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Cycling.Diet Review: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Cycling.Diet Review: Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Everything you need to know about Cycling.Diet. Find out how it works and what you can expect from its personalized cycling and meal plans.

cycling diet reviews

Trying to lose weight without dramatic dieting or radical workouts that may endanger your health? And without putting it back on soon after? 

Cycling.Diet is a weight loss and fitness program for cyclists. It provides personalized cycling training plans and eating plans based on your current weight and physical condition.

Available as a mobile app on Google Play and the App Store, it targets beginner cyclists as well as seasoned ones.

In this Cycling.Diet review, we explain how the program works, look at its highlight features, and note its pros and cons. 

We’ll also compare it to the competition to help you make an informed decision. Let’s jump right in. 

What Is Cycling.Diet?

Personalized Cycling Plan for Faster Weight Loss
  • Offers cycling exercise programs that are fully personalized
  • Provides meal plans, and recipe books that are created by professionals (cycling trainers, nutritionists)
  • Helps to maintain motivation during the plan period
Our rating:
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  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Progress tracking and estimation keep you motivated
  • Ingredients and recipe cards for every dish
  • Warm-up, stretches, and other exercise ideas
  • Personalized for different types of bikes, including indoor and outdoor rides
  • Adapts to your fitness
  • Boosts mental wellness
  • Fair pricing model
  • May not be ideal for users in regions with very hot or very cold weather

Cycling.Diet combines personalized cycling and meal plans to help you lose weight by doing and eating what you enjoy. More than weight loss, it can improve your physical and mental health and motivate you.

Unlike other similar programs, it doesn’t reduce weight loss to a one-size-fits-all solution, nor does it propose any radical training or dieting strategies.

Rather, it starts from your current fitness level and lets you set weight and fitness targets that suit you, week after week. Adjustable daily food and workout recommendations guide you every step of the way.

The Cycling.Diet team consists of professional cyclists and nutritionists. So, all the advice in the program is backed by the latest science.

It is available as a mobile app and combines cycling with nutritionist-created meal plans to help you lose weight healthily, build muscle mass, and improve your fitness levels. 

This app specifically targets users who want to place bicycles at the core of their training. Following other workouts already doesn’t necessarily exclude this one. But you need to be willing to ride your bike. 

It tracks calories and cycling activity. Based on the tracked data and your results, you can adjust the individualized plan you are following. It’s more fun than simply ticking checkboxes on a PDF file. 

More than a diet app, Cycling.Diet promises to help you maintain a great mental state and motivate you. Next, let’s see how it actually works. 

⭐ Rating


✅ Pros

User-friendly, warm-ups, challenges

❌ Cons

Equipment (bike) is needed

🍎 Operational system

iOs and Android

🔔 How to get started


💰 Price

From $2.30

How Does Cycling.Diet Work?

Cycling.Diet is easy to get started with. You begin by answering a series of questions about your health, weight loss and fitness goals, and food preferences. 

Based on your answers, the app will generate personalized cycling and diet plans. The personalized activity plans are for both indoor and outdoor bicycles. 

You can opt to skip meal planning. But for best results, it’s best to follow it. Cycling.Diet includes many diet options, including lacto- and ovo-vegetarian, low-fat, Mediterranean, and diabetes. 

You can find a plan that works for you without giving up on your favorite food. The app will then estimate how much you need to eat for optimal and maximum weight loss. 

Lastly, you will have to choose the heart rate zone or the intensity of the effort. With the Cycling.Diet app, you don’t have to go all out to see results. You can get a personalized exercise plan adapted to your body and fitness level. 

The program will then generate a personalized cycling and meal plan for you. And you can start using the app to log your cycling sessions and track calories daily. 

Once the program is underway, you can continue to adjust and tweak it. You can increase or reduce the intensity of the exercise or cut or add new foods to your plan. 

The app will graphically display your estimated weight loss. You’ll also find inside a visual representation of your body mass index (BMI).

What Are the Key Features of the Cycling.Diet App?

The key features of the cycling app include personalized cycling and meal planning, a calorie tracker, and a health forecaster. So, what do these features bring you exactly?

Personalized cycling plan

Created by cycling professionals, the personalized workout plan adapts to your workout targets. It factors in your bike too, including e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, and stationary bikes.

The app features the day’s workout, including duration and distance. Once you’re ready, you can start the workout, and the app tracks your progress. 

This plan includes warm-up and cool-down exercises, as well as stretches. You also get recommendations for other cross-training exercises that can support your workout goals. 

Personalized meal plan

The other essential feature of the cycling app is the individualized meal plan created by professional nutritionists. You get recipe cards for each dish, including ingredients and prep time. You can always change or skip a food idea you don’t like. 

Calorie tracker

The Cycling.Diet app has a built-in calorie tracker. It displays eaten and burned calories, as well as how many you have left according to your daily plan. 

Since you have to manually log calories, this encourages you to pay more attention to what you put on your plate. Logging admittedly takes a bit of time. But it’s a process that’s essential to a healthy relationship with nutrition. 

Health forecaster

A motivating feature of the program is weight, mental health, and sleep forecasting. Seeing the results you’re heading toward can keep you going during the more difficult days. The forecasting is based on your data, health goals, and other factors. 


Having your workouts and meals planned for you takes indecision out of your journey. It can also give you more time for yourself. 

Within the app, you can see your rides and foods to eat in advance, so you know what to expect. You’ll also see rest days and alternative exercises. You can tap on them for more details to know what you’re up against. 

Water balance

Staying hydrated is crucial during any exercise and fat-burning plan. The app will show you the minimum amount of water you need to drink every day based on your diet. It’s a handy feature that helps you stay hydrated while you follow your basic plan. 

What Are the Benefits of Cycling.Diet?

Personalization, lots of food choices, and motivational power to lose fat and build muscle are some of the main benefits of the Cycling.Diet app. Let’s take a closer look at these and the other pros that make this app stand out. 

#1 Adaptable to your fitness level

Maybe you’ve always ridden a bike since you were a kid. Or maybe you just got yourself your first bike a few weeks ago. Cycling.Diet provides personalized week-by-week cycling plans for beginner cyclists as well as experienced riders. 

It takes into account the bike you use and your exercise targets. You can use it to shed extra pounds and build muscle in a healthy way while preventing injury.

What’s more, personalization doesn’t stop with the creation of your exercise plan. You can keep adjusting it as you go based on your results. And get ideas for cross-training in the process. 

#2 Personalized nutrition plan for weight loss

Getting a recipe idea for every single meal of the day can transform your eating habits. It can help you take in more dietary fiber and cut back on sugary snacks. 

Exercise alone cannot sustain healthy weight loss if you don’t pick the right foods. This happens because the body eventually reaches a point where simply working out more doesn’t burn more calories. 

The nutrition plan also gives you more free time for yourself. Just try planning healthy dishes every day, and you’ll see how time-consuming it can get. Cycling.Diet makes consuming the right foods so much easier by providing tasty ideas every day. 

#3 Works across diets

Living with diabetes? Or strongly believe in the Mediterranean or keto diet? Whichever diet and foods you prefer, Cycling.Diet adjusts meal planning to fit your goals. This means you can enjoy healthy and delicious foods for your body while cycling toward your goals. 

#4 Motivates you to keep going

The hardest part isn’t starting a fitness and fat-burning plan. People do it every day. The challenge is sticking to it. Other apps promise spectacular results. But once you get going, you’re pretty much on your own. 

As we’ve seen, Cycling.Diet has a built-in weight loss estimator. It also projects body and mood improvements. The progress tracker can also help motivate you. 

Together with the calendar and recommendations, these will help you keep cycling toward your goals. 

#5 Makes tracking progress easy

Tracking your progress is crucial. But at the same time, you don’t want to lose too much time in the process. Or, after a while, you may slip into a demotivating routine. 

With Cycling.Diet, you can track your workouts and energy burned. The app makes this quick and easy, so you can focus on what really matters: exercising and eating well. 

#6 Improves mental wellness

Unlike other body transformation programs, Cycling.Diet goes beyond physical benefits to improve mood and wellness. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep. 

It achieves this through a combination of personalized exercise and meal planning. You can start seeing results within the first week. 

#7 Fair price point

Cycling.Diet is available as a 3-, 6-, and 12-month plan. You pay for what you use and can cancel at any time for a partial refund. 

Extras you can buy include trainer and nutritionist consultations. You can also get a workout and stretching program and a keto desserts recipe book. 

Is Cycling.Diet Keto-Friendly?

Cycling.Diet is keto-friendly. Are you already following or planning to follow a keto diet? The program can help you reach your goal weight while providing a keto diet you can enjoy.

Low in carbs and high in fat, a keto diet can be difficult to follow without a plan. Simply skipping on carbs isn’t the option. You may simply not have enough energy to want to get on your bike. And risk developing heart disease and other illnesses. 

Rather, you want to focus on balanced foods that provide enough nutrients. And that helps support your body transformation. The Cycling.Diet team provides personalized keto-friendly recommendations you can follow every day. 

So, even if you decide to skip that sweet potato, you can eat something nutritious and keto-friendly instead. You can discover plenty of keto-friendly ideas within the app.

How Does Cycling.Diet Compare to Its Competitors?

MTB Fitness
Trainer Road

Quick and easy to get started with

Optimized to your body and fitness level

You can adjust plans as you go

Lots of food ideas to choose from

Food cards with ingredients

Progress forecasting keeps you motivated

Works for beginners as well as seasoned cyclists

For outdoor and outdoor riders

Mixes aerobic training and strength conditioning

Geared toward mountain bike owners

Suitable for leisure as well as more serious riders

Multiple bike activities to choose from, including Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking

Progression levels encourage results

May not be as easy to follow in all locations depending on weather conditions

Geared toward mountain bike owners

No meal plan

Focused on performance rather than fat loss

Requires smart trainers

Some users complain of connectivity glitches

MTB Fitness
Trainer Road
Overall Rating

Quick and easy to get started with

Optimized to your body and fitness level

You can adjust plans as you go

Lots of food ideas to choose from

Food cards with ingredients

Progress forecasting keeps you motivated

Works for beginners as well as seasoned cyclists

For outdoor and outdoor riders

Mixes aerobic training and strength conditioning

Geared toward mountain bike owners

Suitable for leisure as well as more serious riders

Multiple bike activities to choose from, including Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking

Progression levels encourage results


May not be as easy to follow in all locations depending on weather conditions

Geared toward mountain bike owners

No meal plan

Focused on performance rather than fat loss

Requires smart trainers

Some users complain of connectivity glitches

How We Tested

Some factors are more important than others when it comes to weight loss and fitness apps. They can make the difference between a good app and a great app. 

These factors include quality, price, and brand reputation. We paid special attention to them during the review. Let’s take a closer look at them. 


A successful weight loss program delivers more than promises. It delivers a great all-round user experience across its website and app. 

It makes registration easy and asks enough questions to understand you. It also explains how the program works and what you need to do to achieve consistent results. 

From web design to app accessibility, from signup to daily use, we look at all these aspects of the program. After all, you can’t lose weight with an exercise and diet plan if you lose your patience with the user experience within days. 


Another heavy factor in our review is the weight factor. How much weight can the program help you lose, and how fast? It’s not just a question of numbers. 

Losing weight healthily and sustainably is what matters. Many people who follow a diet plan put on the weight they lose soon after. 

A well-made diet app makes losing weight a safe and healthy journey. It does more than provide the best tips. It makes these easy to follow. In our reviews, we look for any signs that the program is taking shortcuts or endangering health. 


We compare the price of the product to that of other products in its category. We also look at how accessible or restrictive the subscription model is. 

Some programs feature additional content. But this may not be useful for everyone, so we look at whether this is available as a separate purchase. Programs that force on you content you may not need and increase the price lose points. 

Brand reputation

Does the brand have negative reviews or fake reviews? And what do other reviews have to say? We looked at Cycling.Diet reviews across the web to get a sense of what people are saying. 

Brand reputation in the weight loss industry matters. We avoid taking it for granted, so we won’t risk falling for the marketing hype.

We look at online reviews, independent review site ratings, and other factors to determine a brand’s reputation. We are extra careful about brands with mixed or negative reviews. Or who have a history of underdelivering on their promises.


Now that we’ve come to the end of this review, let’s sum things up. 

Do you want to lose weight without being forced into a one-size-fits-all diet? And without going all out for fast results that are simply not sustainable in the long run? 

If the answer is “yes,” Cycling.Diet can help you every step of the way. From planning meals and exercises to logging calories and tracking progress. 

Cycling.Diet’s personalized exercise and meal plans adjust to your fitness goals week after week. They’re easy to follow and adjustable. They even take into account the specific bike you use. 

Knowing daily what you have to do and what to put on the plate simplifies the journey to a healthier you. It also keeps you motivated with predictions and an activity calendar. 

The Cycling.Diet team makes riding your bike to reach your weight loss goals a straightforward and enjoyable process. Yes, you have to put in some serious effort. And you still have to log your meals.

But the user-friendly app feels like a coach and nutritionist two-in-one that supports you in your journey. If you enjoy cycling and eating well, Cycling.Diet is a great app for you. You can count on it in daily life.

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Isabel Mayfield is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is passionate about self-improvement and loves to help people improve their sense of self-worth through education and support in meeting their fitness goals.
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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