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Is Rum Keto-Friendly?

On the ketogenic diet, you can only have rum in limited amounts. Alcohol usually slows down the fat-burning process and encourages the body to store fat cells. If you want to lose some weight, avoid alcohol completely or only drink rum in very small amounts.

Keto if Limited

  • Rum doesn’t contain any net carbs, but it does have 231 calories per 100 grams. Too many calories might disrupt your weight loss progress and hinder ketosis. You should only drink rum in moderation or avoid having any alcoholic beverages. 
  • Limited keto products (like rum, vodka, or tequila) aren’t always healthy for you in general.
  • Drinking rum could increase the chances of future weight gain, heart disease, and dehydration. It might be worth trying non-alcoholic drinks to keep your body in ketosis.

Low in Net Carbs

  • There are no net carbohydrates in 100g of rum. This might sound perfect for the ketogenic diet since eating and drinking low-carb products is the goal.
  • However, remember that alcoholic calories encourage your metabolism to stop burning fat. 
  • You can find other drink alternatives that still provide a bitter taste. Plain coffee, lemon water, and herbal teas are good choices when you crave that strong beverage.
  • Just remember not to mix the rum with any high-carb drinks, including juice and sodas. 

Low in Healthy Fats

  • Your body needs healthy fats to maintain energy levels. Not getting enough fat on the ketogenic diet can make you feel exhausted all of the time. This isn’t good for someone who is trying to regularly exercise and stay active when losing weight. 
  • It’s very important that you get fats from other foods. You might have nuts, avocados, salmon, seed butters, flax seeds, olives, whole eggs, coconuts, or full-fat Greek yogurt. 

Alcoholic Drink

  • Alcohol has more downsides than actual benefits for weight loss. The high amount of calories can stop your body from burning stubborn fat. Too much rum could also increase the risk of high blood pressure, strokes, liver disease, and digestion problems.
  • None of those calories have nutrients that fuel your body. It might be worth avoiding this drink completely or opting for non-alcoholic options that still taste nice and strong.
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