Keto Food List
Ice Cream
Keto Food List
Ice Cream
Desserts , Pantry
Not Keto Friendly
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Is Ice Cream Keto?

Ice cream is not keto-friendly because it is too high in carbs and sugar. You should avoid eating ice cream as it can immediately kick you out of ketosis, even with a small amount.

High in Carbs

  • Ice cream is not a suitable food choice for the keto diet because it contains too many net carbs. A 100g serving contains 23.6g of total carbs and 22.9g of net carbs.
  • The carb count is too high for keto. It is essential to restrict your carb intake on the keto diet and remain under 50g of carbs per day. Ice cream will quickly use up your carb budget.
  • Consuming too many carbs will prevent you from staying in ketosis. You should choose alternative desserts that are low in net carbs.

Contains Sugar

  • Sugar is the main culprit that makes ice cream a no-go for keto. Ice cream has a high sugar content, with 21.2g per 100g serving. 
  • Sugar can kick you out of ketosis.
  • Eating sugary foods and drinks can spike your blood sugar levels. The energy source will cause your body to switch back to burning glucose for fuel instead of burning fat, and ketone production will end.
  • If you want a sweet treat, look for keto-friendly foods that contain keto-friendly sweeteners rather than sugar.
  • Examples of keto-friendly sweeteners include allulose, stevia, and monk fruit.

Kicks You Out of Ketosis Instantly

  • The combination of net carbs and sugar can quickly kick you out of ketosis, even with a small serving size.
  • Keep in mind that most store-bought ice cream is non-keto-friendly.
  • It is possible to make ice cream at home using a recipe that fits in with the keto diet. For example, you could swap sugar for some of the sweeteners mentioned above.
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