Keto Food List
Cauliflower Pizza
Keto Food List
Cauliflower Pizza
Not Keto Friendly
is cauliflower pizza keto
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is cauliflower pizza keto

Is Cauliflower Pizza Keto?

Cauliflower pizza, unfortunately, is not keto-friendly. It contains too many net carbs that can hinder your efforts to reach ketosis. In addition, it is low in healthy fats and therefore doesn’t meet the keto macros requirements of high fats and low carbs.

Not Keto-Friendly 

  • Cauliflower pizza is not a keto-friendly food because it doesn’t match the requirements of keto macros.
  • Cauliflower crust is a healthier alternative to conventional pizza crust (typically made from refined white flour) and generally has fewer carbs and calories. However, it still has too many carbs to make a safe dietary choice for people following the keto diet.

High in Net Carbs

  • A 100g serving of cauliflower pizza has 52.1g total carbs and 47.9g net carbs.
  • The keto diet calls for a carb budget of less than 50g per day to remain in the metabolic state of ketosis. Therefore, a small serving size of cauliflower pizza will quickly use up your budget for the day. 
  • Eating too much will build up your glycogen stores and kick you out of ketosis.
  • Use our keto calculator to identify your ideal carb allowance while following the keto diet. 

Low in Healthy Fats

  • Cauliflower pizza contains a fair amount of fat, with 10.4g per 100g serving. However, it does contain saturated fats – a type of fat that is bad for your health. Too much saturated and trans fats in the diet can increase your risk of developing heart disease.
  • A clean keto diet comprises 70–80% fats, but most of this should come from healthy fat sources. 
  • Great examples of natural, healthy fats include olive oil, grass-fed butter, and avocado. 

Without Additives

  • Although you can’t safely enjoy cauliflower pizza without kicking yourself out of ketosis, it’s worth noting that it does contain clean ingredients. The recipe typically includes cauliflower, eggs, and cheese and is free of food additives and artificial sweeteners. 
  • Monitoring macros is critical for success with the keto diet, but when checking food labels, you should also identify the ingredients. Many non-keto ingredients can make a food unsuitable for keto, even if it meets the macros requirements.
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