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Joggo vs. Couch to 5K: Which Is Better for Running and Weight Loss?

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 21, 2023
9 min read 1460 Views 3 Reviews
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We compare Joggo vs. Couch to 5K to help you decide which app is better for your running goals.

joggo vs couch to 5k

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Starting a running journey with the goal of losing weight is challenging for everyone. While it might be relatively easy to find the motivation for the first few short runs, settling into a day-to-day routine is difficult. 

Most people new to running experience hardships in correct breathing, pushing themselves too much or failing to show up. Without support and a clear plan, most running practices become too random to see notable progress.

A workout app designed to help people achieve their fitness goals through running can facilitate these processes by making running enjoyable and results attainable.

In this review, we will compare the two great running apps – Joggo and Couch to 5K. Then, you can decide which app is a better fit based on your current fitness goals.

Joggo vs. Couch to 5K: Which One Is Better?

Joggo and Couch to 5K are great apps for people who want to begin their running journey. However,  the Joggo app is better as it provides users with a running program that is completely personalized to their needs, whereas Couch to 5K takes into account your current weight and experience level.

Couch to 5K is an app crafted for complete beginner runners who want to lace their running shoes for the first time. It provides a gentle approach, so the workouts are manageable even for physically inactive people

This app has a clean interface and is easy to use, so you do not get overwhelmed and can get into a running routine quite effortlessly. 

Joggo is an individualized running and diet app that helps users achieve various fitness goals: start running, lose weight, get fit, improve mental health, and similar.

From healthier eating to motivation, the app’s holistic approach to all stages of a sustainable fitness journey encourages people to reach lasting results. It is an app that works perfectly for beginners and more advanced athletes.

Comparison Table

Comparison Winner: Joggo
Couch to 5K

Crafts individualized running and meal plan

Perfectly suitable for achieving various fitness goals

Meal plan includes 10+ popular diets

Suitable for all levels: from beginners to pros

Injury prevention, warm-ups, and cool-downs

Intuitive and easy to use

Clear guidance

Reasonably priced

Very easy to use

Provides many coaches’ voices

Very cheap lifetime access

Clear audio coaching

Short, manageable workouts

Suitable for beginning runners


Subscription-based app

Not designed for weight loss

Finishes in 9 weeks, not designed to continue running

Does not support external music platforms

No friends/group challenges

What Is Joggo?

joggo run logo
Our rating:
  • Personalized running plans created by professional coaches
  • Meal plans perfectly tailored to your current diet, allergies, and health needs
  • Treadmill mode for people preferring indoor running
  • Educational articles on easier running, injury prevention, nutrition, and more
  • Behavior science-based reward system for lasting motivation
Start Free Quiz Now

Joggo is an all-in-one workout app perfectly suitable for people who seek weight loss or aim to reach other running goals. It crafts an individualized running and healthy meal plan, provides you with educational content, and supports you in your fitness journey. 

It is an excellent app for complete beginners (and more advanced runners) who want to change their body shape, get fit, and become mentally and physically strong. The more you follow the workout and meal plan and track your progress, the more accurately the Joggo app adapts to your program.

Joggo covers all stages relevant to reaching sustainable fitness results: from the kitchen to the running track. Therefore, using Joggo eventually changes the person’s lifestyle.

  • checkmark
    Perfectly suitable for all-level runners: from beginners to pros
  • checkmark
    Easy-to-follow audio-guided training
  • checkmark
    Running progress and weight loss tracker
  • checkmark
    Works on any running track, including trail, pavement, and treadmill
  • checkmark
    Injury prevention and recovery programs
  • checkmark
    Highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface
  • checkmark
    Customized nutrition plan according to your food preferences
  • checkmark
    Scientifically-validated tips to avoid too-common mistakes
  • checkmark
    Subscription-based pricing

What Is Couch to 5K?

Couch to 5k logo
Our rating:
  • Easy on beginners
  • Includes warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Tested couch to 5K plan
Learn More

Couch to 5K is a running app designed for complete beginners. If you experience difficulties climbing up the stairs or running for more than 5 minutes, this app can help you hit the 5K target. 

The program is partially individualized. Before using the program, you have to fill in a questionnaire regarding your current running form and weight. The app then builds a running routine that will allow you to reach the finish line of that 5K mark. 

The Couch to 5K app provides clear guidance during the runs. Before you begin each run, you can see an overview of what awaits you today. Usually, each workout lasts around 20–30 minutes, so you never feel exhausted or overwhelmed.

  • checkmark
    Full training program available for free without any annoying limitations
  • checkmark
    Accessible interface
  • checkmark
    Short-time goals give you a sense of accomplishment
  • checkmark
    Easy integration with Facebook, Twitter, and MyFitnessPal
  • checkmark
    Pre-made plans may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone
  • checkmark
    App may stop unexpectedly
  • checkmark
    You may encounter glitches

Joggo vs. Couch to 5K: How Do They Work?

To help Joggo come up with a personalized running plan, you will first be taken through a quiz to determine your experience level, main goal, and running preferences. Once complete, you’ll then download the app and get your individual program and meal plan if you choose this option.

What’s great about Joggo is that you will also receive personalized guidance and education, injury prevention tips, and a progress tracker with levels to help you see the bigger picture.

The Couch to 5K program is based on resting, walking, and running intervals, which helps you gradually build up your stamina. You will commit to 3 runs per week, with a day of rest in between to allow your muscles and joints time to properly recover.

It should be noted, however, that Couch to 5K is a 9-week walk/run training program with a different schedule each week. Therefore, once you reach your running goal, you will need to continue on your own or find other challenging apps.

Joggo vs. Couch to 5K Features

To help you make an informed decision, our team selected some of the most important criteria for both apps and compared them.


Both apps are very efficient in terms of starting to run. They adapt the training plan to improve your endurance gradually. So, if your goal is to start running, both apps will do the job just fine. 

However, if you have more expectations from your running journey, including weight loss, then Joggo would be a wiser pick in your case. To get into running and lose weight simultaneously, Joggo’s individualized plan can help you achieve these goals faster and more sustainably.

Of course, it is critical to mention that while Couch to 5K is not designed to lose weight, you will still get into better physical shape. Running is one of the most effective calorie-burning workouts, so you will see some positive results.

Beginner friendliness

Couch to 5K is an excellent running app for beginners. As the name suggests, the app encourages you to work toward running 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) regardless of your starting point (yes, couch included).

Reachable weekly goals and a clear progression plan can make you gradually strengthen up, increase endurance, and get to a better fitness level. 

Even if you hate running and cannot imagine running for more than a few minutes, the Couch to 5K app can help you believe in yourself and achieve fitness goals.

However, Joggo can be considered one of the most effective apps for people without running experience. This app provides a personalized running plan and constantly adapts workout routines during your fitness journey.

You will also receive daily bits of educational content, so you know which warm-up exercises to practice, how to avoid injuries, and what to do when cooling down after the workout. 

Therefore, for people who not only want to run but also gain fitness knowledge and boost self-esteem, Joggo is a better beginner-friendly pick.

Brand reputation

Both training programs are created by people who know what they are doing. 

Joggo is a revolutionary running program created by runners, coaches, and dietitians, applying science-backed strategies. If you need a consultation, Joggo’s in-house professional runners’ team will help you.  

Couch to 5K was designed by a runner Josh Clark who was looking for ways to make his 50-year-old mother join him in the running. 

However, Couch to 5K has some reported in-app bugs that cause extra inconveniences when using the app. You should always check whether the app can stay open in your phone’s background. If you do not do this, the app will stop working during your run, and all your progress will not be tracked.

Premium version features

Joggo and Couch to 5K do not offer free trials and free app versions. Once you purchase lifetime access (Couch to 5K) or subscribe (Joggo), you unlock all in-app benefits. 

Couch to 5K recommends a 9-week program based on your answers to the basic questionnaire. Then, you only need to allocate 20–30 minutes three times a week to go on a guided run. You can pick the voice of your virtual coach – Johnny Dead, Constance, Billie, or Sergeant Block – and enjoy a smooth-running experience.  

Once you subscribe to Joggo, you receive a custom training and meal plan that adjusts to your age, gender, fitness level, health issues, and other fitness-relevant criteria. 

The app helps you build lasting healthy lifestyle habits – it improves together with your progress and never finishes.  

Price comparison

Couch to 5K is a very cheap running program – lifetime access costs only $4.99 (when purchased from the App Store or Google Play). Of course, you get what you pay for – you receive a 9-week running program that finishes once you reach this goal.

To access pricing, you’ll first need to complete Joggo’s quiz, which will provide different prices depending on your needs, preferences, and the features selected. You can choose between a 2-month, 4-month, or 6-month running plan, with the 6-month option working out the cheapest.

Although Joggo is a bit more expensive as a subscription-based app, it offers opportunities for lifelong continuous improvement, whereas Couch to 5K ends after 9 weeks.

Besides, Joggo offers all the needed guidance, support, and knowledge for you to reach any fitness goal, from weight loss to better mental health.

Best Running Apps Comparison

Comparison Winner: Joggo

Suitable for all experience levels

Works on any running track, including pavement, trail, and treadmill

Easy to navigate and follow

Fully customized training and meal plan

Scientifically-validated tips

Offers a free trial

Smart Coach creates personalized running programs

Over 2,500 audio workouts guided by expert trainers

Workouts can be downloaded for offline use

Users have access to a community to keep them motivated

Allows you to track a variety of activities, including cycling, football, and boxing

Compatible with a range of fitness wearables

USA Track and Field (USATF) certified

Uses a unique, patented algorithm to update your program

Free subscription option

Syncs with Strava, Apple Watch, Garmin, or Fitbit


No free trial

Doesn’t provide meal plans

Some workout categories aren’t extensive enough for those with more experience

GPS signal doesn’t always work

Can’t play music while listening to the voice-over coach

No nutrition function

Only those with a premium subscription receive a personalized coach

Expensive compared to other running apps

How We Tested the Products

When comparing Joggo, Couch to 5K, and the other apps we’ve mentioned, our expert team considered 4 particular factors that define a good running app. These factors are:


Good quality apps should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offer a wide range of features that help users to achieve their goals. We tested the apps to ensure that they were free of bugs and didn’t crash.


Our priority was to find budget-friendly yet good-quality apps that deliver value for the user. What’s great about apps like Joggo is that they offer personalized programs at a much lower price than if you were to seek guidance from an in-person running coach.

Brand reputation

Reputable brands provide excellent customer service and are responsive to their users’ needs. We looked at reviews and testimonials that discussed customer experiences with each app.


The best running apps are effective in delivering great results for users in terms of improving their running performance, losing weight, getting fitter, or boosting their well-being.


Can I lose weight with Couch to 5K?

Couch to 5K can help you to lose weight by upping your calorie burn, as long as you lower the number of calories that you eat.

Can I use Joggo with Apple Watch?

Yes, you can install the Joggo app on your Apple Watch to track your heart rate as you run, meaning that you can leave your phone at home.

Are Joggo and Couch to 5K legit?

Joggo and Couch to 5K are both safe, legit apps developed by experts. They have both been shown to deliver effective results, although Joggo is better if you’re looking to continually improve your running performance in the long term.

Expert’s Comment

Expert image border Isabel-Mayfield-health-reporter
Isabel Mayfield
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

Using a running app provides guidance to help you progress gradually, build a sustainable routine, and prevent over-training injuries.

If you want to transform your lifestyle, select an app that values sustainable results. Remember that your goals will change over time, so your chosen app should cater to beginners as well as those looking to push their pace and distance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, run a half-marathon, or simply improve your running performance, you’ll need to consider your diet too. Eating too little can slow down your metabolism, while eating too much can cause you to put on weight, both of which make running more difficult.

Prioritize complex carbohydrates like oats, quinoa, and whole grains, along with healthy fats and high-protein foods. Include plenty of vitamins and minerals in your meals to maintain your overall health too.


Although the Joggo and Couch to 5K apps are designed to help you run, Joggo is a better, more comprehensive option to build long-lasting results.

If your goal is only to run a certain distance, then Couch to 5K might be an excellent pick. However, Joggo gives you the opportunity to keep improving no matter your aim, updating the program weekly as you make progress.

All in all, we believe that the Joggo app is a valuable investment that can not only help you reach your running goals but also assist you in creating an overall healthier, fitter, and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Isabel Mayfield is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is passionate about self-improvement and loves to help people improve their sense of self-worth through education and support in meeting their fitness goals.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 21, 2023
9 min read 1460 Views 3 Reviews
3 Reviews
  1. user
    Lisa F.
    19 Nov, 2022 at 12:13 pm
    9/10 Joggo for the win!!

    I’m using Joggo for 5 months now and wooow, the workouts are insanely good

    reply reply reply
  2. user
    21 Dec, 2022 at 5:10 pm
    10/10 I tested both of these apps

    I tested both of these apps and Joggo was better for me because it’s personalized and has delicious meals

    reply reply reply
  3. user
    Robert G.
    24 Jan, 2023 at 10:32 pm
    9/10 Joggo app

    I liked Joggo app more

    reply reply reply

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