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Glass Noodles
Keto Food List
Glass Noodles
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Are glass noodles keto
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Are glass noodles keto

Are Glass Noodles Keto-Friendly?

Glass noodles are not keto-friendly. This is because of their high carb content. Even if you only consume a small serving, they will kick you out of ketosis.

Too Many Carbs

  • Glass noodles are too high in carbs that make them not keto-friendly. In a 100g serving, glass noodles contain 86g of net carbs.
  • To stay in ketosis, keep your daily net carb intake to 20–30g. You may look for other grain alternatives that are low in carbs, like cassava

Low in Fats

  • Glass noodles are low in fats, with 5g in a 100g serving. You must consume foods high in healthy fats to increase your body’s energy without carbs.
  • A macronutrient ratio of 70% fats is ideal for keto. Try using extra virgin olive oil and avocado in your diet to increase your fat intake.
  • You should also obtain fats from unprocessed, natural sources if you wish to follow a clean ketogenic diet.

Will Kick You Out of Ketosis Instantly

  • Glass noodles contain high amounts of carbs, which can spike your blood sugar levels and kick you out of ketosis.
  • The carbs in glass noodles can exceed your daily carb budget, so even small serving sizes cannot maintain ketosis.
  • To stay in ketosis while following the ketogenic diet, it is advised that you consume no more than 50g of carbs daily. 
  • Eating fewer carbohydrates causes your blood sugar levels to drop, and your body is forced to find another fuel source.
  • To lose weight on a keto diet healthily, it’s crucial to check your food’s macros and ingredients.

Cauliflower rice is a good example of a food that is both high in fats and low in carbs and cannot kick you out of ketosis.

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