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Egg Drop Soup
Keto Food List
Egg Drop Soup
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Is Egg Drop Soup Keto?

Egg drop soup is suitable for the keto diet so long as you only consume it in moderation. It has a modest amount of carbs that could kick you out of ketosis if you eat the soup regularly.

Keto if Limited 

  • Egg drop soup is a traditional Chinese soup that is keto-friendly when eaten in moderation. A 100g serving contains 3.89g of net carbs, which is a fair amount. A single cup has approximately 9.3g of net carbs.
  • If you’re not careful about how much egg drop soup you consume, you could go over your carb budget.
  • Restricting your carb intake is essential for success with the keto diet. By cutting down on carbs, you enable your body to make the metabolic switch to ketosis. You can then start burning body fat effectively. 
  • If you plan to eat egg drop soup, you should be mindful of your portion size. 

Low in Fats

  • Egg drop soup is not ideal for keto because it is very low in fats. A 100g serving has less than 1g of fat. 
  • Without enough fat in your keto diet, your body does not acquire enough fuel to help you facilitate ketosis. Your fat intake should comprise around 70–80% of your daily calorie intake. 
  • Healthy fats are best for maintaining optimal health. Unhealthy fats can raise your LDL cholesterol levels and increase your heart disease and stroke risk.
  • If you want to enjoy egg drop soup occasionally, it’s important to enhance the fat content of your meal with other healthy fats. For example, you could add olive oil or extra butter to your recipe.

Clean Ingredients

  • Egg drop soup is essentially eggs and chicken broth. These ingredients are clean and nutritious. Onions, sea salt, and pepper are often added.
  • There are no harmful ingredients required to make the soup.
  • You can enjoy a cup of this tasty soup while on a keto diet without wrecking your progress.
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