also, try to banish the all-or-nothing thinking. Find alternative explanations as to why people are not hanging out as often. Certain anxiety disorders could make you believe that everyone thinks of you negatively or secretly puts on a façade in your presence.


Feeling like everyone hates you doesn’t mean it’s true. 

There might be times people come and go in your life, but that’s perfectly normal. This doesn’t suggest there’s something wrong with you. Consider talking to a mental health professional about your negative thoughts and how you could overcome them. 

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 8, 2023
7 min read 1152 Views 0 Comments

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