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Liquid IV Review: Read My Thoughts Before Buying

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: November 14, 2023
16 min read 1993 Views 1 Reviews
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Quenching curiosity: a sip-by-sip Liquid IV breakdown

Liquid IV reviews

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Feeling parched more often than not? You’re not alone. Many of us unknowingly battle mild dehydration every day, despite water being a staple of life.

Enter Liquid IV, the rising star in hydration solutions, promising not just to quench your thirst but to energize your body and mind. With its blend of electrolytes and rapid nutrient delivery, this drink mix is making waves.

But does it live up to the hype, and more importantly, is it safe? I’ve put Liquid IV under the microscope to give you the full scoop. Dive into my review to discover if this popular hydrator is the missing piece in your hydration puzzle.

What Is Liquid IV?

liquid IV logo
Our rating:
  • Delivers hydration with water and essential electrolytes
  • More electrolytes than average sports drinks
  • Drink mix powder with various products and flavors available
Learn More
  • checkmark
    Provides hydration
  • checkmark
    Quickly restores water and essential electrolytes
  • checkmark
    Contains B vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and vitamin C
  • checkmark
    More electrolytes than traditional sports drinks
  • checkmark
    Non-GMO and no artificial ingredients
  • checkmark
    Available in 8 flavors
  • checkmark
    Gluten, soy, and dairy-free
  • checkmark
    May cause an electrolyte imbalance
  • checkmark
    High levels of sodium
  • checkmark
    High sugar content
  • checkmark

Liquid IV is a brand producing a line of electrolyte mix drinks that provide a super hydration blast. With a particular combination of 3 primary electrolytes (sodium, glucose, and potassium), the brand claims the formula hydrates the human body far quicker than consuming water alone.

Something unique I discovered about Liquid IV is the science behind it. The product uses Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), a delivery system that enhances rapid absorption of water and nutrients into the bloodstream.

Along with its breakthrough technology, Liquid IV also follows the World Health Organization’s guidelines for Oral Rehydration Solution, a combination of water, sodium, and glucose primarily used in developing countries to fight severe dehydration.

The company offers four products that facilitate staying hydrated and target specific health priorities, including energy, sleep quality, and immune support. They include the Hydration, Energy, and Sleep Multipliers.

The Liquid IV taste depends on the flavor you purchase. You can choose between several flavors, such as acai berry, passion fruit, and the popular lemon-lime flavor.

⭐ Rating


✅ Benefits

Big variety of flavors, full of essential electrolytes

❌ Downsides

High sugar and sodium content


Lemon lime, guava, watermelon, passion fruit,
strawberry, pina colada, acai berry


One serving per day

💰 Price

$24.99 for 16 packages

Who is Liquid IV for?

Many patients who visit me struggle to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day, leading to constant headaches, loss of strength, and low energy. And they’re not alone – it’s thought that 75% of adults in the US have chronic dehydration. 

From dealing with illness to simply being too busy, there are many reasons why people may benefit from using a convenient supplement like Liquid IV if they can’t get enough hydration through water alone. I’d therefore recommend Liquid IV to:

  • Athletes 
  • After taking part in a long-distance run or cycle
  • Those who work in manual labor or other physical roles
  • People with naturally higher sweat rates
  • Rehydration after consuming alcohol 
  • Elderly people who have a declining sense of thirst
  • Faster recovery from flu or stomach bug

Liquid IV Product Range

Along with their original hydrating supplement, I discovered that Liquid IV offers a variety of products for different purposes. So, whether you’re struggling to sleep or want to improve your gut health, there’s likely to be something in the range for you. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Liquid IV line.

#1 Hydration Multiplier

According to the brand, Hydration Multiplier is the most popular Liquid IV product. Powered by a unique Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) system, it contains 3 electrolytes, glucose, sodium, and potassium. These are required to keep the body hydrated, as they increase the rate at which water is absorbed by the body.

However, I wasn’t happy with the fact that it has a high sugar content, with just one serving containing 11 grams of sugar. I also noticed that the product is made with 500mg of sodium, which is around 25% of your recommended daily intake. Too much sodium can increase your blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone with diabetes, kidney disease, or cardiovascular health disorders.

#2 Energy Multiplier

Available in mango tamarind, yuzu pineapple, and lemon ginger flavors, the energy variation uses the same CTT technology. However, the other ingredients consist of a unique blend that focuses on increasing and maintaining your energy throughout the day.

Each flavor contains 100mg of caffeine per serving from either coffeeberry extract or matcha, the latter being a powder made from green tea plants. This is a powerful antioxidant with various health benefits, from boosting energy to strengthening the immune system.

Although matcha has healthful properties, I’d advise against using this product more than once per day to avoid the unpleasant effects of too much caffeine, including jitters and anxiety. I also wouldn’t recommend the Energy Multiplier for those with a caffeine sensitivity.

#3 Sleep Multiplier 

The third blend is a nighttime drink designed to aid sleep and improve sleep quality. It uses the exact same science as the other products, enhancing the fast absorption of ingredients into the bloodstream, but its fundamental purpose is to help you wake up feeling revitalized. 

I noticed that Sleep Multiplier comes in only one flavor, blueberry lavender, and the active ingredients include valerian root and the amino acid L-theanine. Valerian acts as a sleep aid by acting on GABA receptors, a chemical messenger that is responsible for sleep regulation. L-theanine is said to induce relaxation and ease anxiety, contributing to greater sleep quality.

However, valerian is associated with some side effects like dizziness, headaches, and stomach problems, and isn’t safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Plus, I would have liked to have seen magnesium included in this blend, an essential electrolyte for relaxing the mind and body. 

Despite this, I’d recommend this supplement for those with insomnia, although nootropic supplements may work better for some as a safe and natural sleep aid.  

#4 Probiotic kombucha

I was pleased to see that Liquid IV’s probiotic kombucha is not only designed to provide 2x faster hydration than water but also supports a healthy digestive system. It does this with a huge 1 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of Bacillus coagulans bacteria. 
Known as a probiotic, this good bacterial strain helps restore a healthy gut, which is essential for improved digestion, healthy skin, and even your mental well-being. The beverage also contains vitamins C, B6, and B12, which support a strong immune system.

How Does Liquid IV Work?

While browsing the Liquid IV website, I came across the “Build Your Own Multiplier Bundle,” which I decided to purchase. This meant that I could choose up to 4 Multiplier products, receiving 1 free if I bought 3, and a free pouch for buying 4. 

At around $90, depending on which products you choose, I thought that this bundle was great value for money and gave me a proper chance to try out their range.

What I like specifically about Liquid IV is that, as an Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) drink, it hydrates the body quickly and efficiently. This is because the electrolytes it contains, vital minerals that provide crucial functions within the human body, facilitate the faster absorption of water during digestion in a process called active transport.

I read a study involving a similar oral rehydration solution to Liquid IV, which found that the supplement improved fluid balance more than water for active male students. Research also shows that hydration therapy has helped combat deaths caused by diarrhea and dehydration in children in developing countries. 

Some other key benefits of staying hydrated with Liquid IV include:

  • Improves endurance performance for athletes
  • May help you burn more calories
  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Keeps organs and joints functioning properly
  • Reduces dehydration while traveling by air
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Controls temperature

How to use Liquid IV Multipliers

Once I received my bundle, I decided to give the Hydration Multiplier a go to get a better understanding of the product myself. The pouch comes with 16 small individual packets, which I could easily take with me to work or the gym. 

I tried the seaberry flavor first, which has a delicious tropical taste with notes of rich orange, passionfruit, and pineapple. The packaging recommends mixing one electrolyte powder packet with 16 ounces of cold water once per day. It also suggested trying it hot, which I tried on a cold day as a hydrating alternative to my morning coffee.

Does Liquid IV Work?

As Liquid IV’s design is based on the science of ORT and uses cellular transport technology based on the guidelines set out by the WHO, I’d say that it is effective for rehydration. However, like other electrolyte beverages, Liquid IV is generally unnecessary for healthy adults, particularly since it contains so much sugar.

Most of us can get sufficient hydration from drinking plain water without adding an electrolyte mix. I’d only recommend a hydration formula for those who don’t drink enough water or require extra hydration due to increased activity levels.

What I Liked About Liquid IV Multipliers: 3 Key Benefits

After giving Liquid IV a go myself, I noted several benefits compared to other electrolyte beverages. Here are my thoughts:

#1 One packet contains more nutrients than sports drinks

One of the main benefits of the Hydration Multiplier is that it contains 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks, containing 370mg of potassium, and making up 22% of your daily dose of sodium. 

This specific ratio of glucose, sodium, and potassium means that your body absorbs them much more quickly than plain water, helping you to hydrate faster. 

#2 It’s easy to use on the go

As a busy doctor, I found Liquid IV easy to stash into my bag and take wherever I needed. From early morning house calls to the after-work runs I like to go on, I can imagine how convenient the Energy Multiplier would be to provide a quick burst of motivation. 

I replaced my pre-run coffee with the Hydration Multiplier on particularly hot days. This product also saved me from constantly needing to run out of my office to the water cooler between patients to rehydrate.

#3 There are many flavors to choose from

I was particularly impressed to find that the Hydration Multiplier has 12 different flavors, offering something for everyone’s preferences. Each is based on a different fruit and provides a delicious sweet taste that made me want to reach for it every day. 

Like myself, many of my patients struggle to consume enough water, and this makes that task much easier.

Cons of Liquid IV Multipliers

Despite their convenience and delicious flavor selection, Liquid IV Multipliers do have some downsides that are important for me to note before you buy the product. I’ve rounded them up for you below:

#1 It’s not for caffeine-sensitive people

With 100mg of caffeine per serving, the Energy Multiplier is ideal for that boost of motivation and energy you need to get through your day. However, I wouldn’t recommend trying it if you’re sensitive to caffeine, as this could make it difficult for you to sleep, leaving you feeling even more tired throughout the day.

Caffeine can also increase anxiety when overused, so stick to one sachet per day to prevent this.

#2 The flavors may not be for everyone

Although Liquid IV offers a wide variety of flavors, particularly in the Hydration Multiplier, not everyone will enjoy them. Each flavor is fruity, and due to the high sugar content, is incredibly sweet, which may be overwhelming for some. 

I enjoyed the seaberry version but read many other reviews from customers who just couldn’t get used to its unique taste.

#3 It has some negative side effects

Along with the effects of caffeine, Liquid IV comes with some other potential side effects that are important for me to highlight. 

With 500mg of sodium per sachet, consuming the Hydration Multiplier too often may increase your risk of heart disease. Excessive sodium in the blood may also cause hypernatremia, a potentially life-threatening electrolyte imbalance. I’d advise my patients with already high blood pressure to avoid this product.

Liquid IV also contains pure cane sugar, which, when consumed in excess, increases your risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. I also noted several ingredients that may have adverse effects when taken in high doses. For instance, as I already mentioned, valerian root can cause heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog, and stomach upset. 

As everybody is different, experiences with Liquid IV may differ. Always check with your doctor before taking dietary supplements to avoid potential adverse effects. 

#4 It’s relatively expensive

I liked the fact that you can purchase a bundle of Liquid IV products with one free selection if you buy 3 Multipliers. However, at $24.99 for 16 sticks, the products are likely to be out of many people’s budgets. 

Nonetheless, the brand does offer some subscribe and save discounts that make trying out the Multipliers slightly more affordable.

What Ingredients Does Liquid IV Contain? 

All Liquid IV ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

There are three products that I looked at individually: Hydration Multiplier, Energy Multiplier, and Sleep Multiplier. Each has a different recipe, but I did find some common key ingredients. 

B vitamins

B vitamins have a vital role in maintaining good health, ensuring good cellular function while maintaining body tissues from the skin to your brain. These vitamins directly impact your energy levels as they help the body convert food into energy, therefore potentially boosting metabolism.

Being deficient in B vitamins can lead to a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms, including anemia, fatigue, skin rashes, nausea, abdominal cramps, and depression.

Vitamin C

As a water-soluble vitamin that isn’t stored well in the body, it’s important that we get our daily dose of vitamin C through foods and supplements like Liquid IV. As a powerful antioxidant, this ingredient is essential for maintaining a strong immune system and protects against chronic disease. 

It may also help lower blood pressure, although I’d recommend drinking water over Liquid IV for high blood pressure due to its large sodium content.


Dextrose is a sugar substitute made from corn or wheat and is often added to foods as an artificial sweetener or preservative. As a type of simple sugar, it can raise energy quickly, and I often administer it as an injection for patients with dangerously low blood sugar levels.

However, I’m wary of dextrose being used in dietary supplements, as it may increase blood sugar too much for those with already high levels, increasing your risk of cardiovascular problems. I’d therefore recommend talking to your doctor before using dextrose products, particularly if you have diabetes.

Stevia leaf extract

Stevia is another sugar substitute used in most Liquid IV products. Unlike dextrose, I don’t mind seeing this on ingredient lists as it is a zero-calorie sweetener, which makes it ideal for those needing to manage their blood sugar levels or prevent weight gain. 

Studies also show that this ingredient may lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing “good” LDL cholesterol.

Citric acid

Citric acid is found naturally in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits. It supports the body’s absorption of minerals like calcium, which helps you maintain strong bones and has antioxidant effects

I was pleased to see on Liquid IV’s website that the citric acid contained in the products is derived from all-natural sources, including cassava root, potatoes, and corn, which helps stabilize the flavor of the products.

Potassium citrate

Potassium is an essential electrolyte and a key component in the CTT system. It regulates the balance of fluids in the body, and I often see it used in medications to treat the discomfort of mild cystitis. This is because it makes the urine less acidic and prevents kidney stones.

Sodium citrate 

Sodium citrate is the salt found within citric acid, which helps balance out the intense sweeteners of Liquid IV with its sour taste. 

This is another ingredient that makes the urine more alkaline and may prevent kidney stones. However, a potential side effect is water retention, which can cause swelling and discomfort. As I’ve previously mentioned, eating too much salt may also increase your blood pressure. 

Cane sugar

Like all sugars, consuming too much cane sugar can increase your risk of developing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Although it provides a temporary energy boost, you’ll soon come crashing back down, leaving you feeling fatigued and weak. 

Liquid IV contains 11 grams of this ingredient per serving, which is why I’d be wary about using it too often.

How Much Does Liquid IV Cost?

When it comes to pricing, I found Liquid IV to be a relatively expensive product. However, they do offer free shipping on orders over $50, along with a subscribe and save option that lowers the price per serving significantly.

Each Multiplier product varies slightly in price, as they contain a different number of sachets per box. However, to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, I’ve created a table with options for the Hydration Multiplier:

One-time purchaseDelivery every 1 or 2 months
16 packs$24.99$19.24
32 packs$49.98$38.48
48 packs$74.97$57.73
64 packs$99.96$76.97

Comparison Table

Liquid IV
Cure Hydration
Nuun Hydration

Provides fast hydration

Contains essential B vitamins

Lots of flavors 

Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free

Lots of flavors to choose from

The product contains non-GMO ingredients

Boosts energy levels throughout the day

Fuels the body with important electrolytes


Only 15 calories per serving

Large variety of flavors

Non-GMO ingredients

Comes in both tablet and powder form

Easy to travel with


May cause an electrolyte imbalance

High sugar content

High in sodium

Possible allergic reactions to coconut

The price is high for some small packets

Some ingredients may not be healthy in high doses

Some reports of the drinks being chalky

Contains too much sodium and caffeine

No international shipping available

How I Evaluated Liquid IV

Along with looking at Liquid IV customer reviews, I followed particular criteria while gathering my own thoughts to ensure that I tested the product fairly. Here are the 4 categories I used:

Quality 3/5

I judged Liquid IV’s quality by its ingredients list, packaging, and side effects. Although the Multipliers are made with essential electrolytes, they also contain unnecessarily large amounts of sugar and sodium, which may cause cardiovascular side effects. 

However, I did award some points for the convenient packaging, allowing me to take a hydration stick on the go.

Effectiveness 4/5

Thanks to its inclusion of CTT technology and its compliance with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Oral Rehydration Solutions, Liquid IV appears to be effective in providing a fast boost of hydration. However, I question whether this is necessary for the average person, as you can generally stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Price 3/5

Compared to other beverages, Liquid IV Multipliers are a relatively expensive product. I’m also unsure of whether its health benefits outweigh the cost since water is free and provides similar advantages but without the added sugar and sodium.

Brand reputation 3/5

The Liquid IV brand generally gets positive reviews, with many customers enjoying the array of fruity flavors on offer. However, they have been involved in some controversy, including lawsuits claiming that their website isn’t digitally accessible and deception surrounding the product’s effectiveness.
There have also been some complaints about the Multiplier’s gluten-free status, although these were resolved.

A Word From Our RD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios, MD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

All humans require sufficient hydration. It not only keeps you from feeling thirsty but plays several important functions in the body, from transporting nutrients and supporting cellular function to lubricating the joints, regulating body temperature, and reducing bloating.

When you become dehydrated, you’re hit with various issues ranging from mild (lightheadedness and dry mouth) to serious health problems that could leave you hospitalized. 

In most cases, you can alleviate dehydration by drinking water. But as many people forget to drink enough water daily, they turn to electrolyte supplements and powders that deliver faster hydration results. These supplements can also be useful for endurance athletes, who tend to lose important water and electrolytes through sweat.

However, these kinds of products are often unnecessary for the average healthy adult and can be packed full of added sugars, salt, and artificial sweeteners. If you want to add hydration solutions to your diet, always check with your doctor first.


How many Liquid IVs can you drink a day?

The recommended dose of Liquid IV is one serving per day for healthy adults. That’s one stick mixed with cold water as directed on the packaging.

Is Liquid IV good for you?

The recommended dose of Liquid IV is one serving per day for healthy adults. That’s one stick mixed with cold water as directed on the packaging.

Does Liquid IV have caffeine?

The Liquid IV Energy Multiplier contains 100mg of caffeine per serving, the equivalent of approximately 1–2 cups of coffee.

Is Liquid IV keto?

Liquid IV is not an ideal electrolyte supplement for keto because it contains carbohydrates. An average serving contains 11 grams of carbs. 

Liquid IV Review: My Final Thoughts

Using Cellular Transport Technology, Liquid IV delivers effective rapid hydration and enhances nutrient absorption. However, I wouldn’t recommend this beverage for most healthy adults, as you can stay hydrated by simply drinking enough water every day.

I’d also suggest steering clear of Liquid IV on a daily basis, as it could push you over the recommended sugar and sodium intake, which increases your risk of developing several chronic diseases.

Liquid IV’s line of products may be useful if you need an extra boost of water and electrolytes, and I would therefore recommend occasional use for athletes, people fighting off illnesses like colds, and even as a hangover cure. 

You should always seek medical advice before using a supplement like Liquid IV, as it could do more harm than good.

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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: November 14, 2023
16 min read 1993 Views 1 Reviews
1 Reviews
  1. user
    18 Jan, 2023 at 3:44 pm
    10/10 Thank you!

    Thank you so much for the fact-based, thoughtful review! It is so hard to sift through the hardcore marketing disguised as impartial reviews when researching supplements, in particular. My father works too hard outside sometimes and I considered getting him Liquid IV to help rehydrate. It’s great to know he should be mindful of his sugar and sodium intake if/when he does use it.

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