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Sensa Health App Review: Is It Worth It?
Mental health is just as important as physical health, and in recent years, there has been a...
Sensa health review
How to Stop Being Paranoid and Take Control of Your Thoughts
Most people experience paranoia at some point in their lives. Although paranoia usually comprises...
how to stop being paranoid
Can Stress Cause Nosebleeds? +4 Ways to Treat One
One day, you might wake up feeling stressed. This type of emotional stress could lead to a range...
can stress cause nosebleeds
Why Am I Such a Loser? 5 Tips to Make a Change
Most people have feelings of self-doubt from time to time. Sometimes, you might be your own worst...
why am i such a loser


Stress Rash
Stress Rash: What It Looks Like and How to Get Rid of It
Stress is a common cause of skin rash. Virtually anyone can be affected by a stress rash, but not...
Can Stress Cause Nausea
Can Stress Cause Nausea? The Gut-Brain Connection
Stress is how you respond when you feel pressured or threatened. It normally happens when...
Healthy Habits to Improve Mental Health
14 Healthy Habits to Improve Mental Health: From Stress to Serenity
Looking after your mental health is very important, but not everyone knows how to overcome their...
talkspace alternatives
Best 10 Talkspace Alternatives in 2023
Mental and physical health are increasingly thought of as equal priorities in 2023. Looking after...
betterhelp alternatives
The 10 Best BetterHelp Alternatives in 2023
There are many apps that claim to support your emotional state. Some apps might be effective,...
regain vs betterhelp
Regain vs. BetterHelp: Which is the Better Therapy App for You?
Online therapy apps claim to improve their users’ mental health. Two examples include Regain...
can stress cause BV
Can Stress Cause BV? Exploring the Possible Link
Not managing your stress can lead to a range of health problems. Some women might notice gradual...
best mental health apps
The 15 Best Mental Health Apps in 2023
Nowadays, it seems like there’s an app for everything, and that includes improving your mental...
best journaling app
The 10 Best Journaling Apps in 2023
In recent years, we’ve experienced a profound shift in the realm of mental health. Increased...
can stress kill you
Can Stress Kill You? The Impact of Chronic Stress on Your Health
Stress is a natural part of human life. We all feel stressed from time to time, but when stress...
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