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Sucralose (Splenda)
Keto Food List
Sucralose (Splenda)
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Is Sucralose (Splenda) Keto-Friendly?

Sucralose (Splenda) is keto-friendly as it is low in net carbs. However, it is classified as dirty keto as it contains artificial sweeteners like sucralose, dextrose, and maltodextrin.

Keto if Limited

  • You can enjoy Splenda on keto in moderation as it is low in net carbs (0.9g per 100g).
  • Splenda passes through your body without digestion, which provides a negligible amount of carbs to the body on keto.
  • However, sucralose is an artificial sweetener, therefore classified as a dirty keto. It is best to follow a natural keto-friendly diet for the best results on keto.

Contains Sucralose

  • Sucralose is a low-calorie artificial sweetener with little to no effects on ketosis, but regular use of sucralose can affect digestive bacteria leading to gut health problems.
  • It is best to use other alternatives with natural sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit.

Contains High-Glycemic Sweeteners

  • Splenda has high-glycemic sweeteners like dextrose and maltodextrin, which are high glycemic sweeteners that bring up the calorie content of Splenda to 3.31kcal.
  • High glycemic sweeteners can potentially raise blood sugar levels and inhibit you from reaching ketosis. 
  • It is advisable to use sweetener brands with natural sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol.

Dirty Keto

  • Though sucralose has little to no effect on blood sugar, using it depends on whether you are comfortable using artificial sweeteners.
  • Splenda is also not suitable for baking as it breaks down to produce harmful substances known as chloropropanols, associated with an increased risk of cancer.
  • You can enjoy sucralose (Splenda) on keto in limited amounts. 
  • However, it is not ideal for you if you are aiming for a healthy keto diet, and it would be best to avoid dirty keto to reap the maximum benefits from ketosis.
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