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Are Ribs Keto-Friendly?

Yes, ribs are keto-friendly due to the minimal amount of carbs and sugars. You can enjoy this meat without disrupting the ketosis state in your body. Just be aware that adding barbeque sauces or high-calorie condiments to the ribs can increase the carb content of your meal. 


  • Ribs only have 0.9g of carbs per 100g serving. This amount makes it perfect for the ketogenic diet, as your body can still burn fat for energy. 
  • You should only aim to eat less than 50g of carbs per day when maintaining the ketosis state. Going above that could ruin your weight loss progress entirely. The body will stop producing ketones and neglect fat stores when using up energy.
  • Too many carbs might also lead to weight gain in the future. If you’re trying to burn stubborn fat, stay away from high-carb foods that threaten long-term results.
  • Even though ribs are keto-friendly, they still contain lots of calories. There are 336 calories per 100g serving, which could take up most of your daily caloric intake.


  • Ribs are naturally carb-free and don’t contain chemicals, sweeteners, or additives. 
  • This is because it isn’t processed meat that’s been stripped of important nutrients. One common example of unhealthy meat could be typical breakfast sausages. 
  • Fresh pork ribs are the best to eat when you’ve purchased them in the local market. 
  • Just remember not to add high-carb sauces when cooking the ribs. For example, barbeque condiments usually contain lots of carbs that aren’t keto-friendly.

High in Fats

  • You need healthy fats while following the ketogenic diet. Not getting enough fat might result in muscle weakness, headaches, and severe fatigue. The body relies on healthy fats for energy, so it’s important you eat plenty of them when losing weight. 

Ribs have 29.9g of fat in one serving, making it a great food to fill you up. To balance out the nutrients, aim to eat fiber-rich foods with pork ribs; for example, avocados, chia seeds, raw coconut, and cauliflower.

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