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Is MCT Oil Keto-Friendly?

MCT oil is an excellent addition to a keto diet if it’s organic, cold-pressed, or extra virgin. It contains no carbs and is high in healthy fats.


  • MCT oil is keto-friendly as it contains no net carbs. It also contains a high amount of fats, which is good for a healthy keto diet.
  • It is also a good source of healthy fats, the main macro ingredient of a keto diet.


  • MCT oil is free from harmful additives and non-keto sweeteners that will throw you off ketosis. 
  • It is an unrefined oil extracted without using heat and chemicals. The natural extraction process contributes to preserving the oil’s aroma and flavor.
  • Some oils, such as soybean, are extracted using high heat and chemicals. This process strips away their nutrients, replacing them with toxic chemicals.
  • To ascertain that you are purchasing unrefined MCT oil, ensure it is extra virgin, organic, or cold-pressed.

High in Fats

  • MCT oil is high in fats, the major macronutrient of a keto diet. It is a good source of fats, as it doesn’t contain non-keto ingredients.
  • Your body uses fats instead of carbs for fuel during ketosis. Your fats must come from clean and minimally processed sources such as olive oil, grass-fed butter, and butter.
  • It is advisable to get fats from healthy sources to maintain ketosis.

No Net Carbs

  • MCT oil contains zero net carbs. This will not interfere with your daily carb allowance of 20g to 30g of carbs.
  • Limiting the net carbs you consume from your diet is important to maintain ketosis. It is advisable to track the ingredients and macros in your foods to maintain ketosis.
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