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Is Shrimp Keto?

Shrimp is keto-friendly and can greatly benefit your health on a keto diet. This food has antioxidants that protect your cells from damage, so try to incorporate this into your meal plan.


  • Shrimp is suitable for a ketogenic diet because it contains 0g of carbohydrates. Eating low or no-carb foods is great for losing weight on this diet plan.
  • This food only has 85 calories for every 100g, so it’s great for low-calorie keto meal options. Just make sure to bulk this up with other keto foods.
  • Eating plenty of protein on keto will ensure your muscles recover from exercise. There’s 20.1g of protein in shrimp, which can count towards your daily protein intake.
  • Since shrimps are very low in fat, you could eat them as a snack or cook a bigger portion for every meal. They also go with plenty of other keto-friendly foods.

Whole Food but Too Low in Fats 

  • Shrimp is a natural and healthy product, but be sure to consume fats from other products. You need healthy fats to maintain your level of ketosis. Your body needs to get energy from some healthy fats in order to burn your current body fat for fuel. 
  • Eating more whole foods ensures you cut down on calories throughout the day. However, you should pair shrimp with spinach, tomatoes, avocados, or other seafood. This can increase your healthy fat intake and make you feel fuller after a meal. 
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