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Is Celery Keto?

Celery contains very few carbohydrates, which makes it keto-friendly. You should incorporate this low-calorie product with healthy meals on your ketogenic diet. 


  • There is only 1.19g of net carbs in a 100g serving of celery. The low-carb value makes it great for someone on a ketogenic diet. 
  • Celery has a small number of calories (14kcal) that could benefit a weight loss diet. Just eat this food as a snack or mix it up with salads for dinner. 
  • The lack of carbohydrates will encourage your body to stay in the ketosis state. This strengthens your metabolism when the body burns fat instead of glucose.
  • The low glycemic index of celery ensures your body doesn’t produce too much glucose. Your blood sugar levels will also be kept in check when eating this nutriment. 
  • Celery doesn’t have much protein, so it’s best to combine this with high-protein foods (like eggs and chicken) in your diet. 

Natural but Low in Fats

  • On the ketogenic diet, you need healthy fats to feed your body with nutrition. Celery only has 0.17g of fat, which may not satisfy your food cravings. 
  • You can combine celery with other fats in your diet. Some food options are nuts, seeds, avocados, salmon, and whole eggs. 
  • Celery derives from marshland plants and is naturally cultivated as vegetables. This is a natural food that doesn’t contain highly-refined substances.

Whole Food

  • Eating whole foods can fuel your body with the right nutrition. Celery hasn’t been processed or filled with harsh ingredients. You can mix this product with other fruit and vegetables on your keto diet. 
  • The antioxidants in celery will improve your overall health. They seek to reduce harmful free radicals in our system. Aim to incorporate celery into a few meals each week.
  • Whole foods usually contain minimal calories that are easily digested by your body. This is because the food hasn’t been suffused with chemicals. If you’re trying to lose weight, then celery could be a great option for your meal plans.
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