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Cycling.Diet Review: A Personal Trainer’s POV

Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1495 Views 0 Reviews
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Not sure if the Cycling.Diet app is worth it? Get an expert opinion in this in-depth review.

cycling diet reviews

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Throughout my career as a personal trainer, I’ve witnessed countless people engage in calorie restriction, fad diets, and aggressive fitness regimens in a desperate attempt to lose weight. The trouble is these extreme approaches, in most cases, don’t work long-term.

I came across Cycling.Diet after discussing the use of tech-driven tools to aid weight loss. Unlike other digital programs that promise the world, this one struck me as more attainable. I downloaded the app and decided to investigate on behalf of my clients. 

In this review, I share my perspective on the features, perks, opportunities, and drawbacks.

What Is Cycling.Diet?

Our rating:
  • Offers cycling exercise programs that are fully personalized
  • Provides meal plans, and recipe books that are created by professionals (cycling trainers, nutritionists)
  • Helps to maintain motivation during the plan period
Click Here To Start Your Cycling Journey
  • checkmark
    User-friendly mobile app
  • checkmark
    Progress tracking and estimation keep you motivated
  • checkmark
    Ingredients and recipe cards for every dish
  • checkmark
    Warm-up, stretches, and other exercise ideas
  • checkmark
    Personalized for different types of bikes, including indoor and outdoor rides
  • checkmark
    Adapts to your fitness
  • checkmark
    Boosts mental wellness
  • checkmark
    Fair pricing model
  • checkmark
    May not be ideal for users in regions with very hot or very cold weather

Cycling.Diet is a weight loss program available as a mobile app. It pairs cycling exercises with nutritionist-created meal plans to help you lose fat, build muscle mass, and improve your fitness.

As the name suggests, the Cycling.Diet app explicitly targets users who want to place bicycles at the core of their training. It doesn’t mean excluding all other activities within your weight loss journey, but a willingness to ride a bike is a requisite of this diet plan.

The creators include cycling trainers and nutrition experts who make personalized diet and exercise plans to suit individual needs. Self-tracking is growing in popularity among my clients, and this app makes it easy to gather data as it tracks calories and cycling activity.

More than a diet plan, Cycling.Diet promises to help you maintain a great mental state and boost motivation. Lack of motivation is a problem I often encounter as a personal trainer. It’s so easy for people to lose interest and give up without a proper system.

⭐ Rating


✅ Pros

User-friendly, warm-ups, challenges

❌ Cons

Equipment (bike) is needed

🍎 Operational system

iOs and Android

🔔 How to get started

💰 Price

From $2.30

How to Get Started With Cycling.Diet

You must complete a quiz before purchasing the app. After selecting your gender, you move to the 21-question quiz, which covers everything from the type of bike you ride to how many miles you can cycle right now.

Eight questions in, and the team generates a personalized cycling plan to help you become your best self. It then moves on to diet-related questions to create your nutrition plan, accounting for allergies, dietary needs, and food preferences. 

You can opt out of the diet plan, but studies consistently show that programs combining exercise with a balanced diet deliver optimum results for weight loss.

Below are my quiz results after selecting “newbie” as my fitness level and the following information:

  • 31-year-old female
  • 5ft 8in 
  • 168lbs
  • 140lbs goal weight
How to Get Started With Cycling.Diet
How to Get Started With Cycling.Diet
How to Get Started With Cycling.Diet

The claim to lose 14 pounds in a month is unrealistic. 

However, the app estimates that I’ll lose 28 pounds in approximately 4 months, averaging 7 pounds per month. In that case, the estimations align with the general recommendations of 1–2 pounds per week for healthy weight loss.

How long it takes to lose almost 30 pounds exactly, however, can vary between individuals.

Once the program is underway, you can adjust and tweak it as you please – a clear benefit for new cyclists who don’t know how they will respond to the activity. 

You can use the cycling app to log your cycling sessions and track calories daily. Logging calories ensures you’re not over or undereating, keeping you on target with your weight loss journey. A handy graph displays your estimated weight loss and a visual representation of your body mass index (BMI)

How Does Cycling.Diet Work? 5 Key Features

I work with multiple clients, and those interested in self-tracking and assistance tools look for technologies offering modern features to support their health ventures. Will this app live up to my tech-savvy clients’ expectations?

Cycling.Diet has 5 key features worth sharing. Here’s what you can expect.

#1 Personalized cycling plan

Created by cycling professionals, the personalized workout plan adapts to your workout targets. It factors in your bike, too, including e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, and stationary bikes.

The app features the day’s workout, including duration and distance. 

The exercise plan includes warm-up, cool-down, and stretching exercises, preparing your body and preventing injury to ensure you get the most out of your ride. You also get recommendations for other cross-training activities supporting your workout goals.

Lastly, the calendar feature takes indecision out of your journey. You can see your rides, rest days, and food to eat in advance.

#2 Personalized meal plan

Meal plans from professional nutritionists are an excellent feature because what you eat matters, especially before cycling. You get recipe cards for each dish, including ingredients and prep time. You can always change or skip a food idea, and it takes into account your allergies, likes, and dislikes for a more personal experience.

#3 Calorie tracker

The built-in calorie tracker displays eaten and burned calories and how many you have left according to your daily plan. 

Since you have to log calories manually, it encourages you to pay more attention to what you put on your plate. Logging admittedly takes a bit of time. But it’s a process essential to a healthy relationship with nutrition. 

#4 Water balance tracker

Staying hydrated is crucial during any exercise. The app tracks your water intake and shows the minimum amount of water you need daily based on your diet. As a guide, it’s recommended that men drink 15.5 cups of fluid daily and women 11.5 cups.

It’s a handy feature that helps you stay hydrated while following your basic plan. 

#5 Keto desserts recipe book (optional)

My clients with a sweet tooth love discussing healthy weight loss desserts to satisfy sugar cravings. The optional keto dessert recipe book will interest those following the keto diet or those looking to eat fewer carbs to speed up fat burning.

What I Liked About the Cycling.Diet App: 5 Benefits

The cycling app appeals to me for several reasons. Personalization, many food choices, and the motivational power to lose fat and build muscle are some main benefits that will attract my clients. Here’s how these advantages stand out. 

#1 Accessible to different fitness levels

Maybe you’ve always ridden a bike since you were a kid, or perhaps you just got your first bike a few weeks ago. It doesn’t matter because Cycling.Diet provides personalized week-by-week cycling plans for beginner and experienced cyclists.

Beginners can get to grips with cycling by focusing on keeping a consistent pace for short distances. Those with more experience can benefit from longer, more intense rides that challenge their abilities. It’s ideal since I work with people of all physical conditions.

#2 Meal plan designed to cater to your needs

A recurring complaint when switching to a healthy diet is the struggle to come up with meal ideas and the time it takes. Having a nutrition plan frees up time and transforms your eating habits.

Exercise alone cannot sustain healthy weight loss if you don’t pick the right foods. Cycling.Diet makes consuming the right foods much easier by providing tasty ideas daily, developed by nutritionists, and catering to different diets and health goals. 

#3 Easy to track progress 

Tracking your progress is crucial. But at the same time, you don’t want to lose too much time in the process. Or, after a while, you may slip into a demotivating routine. 

The app tracks your workouts and energy burned, making it quick and easy, so you can focus on what really matters: exercising and eating well. Thanks to the progress tracker, you can see how well you’re doing and how close you are to your goals.

#4 It keeps the motivation going 

The hardest part isn’t starting a fitness and fat-burning plan. My clients do it every day. The challenge is sticking to it. Other apps promise spectacular results, but once you get going, you’re pretty much on your own. 

Cycling.Diet has a built-in weight loss estimator and projects body and mood improvements. 

You can keep cycling toward your goals with the calendar and recommendations. 

#5 You can get a trainer or nutritionist consultation

I particularly like that cycling trainers and nutritionists create cycling and meal plans. Even better, you can schedule consultations with these experts, giving you access to helpful tips, tricks, and guidance. However, this feature is only available for an extra fee.

3 Cons of the Cycling.Diet App

Considering the flaws helps me get a more balanced view of a product before recommending it to clients. There are a few disadvantages that make Cycling.Diet imperfect.

#1 It’s not a fast weight loss solution

Cycling.Diet is a long-term weight loss program. It promises results, but it doesn’t promise them overnight. I prefer diet plans with realistic expectations, but it’s worth noting that the program builds up gradually and demands user consistency to drive results.

You have to put the time and effort in. While this isn’t bad, some people prefer methods encouraging speedier results. That said, the results from short-term strategies for weight loss don’t usually last. Long-term plans help people incorporate cycling into their everyday lives, for example, by commuting to work via bike. With this approach, you can keep the weight off.

Remember that this program’s results vary from person to person. How quickly you lose weight is a unique process. 

#2 You need a bike to reap all the benefits

As a cycling-based app, it is no surprise that you need a bike to partake. For those that don’t already own a bike, using this program requires a substantial investment just to get started, immediately limiting accessibility to some people. 

Don’t expect an easy ride, either. You need to cycle in different conditions to keep up with the program. Expect to ride in the cold, heat, wind, and rain. Some people might struggle with this aspect and ditch the program in favor of indoor classes to stay warm and dry. 

#3 It takes time to cancel a subscription

Cycling.Diet is a paid app. It requires a subscription that the website states you can cancel at any time. Unfortunately, you must go through a time-consuming process to cancel your subscription correctly. 

To begin the process, you must email [email protected] and wait for an advisor to tell you how to proceed. It’s imperative that you contact the team first; otherwise, your subscription will extend and you will continue being charged. 

What Is the Price of Cycling.Diet?

After filling out the quiz, I was given the following pricing options for the Cycling.Diet app:

1-month plan: $33.00 charged every month

3-month plan: $52.00 charged every 3 months

6-month plan: $60.00 charged every 6 months

It’s cheaper to buy a lengthier subscription plan, but it depends on the level of commitment you want to give Cycling.Diet. On the checkout page, be mindful that the prices state the cost weekly, but it bills by the month. 

What Is the Price of Cycling.Diet

What Do Other Customers Think About Cycling.Diet? 

Cycling.Diet has a mix of positive and negative reviews online. Generally, users find the app supportive of their weight loss and fitness journeys. Still, some reports from more experienced cyclists find the program underwhelming.

However, the negative experiences are mostly associated with customer service rather than the app itself. Be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before signing up.

You can see some Cycling.Diet reviews below:

What Do Other Customers Think About Cycling.Diet
What Do Other Customers Think About Cycling.Diet
What Do Other Customers Think About Cycling.Diet

Cycling.Diet vs. the Alternatives

Comparison Winner: Cycling.Diet
MTB Fitness
Trainer Road

Quick and easy to get started with

Optimized to your body and fitness level

You can adjust plans as you go

Lots of food ideas to choose from

Food cards with ingredients

Progress forecasting keeps you motivated

Works for beginners as well as seasoned cyclists

For outdoor and outdoor riders

Mixes aerobic training and strength conditioning

Geared toward mountain bike owners

Suitable for leisure as well as more serious riders

Multiple bike activities to choose from, including Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking

Progression levels encourage results


May not be as easy to follow in all locations depending on weather conditions

Geared toward mountain bike owners

No meal plan

Focused on performance rather than fat loss

Requires smart trainers

Some users complain of connectivity glitches

How I Tested Cycling.Diet

Some factors are more important than others regarding weight loss and fitness apps. They can make the difference between a good app and a great app. I paid special attention to the app’s quality, effectiveness, price, and brand reputation.


A successful weight loss program delivers a great all-around user experience across its website and app. It makes registration easy and asks enough questions to understand you. It also explains how the program works and what you need to do.

From web design to app accessibility, from signup to daily use, I studied all these aspects of the program. After all, my clients won’t lose weight with an exercise and diet plan if they lose patience with the user experience within days. 

Cycling.Diet performs well in all of these categories – it takes minutes to sign up, and the app’s interface is user-friendly for all age groups.


Another heavy factor in my review is the app’s effectiveness of the app, including the weight factor. How much weight can the program help you lose, and how fast? It’s not just a question of numbers. 

Losing weight healthily and sustainably is what matters – slowly and steadily is key. Many clients have put their all into following a diet plan, only to find that the weight returns shortly after. It’s an incredibly frustrating and recurring experience that drives people to me for help. 

Cycling.Diet is a well-made diet app that makes losing weight a safe and healthy journey. It personalizes the experience to meet your needs, making your introduction to cycling more enjoyable. It also motivates you to eat a healthy diet and consistently burn calories.

It does more than provide the best tips – it makes them easy to follow. In my review, I attempted to spot any signs that the program is taking shortcuts or endangering health. In the end, I’ve found it to be a well-rounded program.


I took the time to compare the product’s price to other products in its category while considering how accessible or restrictive the subscription model is. 

Some programs feature additional content that may only be useful for some. Programs that force unnecessary content on you for an additional price lose points. With Cycling.Diet, you have the option to add on consultations with trainers and nutritionists, which is a worthwhile extra if you want to tailor your experience even more.

Brand reputation 

Does the brand have negative reviews or fake reviews? I looked at Cycling.Diet reviews across the web to get a sense of what people are saying. Many consumers have positive thoughts about the app, with most noting its user-friendliness and useful tracking abilities. 

There are negative reviews, however, mostly about poor customer service, unexpected charges, and difficulties canceling subscriptions. I’d recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully to avoid common issues.


Is Cycling.Diet legit?

Cycling.Diet is a legitimate health and weight loss program that combines cycling with a nutritious diet. It considers how many calories you need to lose weight, your fitness level, and your fitness goals.

Is Cycling.Diet free?

Cycling.Diet is a paid app offering a variety of prices depending on how long you’d like to use the weight loss program. You can purchase a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription plan, billed accordingly. Prices start from $33.00 a month.

Where can you get the Cycling.Diet app?

You can get the Cycling.Diet app from Google Play or the App Store. Visit the Cycling.Diet official website to complete the initial signup quiz to ensure your personalized program is suitable.

Final Thoughts: Is Cycling.Diet Worth it? 

I think Cycling.Diet is worth it if you own a bike, enjoy riding it, and want to focus on cycling to lose weight and achieve your health goals. Exercise and diet plans can be a great way to get you where you want to be physically and mentally, and this app offers plenty of assistance, including meal plans, progress tracking, and the best tips for success. 

Despite a few drawbacks, I’d recommend it to my clients who are ready to use an indoor or outdoor bike in their journey to better health.

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Written by Isabel Mayfield
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
13 min read 1495 Views 0 Reviews
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