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Diet Coke
Keto Food List
Diet Coke
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Is Diet Coke Keto? 

Diet coke is keto-friendly, but it doesn’t contain the most healthy ingredients. If you want to achieve successful weight loss, you should consume other keto-friendly products.

Dirty Keto 

  • There is only 0.29g of net carbs in a 100g serving of diet coke. This figure might be low, but it doesn’t make the product healthy for your weight loss plan. You should stick to drinking water or refreshing beverages that are suitable for keto.
  • Diet coke has 2 calories per portion. It may not contribute to weight gain, but it certainly contributes to high blood pressure. Artificial sweeteners can also lead to gastrointestinal distress. It’s better to avoid this drink on a keto diet.
  • This product can’t disrupt your ketosis state. However, it doesn’t provide any health benefits like protein, fats, and fiber. Consider incorporating more food into your diet to bulk up healthy meals. Diet coke should be replaced with water or protein shakes.

Contains Artificial Sweeteners 

  • Diet coke contains artificial sweeteners that may not be good for your health. Aspartame, a sweetener found in this drink, may lead to oxidative stress and inflammation. You want to avoid drinks that don’t contain natural ingredients.
  • Artificial sweeteners are said to increase your appetite. This is because they don’t provide enough bulk for keto products. You won’t feel satisfied after drinking diet coke, which may encourage you to snack more on other sugary treats. 
  • If you do really want a sweet drink, you can have one cup of diet coke now and then. This could be a “cheat” meal on your keto diet. However, try not to make this a habit. Consuming too many chemical compounds can be damaging to your health. 

Contains Unhealthy Additives

  • Diet coke has additives that can increase the chances of heart problems. It’s better to consume natural, healthy foods that strengthen your heart. Green tea, almond milk, lemon juice, and herbal teas are good alternatives to have for keto.
  • Consuming minimal additives will not damage your health, but it’s healthier to avoid them completely. 
  • Diet coke turns your diet into a lazy keto, which resembles the lack of nutrients in your meal plan. Additives can deprive you of those essential nutrients. 
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