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Keto Food List
Oat Milk
Keto Food List
Oat Milk
Not Keto Friendly
Is unsweetened oat milk keto
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Is unsweetened oat milk keto

Is Unsweetened Oat Milk Keto?

Unsweetened oat milk is not keto-friendly due to the high amount of carbohydrates. Consuming this product will kick you out of ketosis, leading to a curb in your weight loss progress. It’s better to avoid this milk completely and opt for other keto-friendly choices.

Not Keto

  • Unsweetened oat milk has 4.35g of net carbs per 100g serving. This might not seem like a high amount, but combined with other foods, it may throw you out of ketosis.
  • Oat milk is naturally made from oats, which are usually high in carbs. It may sound like a healthy option for a low-calorie diet. However, it’s not suitable for the ketogenic diet plan.
  • Keto-friendly milk alternatives include almond milk, soy milk, flax milk, and coconut milk. However, you have to use them moderately.

Naturally High in Carbs

  • Any type of oat milk has too many carbs, making it unsuitable for keto. You should stay below the 50g carb limit when losing weight on the ketogenic diet.
  • You should also be aware that cappuccinos or lattes may contain oat milk, so avoid products that have sugar and non-keto-friendly mixers.
  • Even if you have a little bit of unsweetened oat milk throughout the day, it can still ruin your keto diet.
  • Try to avoid this product and use alternatives for cereals and drinks.
  • Unsweetened oat milk may have only 48 calories, but it still doesn’t counteract the high-carb content. Almond milk has a similar taste and is low in calories.

Kicks You Out of Ketosis

  • Ketosis is a process that occurs when your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.
  • Not eating many carbs ensures your glucose levels remain low. If you eat too many, ketosis will no longer happen, and you may not lose weight.
  • The best thing to do is measure how many carbs you eat throughout the day. You’ll be able to stay under the 30–50g limit.
  • Unsweetened oat milk is a product that kicks you out of ketosis. In 100g serving, there is 5.1g that could restrict your carb limit for the day.
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