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Deviled Eggs
Keto Food List
Deviled Eggs
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Are Deviled Eggs Keto?

Yes, deviled eggs are keto-friendly. The popular dish is a great choice for the keto diet as it is both high in fats and low in net carbs. You can enjoy deviled eggs without kicking yourself out of ketosis.


  • Deviled eggs are a perfect match for keto because they meet the macros requirements. The diet calls for a total daily calorie intake of 70–80% fats, 15–20% protein, and 5–10% carbs.
  • The foods you eat on keto should meet these requirements to allow your body to facilitate ketosis and start burning fat.
  • You can enjoy deviled eggs as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. It makes a good dish for vegetarian keto dieters

High in Fats

  • Deviled eggs provide a good helping of fat, with 15.9g in a 100g serving. 
  • They are free from non-keto ingredients that could kick you out of ketosis, such as sweeteners and other food additives. 
  • Fats are essential for keto. You need to fuel your body with fats so your body can burn them as an energy source.
  • It is best to practice clean keto and get your fat intake from healthy sources that contribute to your overall health. Opt for whole foods and minimally processed foods that provide your body with clean fuel.

Clean Ingredients

  • A typical recipe for deviled eggs includes eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, and sea salt. 
  • They do not contain harmful non-keto ingredients such as highly-refined oils or sweeteners. 

Low in Net Carbs

  • The net carb count in a 100g serving of deviled eggs is 1.07g. This is a small amount that won’t impact your efforts to facilitate ketosis.
  • Restricting your carb intake is essential for keto. You should limit your net carb consumption to less than 50g per day. If you exceed your carb budget, you will not be able to maintain ketosis.
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