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is turkey keto

Is Turkey Keto?

Yes, turkey is keto-friendly and can be consumed on a ketogenic diet. Considering that turkey naturally has a low carbohydrate content and a higher fat content than ground beef, it is an excellent meat option for the ketogenic diet.


  • Turkey can be consumed on a ketogenic diet because it is low-carb meat. 
  • Additionally, turkey is a protein-rich food (27.1g per 100g serving), which is crucial for the maintenance and growth of your muscles. 
  • Protein-rich foods encourage the feeling of fullness and may even aid in weight loss. 
  • Given that some studies associate red meat with an elevated risk of heart disease and colon cancer, turkey may be a healthier option than red meat.

Low in Net Carbs

  • Your body turns to using fat as fuel while it is in ketosis instead of using carbohydrates as fuel.
  • It occurs when you reduce your overall intake of carbs, which limits your body’s capacity to create glucose (also known as sugar), the main fuel source for cells. 
  • In general, to enter ketosis, one must consume 20–50g of carbohydrates per day and eat a diet high in fats, such as those found in meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and healthy oils.
  • Turkey is a low-carb food, and it is ideal for a ketogenic diet.
  • There are 0g of net carbohydrates and 0g of total carbohydrates present in 100g of ground turkey.

Low in Healthy Fats

  • A ketogenic diet’s fundamental element is that it contains few carbohydrates and lots of fat. 
  • If you’re following a low-carb diet, you must substitute foods high in fat for the calories you previously obtained from carbohydrates.
  • Since turkey has low-fat content, be sure to eat additional foods that are rich in healthy fats. 
  • Nuts, seeds, various types of meat (such as goat meat), avocado oil, avocado, and olive oil are some of the best sources of healthy fats.

Without Additives

  • Processed turkey meat is pre-packaged with cancer-causing substances since it has dangerously high amounts of nitrosamines, which are considered to be the chemical components in cigarette smoke that are most likely to cause cancer.
  • You must carefully read labels if you wish to stay away from a turkey that has been raised with antibiotics.
  • USDA Organic is one of the best ways to ensure that a bird did not receive antibiotics on a regular basis.
  • A claim of “no antibiotics” or “raised without antibiotics” should be trustable.  This label should ideally be accompanied by a USDA Process Verified seal, which indicates that the agency has performed inspections to ensure that the producer is doing what it says.
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