Keto Food List
Pork Rinds
Keto Food List
Pork Rinds
Lazy Keto
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Are Pork Rinds Keto?

Yes, pork rinds are keto. However, pork rinds are part of dirty keto.

For those who want to be a part of the keto lifestyle but are finding it difficult to make the transition, lazy keto is the best bet to get your body into ketosis.

Unlike regular keto, which demands a lot from you, lazy keto only requires that you limit your carb intake to 10% of your daily calories. This means that you do not need to monitor your fat and protein consumption.

Pork rinds are one of the snacks that follow the lazy keto regime. They contain high amounts of fats and protein, with zero carbs. This makes them a go-to snack for people seeking to lose weight.

Lazy Keto

  • Pork rinds fit perfectly into the lazy keto diet because you do not need to monitor your fat and protein intake. As such, you can munch on them without the fear of going overboard.
  • This helps fast track your body’s transition into ketosis as they make for a healthy version of a no-carb, high-fat snack.

Low in Net Carbs

  • Pork rinds contain zero carbs, sugar, and fibers, so the net carb is zero.
  • They make the ideal lazy keto snack since they are high in protein and fats.

Unhealthy Ingredients

  • When getting pork rinds from the store, it is important to seek one without added sugar, flavoring, and MSG.
  • To be safe, fry your pork skin in the excess lard produced rather than in highly refined vegetable oil.
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