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The Simple App Review: Is This Intermittent Fasting App Legit?

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: November 15, 2023
14 min read 1735 Views 0 Reviews
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Can intermittent fasting really be that simple?

Simple app review

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be overwhelming, especially when exploring popular methods like intermittent fasting.

For beginners, understanding the nuances of this eating pattern can be daunting, making the right app an invaluable guide. Simple, an app known for its personalized approach to nutrition, caught my attention for its potential to ease the fasting process.

As a specialist in obesity and nutrition science, I put Simple app to the test, evaluating its unique features like fasting timers, meal plans, and tracking tools. Join me in discovering whether the Simple app is the effective fasting ally you’ve been seeking.

What is the Simple App?

Simple life logo
Our rating:
  • Fasting tracker and timer
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Daily motivational challenges
  • Educational fasting content
  • Performance charts
  • AI-powered food analysis
Visit Simple App
  • checkmark
    Science-backed nutrition program
  • checkmark
    Run by academic experts
  • checkmark
    Takes a personalized approach to weight loss
  • checkmark
    Provides instant feedback and food recommendations
  • checkmark
    Helps to form healthy habits
  • checkmark
    Easy to use
  • checkmark
    Integrates with other fitness apps
  • checkmark
    Relatively expensive
  • checkmark
    Only focuses on nutrition
  • checkmark
    No calorie tracker

Code: SIMPLE30 | Discount: 30% off on the 3-month plan

Simple is a mobile app designed to support your intermittent fasting journey. By creating a personalized program, including a fasting timer and nutrition plan, the app claims to provide users with the tools they need to lose weight and build healthier eating habits.

As well as recommending meals and simple swaps you can make to see more progress, Simple also has a range of tracking features that allow you to see your progress in real time. I was particularly intrigued by the food analysis tool, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make personalized recommendations.

From my professional point of view, I was pleased to see that the app provides educational content on how intermittent fasting benefits the body and why it can help shift stubborn fat. Armed with this information, this app could make it easier to integrate fasting into your day-to-day life.

⭐ Rating4.2 ★★★★★
✅ Main featuresFasting timer, challenges
❌ Who is it for?Adults (+18)
🍎 Operating systemiOs and Android
🥦 Where to get it?Download it HERE
💰 PriceFrom $4.16/month

Code: SIMPLE30 | Discount: 30% off on the 3-month plan

Who Is Simple Life App for? 

Upon looking more closely at the app, I’d recommend Simple for my patients who are new to intermittent fasting and need some guidance on how to integrate this new way of eating into their current schedules. 

Thanks to its educational content, I see a lot of value in Simple as an assistant not only for fasting but also as a tool for those looking to build long-lasting healthy eating habits that will protect them from illness and disease in the future.

However, since Simple has such a huge focus on losing weight, you may not find it useful if this isn’t your goal. I’d also advise approaching the app with caution if you have any existing medical conditions, are pregnant, or have had an eating disorder in the past. In any of these cases, consult your healthcare provider first.

How to Get Started With Simple

Before downloading, Simple will ask you to answer a few short questions that allow the app to get to know you a little, from your goals to your current sleeping pattern. This feature gets a thumbs up from me, as it demonstrates Simple’s commitment to personalization.

The quiz also asks about your motivations for change and any worries you may have about the journey, which, to me, highlights how Simple aims to help you change your mindset towards healthy living.

After finding out your current height, weight, and age to calculate your body mass index (BMI), Simple then explains approximately how long it will take to reach your goals and will begin to generate your personal action plan.

What Are the Key Features of the Simple Life App? 

While conducting this Simple Life app review, I came across many features that make this diet app suitable for fasting. From personalized meals to daily fasting tips, below I’ve explored 4 key features of this app: 

#1 Fasting tracker 

Once Simple understands your goals and current lifestyle, the app will then recommend a fasting schedule for you. I liked that there were several different options, from circadian rhythm fasting to various types of time-restricted eating, so there should be a schedule to suit most users.

On the first page, you’ll see a timer that automatically tracks your fasting periods. This is ideal for showing how much time is left in the fast, meaning you’re less likely to lose track or get confused. 

It also has a tracker to remind you to drink plenty of water throughout the day, something which I’d say is essential for fat loss, and a weight loss tracker to see how your body is changing week by week. If you’re not making progress as quickly as you like, you’ll have the option to switch to a fasting schedule that better suits your needs.

#2 Personalized nutrition plan

Along with the fasting tracker, I was also pleased to see that Simple offers personalized meal recommendations based on each user’s unique preferences. 

Whether you’re on keto or have dietary restrictions like gluten, I came across a variety of recipes that were family-friendly and relatively easy to follow, such as a low-calorie Spanish paella.

The app also features a meal journal that helps you keep on top of your daily food intake. What I particularly liked about this feature is that you can add your meals through text, photo, or voice recording, and Simple will convert it into a list of foods. 

This is especially handy if you’re usually put off by the time it takes to track your meals.

#3 Educational content

Undoubtedly, a favorable pick of mine from the Simple Life app is its collection of 1,850 educational articles, which are designed to help build new, healthy habits with food, exercise, sleep, and stress. Some titles that stood out to me were “Get to know your hunger” and “Why exercise is a win.”

They may also help you learn more about how intermittent fasting works in the body, including the stages of fasting and the health benefits each one brings. 

However, if you’ve got a nutrition or wellness question that this content doesn’t answer, you can always turn to Simple’s 24/7 live chat support for helpful recommendations.

#4 Performance charts and food analysis

After logging meals, Simple then provides users with a nutrition score, depending on the amount of protein, calories, sugar, and fiber in the meal. 

This gets the green light from my standpoint, as it can help users be more aware of the foods they’re putting into their bodies and the nutritional value they hold. It may encourage you to make more healthy food choices in the future.  

A relatively new feature that I found interesting is Avo, Simple’s personal wellness assistant. Every user gets access to this AI-powered tool, which is available 24/7 to guide and motivate you on your wellness journey. For example, you may want to ask for some advice on low-calorie snacks or ideas for weight loss foods to buy on your next grocery trip.

Code: SIMPLE30 | Discount: 30% off on the 3-month plan

What I Liked About Simple: 4 Main Benefits

Before deciding on whether Simple is for you, It’s important to know how this fasting app will support your goals, needs, and overall preferences.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s dive into the main benefits I noted:

#1 Personalized approach

The first thing I liked about the Simple Life app is that it uses a personalized approach that takes your goals, concerns, and dietary preferences into account. For instance, you will receive a comprehensive plan that suggests the ideal fasting technique, although you can easily switch it to another if the recommended schedule isn’t working for you.

I can easily vouch for the merits of such an approach, with research supporting the benefits of a personalized weight management program over standard care for weight loss.

Another way that it prioritizes personalization is through the AI-powered food analysis tool. While AI may be beneficial for regulating eating behaviors, I’d approach these tools with a grain of caution, as evidence supporting the use of AI for weight loss is still undeveloped.

#2 Helps to form healthy habits

As a healthcare professional, I’m confidently on board with the educational content Simple provides, along with the frequent feedback regarding dietary choices. 

This helps users learn more about the ins and outs of intermittent fasting, which may help to increase confidence and help in achieving goals without feeling lost. 

Studies show that building a new habit can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days, which requires dedication and consistency. By providing regular learning opportunities, Simple perhaps stands out to me as an app that can help turn the healthy choices it encourages into daily habits. 

#3 It’s easy to use

As an easy-to-use app that is accessible to a wide range of people, Simple’s inclusivity makes it a top contender in terms of weight loss apps

I found the user interface to be clear, meaning you don’t have to spend hours looking for basic features, while the app’s personalization and flexibility add to its accessibility. 

There are also dedicated pages for each stage of your intermittent fasting journey, such as the daily progress tab, which provides a quick overview of your achievements and goals for the day. 

#4 It’s well integrated with other wellness apps

Guided by my passion for improving quality of life, I’ve always advocated for a holistic approach to staying healthy. 

Research shows how interventions that teach a variety of ways to practice behavior change help with long-term weight loss more than one-sided strategies that advocate losing weight fast.

So, although I found that Simple focuses mainly on nutrition, I was happy to see that it does attempt to support other areas of wellness, too. 

For instance, the app integrates with fitness devices and apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. This allows it to automatically track other important metrics like your step count, water intake, and sleep data.

Drawbacks of the Simple Intermittent Fasting App

While Simple has some merits, there are some red flags, too. Join me as I explain just what these are to help you determine whether the app’s features will benefit your health goals. 

#1 High price point

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive app when trying to stay healthy. From what I’ve seen on the market, at $14.99 per month, Simple is certainly at the higher end of the price scale. 

However, the price does drop the longer you sign up, making a long-term subscription better value for money.

Before splashing the cash on a subscription, however, I’d recommend considering whether the app suits your long-term health goals.

#2 Focused on nutrition only

As I’ve already pointed out, Simple focuses mainly on diet rather than a combination of good nutrition and exercise. 

This is where the app falls slightly short in my eyes, as research suggests that 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week is important not only for weight loss but cardiovascular and overall health, too.

By failing to encourage going for a run or even a simple morning walk, users may forget about the importance of physical activity, which could slow your weight loss progress.

#3 No calorie tracker

As someone who’s delved deep into nutrition’s intricacies, I should emphasize the importance of being in a caloric deficit, burning more calories than you consume, in reaching any weight loss goal.

One of the most effective ways of maintaining an ideal energy balance is by tracking your daily calorie intake, but I was disappointed to see that, unlike similar apps, Simple doesn’t have this feature. 

Instead, the app focuses on tracking your fasting period, which may be effective in establishing a schedule but fails to demonstrate the nutritional values of various foods.

How Much Does the Simple Life App Cost? 

As I’ve mentioned, Simple is pretty expensive, at $14.99 per month. Although you can purchase a 3-month membership for $29.99 or 12 months of access for $49.99, I’m not fond of this pricing structure as it only favors those who are willing to commit to a long subscription.

If you’ve got an iOS or Android device, Simple can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. To manage your paid subscription, go into your account and see the details there. You can also contact the support team to learn more about different pricing plans.

Simple App vs. Other Fasting Apps

Comparison Winner: DoFasting
Zero Fasting

20 unique diets to choose from

Training routines don’t require special equipment or a gym membership

Has a fun challenge mode

Provides daily motivational boosts

Expert tips and guidance

Suitable for both amateur and experienced fasters

Science-backed nutrition program

Run by academic experts

Takes a personalized approach

Provides instant feedback and food recommendations

Helps to form healthy habits

Easy to use

Integrates with other fitness apps

Easy to use when combined with a progress tracker

Developed by world-leading health researchers and doctors

Basic app is free

Educational content

Personalized fasting plans

User-friendly fasting journal


No free trial

App contains adverts

Not suitable for those with eating disorders or existing conditions

Relatively expensive

Only focuses on nutrition

No calorie tracker

Pro version is expensive

In-app interface bugs

No search feature on the explore page

How I Evaluated the Simple App

To ensure my reviews are thorough and trustworthy, I always use a certain set of criteria to test products and services. I felt that it was important to determine how this app works for both beginner and experienced intermittent fasters, so here are 4 ways I tested Simple:

Quality 4/5

High-quality apps should have a simple, user-friendly interface, which Simple intermittent fasting certainly does. This means you won’t have trouble navigating the app or experience problems with complicated tabs and bugs. However, it did leave me wanting more in certain aspects, such as frequent updates and exercise-focused features that would cover more elements of fasting.

Effectiveness 3/5

I particularly liked the fact that Simple’s features are specifically tailored to suit the user’s needs, making it a top contender as an effective weight loss app. It also provides plenty of information on how intermittent fasting works and helps users build healthy eating habits.

Despite these benefits, I am on the fence, leading toward skepticism in this category, as the app fails to take a well-rounded approach to weight loss.

Price 3/5

Sadly, the price of Simple intermittent fasting brings the score down. To put it simply, many of my patients might not have the budget to splash $49.99 per year on an app, which may stop them from trying the features in the first place.

Based on my analysis, there are cheaper alternatives that perform just as well as Simple.

Brand reputation 4/5

According to my research, Simple appears to be a dedicated brand that wants to help people on their fasting journey. Upon looking at customer reviews, some people have had payment problems and trouble getting refunds.

However, on app stores and sites such as TrustPilot, I noticed that Simple’s team was very quick to respond to these comments and made an effort to solve any issues as quickly as possible.

Code: SIMPLE30 | Discount: 30% off on the 3-month plan

A Word From Our MD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios, MD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

A Word From Our MD

Intermittent fasting is a healthy way for those on a diet to lose weight safely and sustainably. While being effective for weight loss, this method also offers several other health benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved immunity, and increased heart function.

At first glance, intermittent fasting may seem simple – eating at the designated times and fasting for the rest. However, you’ll need to ensure that the foods you’re eating are filled with the necessary nutrients, calories, protein, and fiber to keep your body working smoothly.

To make this process easier, you may choose to use an app or fasting supplement that can support you on your journey.

Of course, I should note that fasting isn’t suitable for everyone. If you’re under 18, have any existing health conditions, are pregnant, or have a history of eating disorders, you should always consult your doctor before trying any fasting protocol.


Is the Simple app worth it?

Yes, the Simple Life app is worth it for people who are keen on trying intermittent fasting. Just remember that not everyone will have the same experience. If you have a specific budget, this app might not suit your needs when it comes to pricing plans.

Is Simple a legit app?

Simple is a legit app that offers AI-powered health insights. You can find educational content based on science-backed research. Creators of Simple give honest feedback regarding your estimated weight loss time and eating habits.

How to cancel the Simple App subscription?

You can cancel your free or premium subscription in the Manage Subscriptions tab on your account. The plan will automatically renew and charge your bank account if you don’t cancel. For more guidance on cancellation, contact the Simple team.

Is the Simple app free?

The 7-day trial is completely free for new users. Once the trial is over, you have to pay for a premium membership to gain access to the features again. Some users report getting pop-ups or reminders near the end of their free trial periods.

What devices support the Simple app?

Both Apple and Android devices support this app. You can download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, meaning plenty of people have access to it. However,  there isn’t much clarification on whether you can use the Simple app on a desktop.

Final Verdict: Is Simple the Way to Go?

Simple appears to be a good-quality intermittent fasting app that can help beginners and seasoned fasters on their weight loss journey. I particularly enjoyed its personalized approach to nutrition, along with the AI-powered food recommendations tool.

However, while using my evidence-based approach to test it out, I felt that Simple didn’t quite tick all the boxes in terms of features. Before recommending it to my patients, I’d like to see a calorie tracker added, as well as a greater focus on the importance of exercise, sleep, and other elements that contribute to a healthy and successful fast.

Based on my findings, I’d advise looking at a range of the best fasting apps before committing to Simple’s relatively expensive subscription plan.

Code: SIMPLE30 | Discount: 30% off on the 3-month plan

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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: November 15, 2023
14 min read 1735 Views 0 Reviews
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