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is truvia keto

Is Truvia Keto?

Truvia is a keto-friendly sweetener that can be consumed by those on a ketogenic diet. It has a low glycemic index and, therefore, will not move you out of the metabolic state of ketosis.


  • As a sweetener with low carbohydrate content and glycemic index, Truvia is a keto-friendly sweetener. It will not have an effect on your blood sugar levels.
  • Having no effect on blood sugar means that Truvia will not push your body out of ketosis.
  • Ketosis is the fat-burning metabolic state achieved by following the low-carb, high-fat diet the ketogenic diet calls for.
  • This metabolic state increases fat loss, which helps with overall weight loss.

Has No Net Carbs 

  • When on the keto diet, it is imperative you consume a limited amount of carbohydrates. The upper limit is usually around 40g per day.
  • This means that regular sweeteners, like table sugar, honey, and maple syrup, are off-limits.
  • Instead, you should opt for sweeteners like Truvia, stevia, and allulose.


  • Truvia is a natural, stevia-based sweetener.
  • This means that it does not have any harmful substances or additives in it, like many sweeteners that are not keto-friendly.
  • On the keto diet, it is best to stick to clean and natural foods to avoid the risk of any additives knocking your body out of ketosis.

Low in Fats 

  • The drawback of Truvia as a keto-friendly sweetener is that it is low in fats, even if it is low in carbs.
  • When on the keto diet, you need to ensure that while lowering your carbohydrate intake, you also increase your fat intake.

You should consume more healthy fats, like the fats in avocado and olive oil.

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