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Is haddock keto-friendly
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Is haddock keto-friendly

Is Haddock Keto-Friendly? 

Haddock is a keto-friendly fish. You can include haddock as part of your keto diet because it won’t kick your body out of ketosis. This mild-flavored fish is easy to fit into keto recipes and goes great with keto-friendly vegetables like broccoli, leafy greens, and green beans.

Low in Fats

  • Haddock is a great fish choice for keto because it doesn’t contain carbohydrates.
  • However, it is very low in fats. A 100g serving will only provide your body with 0.45g of fats. 
  • As fats are a staple of the keto diet, you must supplement haddock with other healthy fat sources to boost your intake and provide your body with what it needs.
  • Haddock is a versatile fish with a mild, slightly sweet taste. It goes well with lots of foods, so it’s easy to pair it with other high-fat foods. 
  • Try pairing haddock with heart-healthy fats like avocado or low-carb vegetables cooked in grass-fed butter. 

Source of Protein

  • In a 100g serving of haddock, you will get 16.3g of protein. The keto diet requires a moderate protein intake, making haddock a good choice to meet your requirements.
  • High-quality protein found in fish, meat, and poultry is best for the keto diet.
  • Eating protein will help you preserve your muscle mass and fuel your training sessions.

Healthy and Whole Food

  • Haddock is great for the keto diet because it doesn’t contain carbs or sugar. You can eat haddock and stay in ketosis without the fear of interrupting the fat-burning process. 
  • It is full of essential B vitamins, phosphorus, and selenium to boost general health.
  • It is also good for weight loss because it is a low-calorie food, with 74 calories per 100g serving. 
  • Eating low-calorie foods can help boost your keto weight loss results.
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