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fitMom Review: Is It Worth Trying?

fitMom Review: Is It Worth Trying?

fitMom is an effective exercise and diet plan that focuses on helping new moms get back in shape and regain confidence after pregnancy.

fitMom reviews
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Giving birth is a miraculous event in every woman’s life. A new child gives an overwhelming rush of emotions, a sense of a new beginning, and pure happiness. 

Yet, after the first few days, when profound emotions wear off, the body heals, and reality hits, many women start feeling the urge to get back into their pre-pregnancy body shape, lose weight, and feel good again.

Extreme diets and strenuous exercises will never work after pregnancy. Slower time of recovery, unbalanced hormone levels, and postpartum changes in the body make it difficult to achieve results as quickly as before pregnancy.

fitMom was designed for new mothers to help them reach their mood, physical appearance, and weight goals. This personalized exercise and diet program allows women to get back to their ideal weight by taking just 15 minutes out of the day for self-care.

fitMom workouts are created considering slower body recovery, natural body cycles, and limited time available for exercising. All made for you to reconnect with your body at your own pace.

This article will provide a comprehensive fitMom review, so you can evaluate if this program is suitable for helping you get back in shape after giving birth. 

What is fitMom?

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Get back in shape after pregnancy
  • Personalized workout plan, crafted to fit your individual requirements and goals
  • An individualized post-pregnancy meal plan focused on restoring vitamin deficiencies from nutrient-rich foods
  • Valuable and reliable articles to clear your doubts and support you throughout the journey
  • Prenatal and postnatal workouts – no equipment needed
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Variety of pricing plans to fit individual budgets and needs
  • Rich recipe database of easy-to-cook meals
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Start fitMom Free Quiz
  • Individual workout plan created and double-checked with women’s healthcare experts
  • Easy-to-follow and safe workout videos targeting pregnancy-relevant muscle groups
  • Workouts suitable for women before pregnancy and after giving birth
  • Detailed questionnaire to evaluate the health condition
  • Additional focus on glowing skin, healthy hair, and nails
  • A different diet plan for each woman according to her food preferences
  • Informational articles about pregnancy and motherhood
  • Motherhood-relevant fitMom add-ons such as guided meditation library
  • Different pricing plans for ensuring financially accessible fitMom cost
  • Registration is required

fitMom is an all-in-one wellness program designed to assist new mothers in losing weight and reaching their fitness goals by offering a customized workout and meal plan. 

The app adjusts the program according to individual women’s needs. It considers your postpartum body condition, desired goals, breastfeeding, available time, and even time passed since childbirth.

fitMom is not another strict diet and exercise-pushing app. Instead, it individually assesses your dietary requirements, expectations, and physical capabilities to provide compassionate support throughout your postpartum journey.

It does not matter if you have been working out actively before pregnancy or only now taking your first steps in fitness. HIIT, prenatal, postnatal, and body weight workouts are designed for every woman in different life stages. And yes, the app is perfectly suitable for women after a C-section.

fitMom is a custom-tailored workout and diet app for women planning pregnancy, currently pregnant, or after having a baby. The women’s healthcare expert team work on your plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

Workouts in the app target pregnancy-relevant muscle groups while a nutritionist-approved diet restores vitamin deficiency and balances hormones. 

Before you start the program, you have to fill in a quiz. The quiz considers your body, nutrition, lifestyle, and your expectations from the program. 

First, you can evaluate your overall condition and mood and indicate the areas of the body you would like to improve or that are painful. Then, you can provide information on physical activity levels and dietary preferences.

The app evaluates your answers and provides a personalized training and meal plan that is as easy as possible for you to follow. The in-house team of specialists crafts your program only after receiving information about your current health and future goals.

The personalized diet excludes foods you do not like or are allergic to and provides an option to choose from many different diets.

If you are worried about not having enough time to cook or exercise, the app takes that into account. This gives no excuse for enjoying stress-free time with your baby and noticing improvement in your body shape and overall well-being.

⭐ Rating


✅ Benefits

Individual meal & workout plan, easy-to-follow

❌ Drawbacks

Paid app, registration is required

🍎 Is equipment needed?


🔔 How to get started


💰 Price

From $14.83

Is fitMom Only for Moms?

While fitMom, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for women expecting or having a baby, the app is perfectly suitable for all women.

This is an ideal app for women who want to lose weight, improve their body shape, and regain self-confidence. The workout plan focuses on muscle groups relevant for all women: upper body, back, tights, and buttocks. 

Besides, the app works wonders for women who seek to enrich their diet and enjoy glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. 

If you have tried multiple workout apps or got lost in the vastness of post-pregnancy information, the fitMom app is a perfect fit for you. 

This women’s wellness app offers a wide range of goal-oriented workouts, a nutrient-rich recipe database, and daily expert-approved motivation throughout your motherhood journey. 

You do not need to allocate hours for self-care (which is usually not even possible when the baby is around). As short as 15-minute workouts are enough to strengthen the body and gradually get back into shape.  

Does fitMom Truly Work?

fitMom has received numerous positive user data, so it is fair to conclude that fitMom truly works. Many women reported shifting to an overall healthier lifestyle, a more balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

Among the most distinctive benefits of the app, there is a 20-question quiz. Each woman fills it in, so healthcare specialists working in fitMom can assess each mother’s case individually. 

After a thorough lifestyle and postnatal body condition analysis, the diet and exercise program is provided. 

The fact that every woman receives a custom-tailored program to her needs makes the app stand out from the crowd and follow the new routine with trust and confidence.

fitMom Workouts

There are a variety of workouts available in the app to meet the goals of fitness-conscious moms. The fitness program is individually created based on the quiz you fill out.

No two women will ever receive the same workout and meal plan; the company strictly refuses to follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

If you want to promote muscle growth, your plan will mainly include effective workouts targeting multiple body areas and helping you build muscle strength. 

If you are more interested in cardio or aerobic exercises (or your main focus is weight loss), the program will select an exercise plan that will make your body sweat, your heart pump blood, and your body tone improve.

All the workouts are selected based on your current and goal weight, fitness level, postnatal body condition, and time availability. The exercises do not require special equipment – you can do them when the baby sleeps or even enjoy working out together. 

The fitMom workouts are super easy to follow and understand, so even women who have not been training before pregnancy will find the exercises doable and easy to repeat. 

The in-app tips and tricks will help you do them correctly and, when you feel ready, encourage you to push yourself slightly further.

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Benefits of the fitMom App

If your body has changed during the pregnancy (and it should!), pushing yourself into strict diets and vigorous workouts can do more harm than good to your postnatal body and mind. 

Therefore, the fitMom app focuses specifically on new mothers, considering all aspects of their new chapter: body changes, new routine, vitamin deficiency, hormonal disbalance, and other pregnancy-relevant factors.

Here are the main benefits of the fitMom app that can help you get back in prenatal body shape and confidence quickly and sustainably. 

#1 Personalized exercise program

Unlike other programs and YouTube videos that offer standard, undifferentiated exercises, fitMom workouts are designed individually for each woman. 

The app evaluates the data you provide in the quiz and provides the most effective exercises according to your current body shape and goals.

The program takes little time to complete. You do not need to sacrifice your sleep or precious peaceful time of going on a walk while the baby sleeps. The exercises can take as little as 15 minutes daily – it is enough for you to start witnessing the results.

#2 Diet plans based on your preferences

If you are allergic to (or simply do not like) some foods, fitMom’s nutrition plan considers that. For instance, for a mother who follows a vegetarian diet, the meal plans suggest vitamins that might be relevant for her and the baby. 

The nutrition plan is created for you to consume all the needed nutrients, vitamins, and macroelements from easy-to-cook food you like. Daily food recommendations will help you eat healthily without overthinking the dinner options.

#3 Sustainable weight loss

Although you might want to see that pre-pregnancy body immediately after you give birth, your body takes time to heal and recover. It is considered a reasonable goal to lose around 1 pound (0.5kg) per week

fitMom exercises are created to help you lose weight, gain confidence, and reach your target weight goal that is sustainable and lasts.

#4 Science-backed information about motherhood

When you become a mom, everything changes: your mood swings, your body heals and recovers, and your routine gets centered around the new family member. 

Although it gets very tempting to google every aspect of your new chapter of life, contradictory parental advice might confuse you and cause more stress. 

That’s why fitMom offers valuable and doctor-approved informational articles about pregnancy, nutrition, postpartum recovery, and healthy habits. This way, you can get confident in your motherhood journey and have a more pleasant time with a newborn. 

#5 Supports glowing skin, healthy hair, and strong nails

Many women experience massive hair loss a few months after pregnancy. Other women experience dullness of the skin and weak, brittle nails. 

While these bodily reactions are completely normal and expected, they leave a mark on the way women feel about themselves.

fitMom is created to help you improve your skin, hair, and nails via a balanced, vitamin and nutrient-rich diet, followed by an active and overall healthy lifestyle.

fitMom vs. Alternatives

scroll hint
Strong Mom

Different pricing plans for all budgets

Supportive community

User-friendly interface

Detailed questionnaire about women’s health

Daily tips

Plans created by experts

Tips about pregnancy and motherhood

100+ exercises

Although reasonably priced, it is a paid app

Registration is needed


Many issues reported in the app


Little variety of exercises

Strong Mom
Overall Rating

Different pricing plans for all budgets

Supportive community

User-friendly interface

Detailed questionnaire about women’s health

Daily tips

Plans created by experts

Tips about pregnancy and motherhood

100+ exercises


Although reasonably priced, it is a paid app

Registration is needed


Many issues reported in the app


Little variety of exercises

How We Tested

fitMom is a well-known wellness program that assists new mothers in their post-pregnancy body recovery and fitness journey. 

Since the app directly focuses on women’s health and well-being, we evaluated the key factors relevant for people following the weight loss program.

We included quality, effectiveness, price, and brand reputation among the criteria for health-related applications.


First, we evaluated whether the app displays top quality, as expected from a fitness-oriented app. 

fitMom’s team involves women’s healthcare specialists from various areas: a coach, a nutritionist, and a professional physician. These specialists create a custom workout and nutrition plan based on each woman’s current and desired condition. 


Then, we considered the effectiveness of the meal and exercise plan. 

Based on positive feedback from the community and healthcare specialists, it is safe to conclude that the app is effective for women who have recently given birth.

Apart from reaching their weight goals, women also reported shifts in their body mindset, approach to food, and motherhood. 


The price was also among the factors since most personalized fitness services are exceedingly expensive. 

Although fitMom offers a subscription-based pricing model, the most popular 6-month plan costs only $14.83 monthly.

The app also allows you to choose from other pricing options. 3-month and 1-month plans cost $21.67 and $29.00, respectively. 

fitMom is a very budget-friendly app accessible to any woman who is ready to get into her postnatal fitness journey. The app immediately unlocks full access to its contents, so the woman can start her fitness journey as soon as possible.

Brand reputation 

Last, a health-related app creator has to be trustworthy. 

fitMom was founded by a qualified personal trainer and a mother of three. After you complete a quiz, a licensed healthcare provider individually reviews it, and the health specialists supervise it. 

The app ensures that only the people with proven expertise create your plan. 

The company displays a high trust rate among the users, so it is fair to say that you can entrust your post-pregnancy body recovery to fitMom.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the fitMom app.

Is fitMom a legit app?

Based on numerous positive user product reviews and opinions expressed from women healthcare experts, coaches, and nutritionists, fitMom is a legit app. 

A new mom can reach her ideal body weight and get back in shape by following custom-tailored meal and exercise plans. 

Where can I register for the fitMom program?

Visit the fitMom website, or download their app from Google Play or the App Store. After registering and filling out the quiz, you will receive a personalized plan based on your fitness goals.

Do I need equipment to start?

As mentioned earlier, you do not need any special equipment or preparation to start working out. A yoga mat and a few dumbbells will do the work just fine.

Mainly all the exercises are based on using your body weight and counterbalance. Besides, you can always try working out with your new baby – it might be a super fun experience!


As you can see from the product review, fitMom is a perfectly safe and convenient app for pregnant women and new moms. It helps women attain their fitness goals: lose weight, get fit, or get back into their pre-baby weight and body shape. 

This app offers personalized workout and meal plans based on a woman’s current weight, shape, and condition to help them reach weight goals sustainably.

Easy-to-follow exercises and a nutrition plan based on individual food preferences make it easy to adopt a new routine and allocate some time for self-care when raising a little one. 

fitMom is an undeniably valuable investment for a new mom seeking to regain her self-confidence and reach an ideal body shape after giving birth.

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Isabel Mayfield is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is passionate about self-improvement and loves to help people improve their sense of self-worth through education and support in meeting their fitness goals.
The article was checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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  1. user
    Sarah W. 13 Dec, 2022 at 10:22 am
    Sarah W.
    13 Dec, 2022 at 10:22 am
    10/10 | a lifesaver for new moms

    this app helped me lose all the weight I’ve put on during pregnancy!

  2. user
    Michelle Kim 31 Jan, 2023 at 6:42 am
    Michelle Kim
    31 Jan, 2023 at 6:42 am
    8/10 | Easy workouts that work

    I though that getting back to my shape will be hard… but this app has easy workouts that work! I’m 20 lbs down

  3. user
    Laura G. 31 Jan, 2023 at 2:53 pm
    Laura G.
    31 Jan, 2023 at 2:53 pm
    9/10 | Delicious recipes!!

    The workouts are great, and the trackers are very useful, but the recipes.. oh my, they’re delicious!

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