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Is barley keto

Is Barley Keto?

Unfortunately, barley is not keto-friendly as it contains too many carbs and will inhibit you from reaching ketosis even in small serving sizes. Barley is also low in fats and proteins, the main macronutrient of the keto diet.

Not Keto

  • Barley should be completely off-limits for you on keto as it is too high in net carbs (24.3g per 100g serving) and will make it hard for you to maintain ketosis.
  • Such a high amount of carbs exceeds the recommended daily carb intake of 20g to 30g, necessary for maintaining ketosis. 
  • Alternatively, you can choose low-carb foods like broccoli rice or zucchini noodles.

Low in Fats

  • Unfortunately, barley is low in fats, and it would be best to supplement it with other food sources rich in healthy fats.
  • Such foods include avocado, salmon, and ghee.
  • Consuming less than enough fats on keto can lead to health problems such as low energy levels, increased hunger, fat gain, and foamy urine.
  • Healthy fats are necessary for a keto diet as they are the primary energy source during ketosis.

Too High in Carbs

  • Barley has an excellent nutritional profile as it is high in protein and dietary fiber. The high fiber content helps improve gut health.
  • It contains an insoluble fiber that minimizes the risk of developing gallstones and soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and heart disease incidences.
  • Barley contains niacin, thiamin, and B vitamins and is an excellent potassium and iron source.
  • It is also a natural food and doesn’t contain harmful non-keto food additives, sweeteners, and refined oils.
  • Despite all these perks, it is best to avoid barley on keto as it is too high in carbs and will kick you out of ketosis.
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