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does heart rate affect blood pressure
Does Heart Rate Affect Blood Pressure? Doctor’s Answer
A trip to the doctor’s office often entails a blood pressure (BP) and heart rate reading....
does hydralizine affect your heart rate
Does Hydralazine Affect Heart Rate? Side Effects of the Heart Health Medication
Every drug has possible side effects, regardless of the condition you try to manage. Symptoms can...
Spikes in blood pressure
Spikes in Blood Pressure and the Reasons Behind Them
High blood pressure is an extremely common condition a lot of people deal with. Many people...
How to lower diastolic blood pressure
How to Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a “silent killer” as it is a primarily...
How to lower heart rate
How to Lower Heart Rate: Medical Training Guide
People with heart or lung problems may have an elevated resting heart rate that needs correction...
Best time to take blood pressure
Best Time to Take Blood Pressure for Hypertension Monitoring
One of the main questions that often come along with blood pressure issues is when they should be...
how does alcohol affect the heart rate
How Does Alcohol Affect the Heart Rate? The Doctor Explains
One night, you drank some alcohol, only to find that your heart was going crazy. Some people...
How does exercise affect heart rate
How Does Exercise Affect Heart Rate? Understanding Heart Health
The phrase “getting the blood pumping” isn’t meaningless. It holds some truth since doing...
how to decrease hemoglobin
How to Decrease Hemoglobin: 5 Proven Tips
Hemoglobin is a protein found in your body’s red blood cells. It carries oxygen from the...
heart rate vs blood pressure
Heart Rate vs. Blood Pressure: They’re Not the Same Thing
It’s normal to get a heart rate and blood pressure reading simultaneously during a trip to...