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Why Running 2 Miles a Day Is Good for Your Health

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 18, 2023
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Going outside for a run can be refreshing, especially if you don’t get much physical activity. Running improves your health and makes you feel great throughout the day.

running 2 miles a day

Ever thought about running? You should try it! 

People go running for different reasons that depend on their personal goals. They might want to tone their legs, promote weight loss, or build up their fitness level for a half marathon. Running is the best form of exercise you can do when improving your physical and mental health. 

You can start by running for 10–15 minutes and build your way up from there. Two miles might seem like a huge distance, but you can easily achieve that with the right motivation. 

Think about it this way – 2 miles is roughly the same as running for 30 minutes. Of course, this time will be different for everyone, but going at your own pace is most important. You should run to achieve health benefits that will surely encourage strong motivation and strength.

In this article, you’ll discover why running 2 miles a day is good for your health.

Is Running 2 Miles a Day Good?

Yes, running 2 miles a day is excellent for your health. 

Going for a run can seem daunting sometimes, especially if you’re a beginner runner. Just remember that the only person holding you back from running is yourself. It’s important to try new forms of cardiovascular exercise when trying to achieve weight loss goals.

Running 2 miles a day offers many health benefits that may help you shed a few pounds. A simple 30-minute run can reduce your overall body mass in a sustainable length of time.

How Many Calories Does Running 2 Miles Burn?

You can expect to burn between 300 and 500 calories when running 2 miles.

This figure can depend on your weight, age, pace, and fitness level. Everyone burns calories at different rates when performing high-intensity exercise. Someone with a higher body composition might burn around 500 calories during a 2-mile run. 

If you want to burn more calories, consider running at a faster pace. Your target heart rate should sit between 70% and 90% of your maximum heart rate. This is a good fat-burning pace that will encourage your body to burn those extra calories. 

Average 2-Mile Run Time for Beginners

The average 2-mile run time is usually around 30–40 minutes. 

Everyone will run at a pace that suits their personal fitness level. Even if you take 60 minutes to complete that 2-mile run, it doesn’t matter. Running is a form of exercise that requires plenty of time, dedication, and strength. You can achieve your running goals in no time. 

Start by setting yourself a time limit goal that could motivate you to run faster or achieve your desired running pace. 40 minutes is a good challenge for new runners. Consider keeping a running journal to track the progress throughout your fitness journey. 

What is a good 2-mile run time?

A good 2-mile run should last no longer than 30 minutes.

However, only aim to achieve this once you feel comfortable running. You don’t want to exhaust or injure yourself when going beyond your limit. Many runners wait for their bodies to adapt to running longer distances. It’s always better to take it easy during your first week. 

30 minutes is a good time frame because it won’t take up much of your day. This is an easy goal to achieve before or after your normal daily routine. For example, if you start work at 9 AM, you might go for a 2-mile run at 7:30 AM to wake your body up for the morning. 

How Many Miles Should I Run to Lose Weight?

Running 2 miles a day will definitely help you lose weight.

If you aim to burn around 300–500 calories per running session, you can expect to lose 1–2 pounds each week. Two miles should be enough to help you achieve this weight loss. Running regularly will also encourage your body to burn calories at a considerable pace.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. You could run for 30 minutes five times a week to see physical changes. Plan your 2-mile route before starting this running challenge.

Benefits of Running 2 Miles a Day

Running 2 miles a day can keep you incredibly motivated to achieve your fitness goals. This is important for living a healthy lifestyle. If you continue with daily running, you’ll soon discover a difference in your body. Here are some benefits of running 2 miles a day. 

#1 Improved heart health

Two miles of running can minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise will improve the amount of oxygen pulled from the blood – reducing how much time your heart needs to pump blood around the body. This is great for putting little strain on how hard your heart works. 

Running 2 miles a day can also lower high blood pressure. Your blood vessels will eventually get stronger and help blood flow through them more easily. If you want to feel physically fitter, find a solid exercise routine that promotes good cardiovascular health. 

#2 Better mood

Going for a run can have many mental health benefits. The National Library of Medicine states that exercise improves your mood by reducing depression, anxiety, and insecure thoughts. Running 2 miles a day can increase your energy levels during the week. 

It’s always better to read positive affirmations regarding your fitness journey. You need to maintain a healthy mindset that motivates you to lose weight. Think about other healthy lifestyle changes you can make when trying to accomplish future challenges. 

#3 Stronger body

There’s nothing better than having a strong body that looks after you throughout your life. Our internal system is designed to work effectively. If you don’t take the right steps to look after it, you might notice physical problems that slow down your weight loss progress. 

High-performance runners usually build stronger leg muscles just by running 2 miles a day. This is great for improving your strength, especially in the knees and hips. You don’t always need weight lifting to feel strong. Simply run for 30 minutes a day to reach a healthy weight.

#4 Improved sleep quality

Daily running is sure to improve your sleep throughout the night. It’s essential to get the right amount of rest when healing tight muscles. Vigorous exercise, like running 2 miles a day, can reduce sleep onset and decrease the time it takes for your body to fall asleep.

The National Library of Medicine conducted a test that proved a 30-minute morning run positively impacted sleeping patterns. 30 minutes equates to running for 2 miles straight on an impressive calorie burn. You can easily fit this exercise into your daily routine. 

How to Start Running 2 Miles a Day? 

Running 2 miles a day might seem overwhelming at first, but you can get there with the right motivation and guidance. Most runners start at a beginner level before they gain momentum. Here are four tips that can help you run 2 miles a day. 

#1 Start slow

Setting yourself a small goal might seem like a given when building confidence. It’s important to push the “I need to run 2 miles a day right now” out of your mind. That goal will take plenty of time and dedication. Two miles is a good distance to achieve when you’re physically ready. 

#2 Use run/walk strategy

Walking is still a great way to achieve weight loss results. You can perform walking intervals at the beginning of your fitness journey. This means you will run for a certain amount of time and then walk to regain energy. Most people repeat this strategy throughout their run. 

For example, you might run for 10 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. The run/walk method can depend on your running ability. Remember that walking for two miles doesn’t make you weak, it just means that your body needs time to adapt to the long distance. 

#3 Try other types of training 

You can try weight lifting or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) if you want to build up strength. A gym membership could help you feel confident and less nervous about running in public. Consider talking to a personal trainer about their advice for running 2 miles a day. 

Treadmill training is also great for getting comfortable with running. You can adjust the speed and incline of your runs. This may help build up your strength in just a week or two.

#4 Set goals

A fitness journey can’t go ahead without goals. You need to set challenges for yourself before completing those 2 miles a day. One goal might be to jog for at least 10 minutes every morning. Another goal, like walking for 30 minutes every day, could motivate you to run eventually.

Begin with small goals and build your way up from there. Not everyone can run 2 miles a day straight away. It all comes down to strengthening your physical and mental capabilities. 

A Word From Coach

Running 2 miles a day won’t be a quick or easy fitness challenge to complete. You need to build your strength before setting extensive goals. One way to do this is through weight, strength, or high-intensity training. A personal trainer could advise you on the right fitness steps.

It’s essential to give your body time to recover after each running session. Your muscles will need plenty of recovery time before your next 2-mile challenge. Failure to do so could lead to muscle soreness. Getting enough sleep should encourage your body to heal quickly.

Just remember that running every day is a big step to take. You should plan a run ahead of time to understand more of your route. Start with walking or jogging if you want to get used to exercising outside. These are more simple forms of exercise that don’t require lots of effort.

Speak to a doctor if you’re worried about running 2 miles a day. A medical professional can perform health checks to see if you can manage long distances. Many doctors will suggest buying good running shoes that prevent your feet or legs from sustaining injuries.


A 2-mile run can seem daunting, but it’s the best form of exercise for losing weight. Running helps burn lots of calories that contribute to fat reduction. All it requires is some motivation and strength. 30 minutes is enough to create a daily running habit. 

Scale weight shouldn’t be your top priority for weight loss. Running will burn stubborn fat, but it can also build muscle. The scales may not show a dramatic decrease in your weight straight away. Monitor your physical progress, and you’ll soon find amazing differences. 

Downloading running apps is a great way to start your fitness journey. It has all the necessary guidance for running great distances as a beginner. Why not check it out now?

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Isabel Mayfield is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is passionate about self-improvement and loves to help people improve their sense of self-worth through education and support in meeting their fitness goals.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 18, 2023
7 min read 1552 Views 0 Comments

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