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is bourbon keto

Is Bourbon Keto?

Bourbon is only keto-friendly in moderate amounts. Since this is an alcoholic beverage, you shouldn’t drink too much of it when following the ketogenic diet. One drink of bourbon won’t stop ketosis, but it can slow down the rate in which you burn fat. 

Keto If Limited 

  • Bourbon doesn’t contain net carbs, but it does have 231 calories per 100-gram serving. This amount might not be good for someone who is trying to lose weight. The keto diet is focused on eating healthy foods and drinking beverages that fuel ketosis. 
  • You can still drink bourbon in limited amounts. Some people might treat themselves to one glass, but it’s still recommended to avoid alcohol when following a low-carb meal plan. One wrong dietary choice could dramatically slow down weight loss.
  • Food and drinks that are limited don’t mean that they’re completely healthy for the keto diet. It might be best to have non-alcoholic beverages while you’re losing weight. 

No Net Carbs 

  • A ketogenic diet requires almost no net carbohydrates and bad sugars. Even though bourbon has zero carbs, that doesn’t mean it should be consumed when entering ketosis. The alcoholic calories may slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain.
  • The lack of carbs, fats, sugars, protein, and fiber means you won’t be getting enough fuel. Your body needs healthy fats to function properly on the ketogenic diet. If you don’t get enough nutrients, you may start to experience headaches and severe fatigue. 


  • If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking alcohol might slow down your progress. The high amount of calories in 100 grams of bourbon could exceed the daily calorie intake. Just be careful of what alcohol you drink, especially if it contains unhealthy ingredients. 
  • Alcohol can actually encourage the metabolism to burn alcohol instead of fat. This might prevent future weight loss and accelerate the production of fat cells. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages like mocktails, fruit coolers, root beer, and ginger beers.
  • Just be aware about the negative effects of alcohol. Too much of it can cause high blood pressure, digestive problems, liver disease, and a weakened immune system.
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