Keto Food List
Green Beans
Keto Food List
Green Beans
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Are Green Beans Keto?

You can eat green beans in limited quantities while on keto. You could go over your daily allowance of carbs if you have too many green beans in meal.

Keto if Limited 

  • Green beans have 4.27g of net carbs in a 100g serving. This might not sound like a lot, but it could add up if you eat this food during lunch and dinner. 
  • This food also has 3.26g of sugar, which can increase glucose levels in your body. You want to avoid having too many green beans on your keto diet, as the sugar can take you out of the ketosis state.
  • If you don’t want to have green beans, you can choose broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and wax beans instead. These are still healthy vegetables to have on keto.

Too Low in Fats

  • A keto diet requires plenty of healthy fats to keep you fueled throughout the day. Green beans only have 0.22g of fat per 100g serving. 
  • Fats help replace the “fullness” you often get from eating carbohydrates. Foods like avocado, coconut, nuts, Greek yogurt, and fatty fish are good to have on a keto diet.
  • If you want to eat green beans, you should combine this with other fat-based foods. This can keep you full and prevent you from snacking on sugary products.


  • Green beans are native to North, South, and Central America. They derive from “bush” or “pole” plants that grow in compact spaces. Many people like to grow this plant in their garden, as it’s very easy to maintain the cultivation. 
  • You can incorporate green beans into any diet since they’re healthy for weight loss plans. However, due to the minimal fats, they won’t always be suitable for a keto diet. 
  • Organic foods like green beans are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen your body. 
  • If you want to eat more organic products, try separating green beans into small amounts. This stops you from going over the daily-carb limit. 
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