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Is duck keto friendly

Is Duck Keto-Friendly?

Duck is a keto-friendly meat. You don’t have to worry about eating duck in your keto meal plan because it has zero carbohydrates. Better yet, it has lots of monounsaturated fat to support your heart and lean protein to strengthen your muscles.


  • If you’re looking for meat to include in your keto diet plan, you can’t go wrong with duck. 
  • Duck is poultry, and although the breast meat is darker, it is still considered white meat. It makes a great alternative when you want a change from other keto-friendly meats, like chicken and turkey
  • These are staples of the keto diet because poultry is free from carbohydrates. 
  • You still need protein on the keto diet, and duck provides an excellent source. Protein will keep your energy levels up and promote lean muscle mass when you combine exercise with your keto diet. 
  • Getting enough protein will ensure you build and maintain strong muscles while simultaneously losing body fat

High in Fats

  • Duck is not only free from carbs but is also rich in fats. 
  • In a 100g serving of duck, there is 28.2g of total fat. It has high amounts of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. 
  • These fats are good for your heart health and help keep good cholesterol levels in check. 
  • It does have some saturated fat, which you should limit throughout your diet.  
  • Try pairing cooked duck meat with lots of low-carb keto vegetables to boost your nutrient intake. 
  • Broccoli, cucumber, and fresh lettuce are delicious green vegetables that complement the intense flavor of the duck. 

Natural and Healthy

  • Eating duck is a healthy option because it is minimally processed. 
  • You can quickly cook a pan-seared duck breast with some olive oil and enjoy a nutritious, keto-friendly meal.
  • It’s also richer in various vitamins when compared to chicken meat. It has good amounts of iron, potassium, and selenium.
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