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is salmon keto

Is Salmon Keto-Friendly?

Salmon is keto-friendly due to the lack of net carbohydrates and sugars. You can enjoy this fish with your weight loss meals, but remember not to fry it with saturated oils. Some people like to pair salmon with leafy green vegetables, assortments of nuts, or low-carb butter sauces.


  • Salmon is perfect for the ketogenic diet, as it doesn’t contain carbohydrates or unhealthy sugars. There is also 20.5g of protein in a 100g serving, which is great for fueling your body. You can eat this food with a range of meals that suit your preferences. Try smoked salmon with your breakfast eggs!
  • Just remember that you need lots of healthy fat to function properly on this diet. Even though 100g of salmon has 4.4g of fat, you’ll probably need more from other foods. 
  • Eat more Mahi Mahi, eel, cod, oysters, mussels, and other seafood as it is mostly keto-friendly.
  • Keto-friendly products need to have nutrients that help you lose weight. Salmon has potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, all of which support fat reduction. 

Has No Net Carbs 

  • There are zero net carbohydrates in salmon, making it perfect for pushing your body into ketosis. Any product with a high amount of carbs can disrupt ketones from aiding weight loss. You can enjoy salmon with basic lunch salads or nutritious dinner meals. 
  • Eating low-carb foods will also strengthen your heart and encourage the body to remove unwanted fat. This is important for people who want to lose a good amount of weight. 


  • Salmon is completely natural and holds many essential nutrients. You can buy raw salmon in your local market, as fresh products often taste the best. Just make sure not to buy this fish in pre-made sauces since they contain added sugars and carbs.
  • Natural foods usually have minimal calories that won’t contribute to weight gain. There are only 127 calories in salmon, with most of them being protein and healthy fats.

High in Fats 

  • The 4.4g of fat will fuel your body and encourage stronger weight loss. If you don’t get enough of these healthy fats, you’ll start to feel exhausted throughout the day. This might stop you from exercising or eating proper food due to low energy levels.
  • Make sure to combine salmon with other high-fat meals. Some good examples include avocado, seed butters, full-fat Greek yogurt, cheese, and whole eggs.
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