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Clean Fasting: What Is It, and How Do You Do It?

Written by Thalia Oosthuizen
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 15, 2023
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In this article, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about clean fasting and the benefits that come with it. Start by discovering what clean fasting is and how to do it right to reap all the benefits.

Clean fasting

Chances are, you want to learn more about clean fasting because you have read about it or heard someone talk about it. Many fitness experts recommend it, and health experts also praise the benefits you get from it, but what is it?

You’re probably also curious whether anyone can participate in clean fasting and if there are any negative effects. We are just as curious as you, so we did some investigating and now invite you to take the journey with us.

If you’re interested in knowing about clean fasting and its benefits, read on and find out for yourself.

What Is Clean Fasting?

Clean fasting is when you only consume calorie-free beverages such as water, plain coffee, and tea during a fasting window. This comes down to not eating or drinking anything that contains any calories – a complete hold back from any food or beverages.

You may have heard that there are several health benefits to gain from clean fasting, but the most important of them is weight loss.

How to Do Clean Fasting

It is not easy for everyone to start this new journey to a better and healthier life to boost their self-esteem. Luckily for most of us, there is a helping hand in the form of a very functional system, DoFasting.

So, what is this DoFasting all about, and how will this system make it easier for anyone to stick to their fasting? First of all, it is a complete system that comes with all the information you need to get all the benefits from your fasting.

It is beneficial for both beginners and people who have been on this fasting journey for some time. All the guidance you need to meet your goals for both weight loss and overall health improvement is included with the app.

Daily fasting schedules that can help you in all aspects can be customized to fit in with your personal life and preferences. So you can fit the program into your schedule instead of the other way around for your convenience.

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From the app, you will find up to seven of the most popular intermittent fasting periods to choose from. This will help you find the perfect fasting method that will suit your needs so you can stick to it without interruption.

It also allows you to review a weekly summary so you can quickly find the areas where you need to improve. This is a great way to assess your progress and keep on performing better without getting stuck in one place for too long.

This feature will also help you establish healthy and much stronger habits to improve your health every week. You will also be able to notice any changes in your program so you can have increased control and better manage your progress.

On top of all that, you also get more than 5,000 recipes chosen by professionals for quick and easy diet planning. The DoFasting supplements available for the program are tried and tested to provide you with the highest levels of proper nutrition.

Benefits to gain from DoFasting

Following is a list of all the benefits you can get from making use of this functional and convenient program:

  • The app is free to download for installation on your device
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems
  • Easily create your own fasting schedule
  • More than 5,000 healthy recipes to choose from
  • Free intermittent fasting advice from professionals
  • Different training routines available for all levels
  • Keep easy track of your progress
  • Programs available for both male and female users
  • Improve overall health and boost your immune system
  • Easy weight loss options
  • Up to seven different fasting methods to choose from
  • Quick and easy quiz to get you started
  • The app is very easy to use
  • A quick guide to all the benefits of fasting is available

Benefits of Clean Fasting

There are several health benefits you can get during a clean intermittent fasting period.

#1 Weight loss

This is one of the most popular reasons people would participate in intermittent fasting. It is true that when insulin levels are low, the body will start to burn stored fat.

So instead of using sugar to burn energy, the body will then start using stored fat to do so. This process of burning stored body fat provides your body with more and higher quality energy, so you feel much better.

So, clean fasting is an effective way to reduce body fat and, in the process, helps you lose that extra weight and stored fat.

#2 State of autophagy

Autophagy is the process where the body cleans out any damaged parts, or sometimes the body simply recycles these components. This can be achieved through clean fasting to lower insulin resistance in the body, and glucose is released from the liver safely.

The longer you’re in a clean fasting period, the longer this cell detoxification process is active in your body. This will stay active until you consume any calories, and the body will start using sugar from carbs again.

So, you can call this clean fasting window a process of uninterrupted autophagy detoxing the cells to improve your health. 

#3 Hormone balance

The growth hormone in the body is responsible for several functions to keep you healthy and some important processes operating as they should. Two of these functions are fat burning and improving low blood sugar, and clean intermittent fasting is a good way to improve this process.

As this helps the process of burning fat in the body, it can also be seen as a health benefit for obese people. Clean fasting helps increase the secretion of the growth hormone, which improves healthy tissue repairs.

This means that the longer you do clean fasting, the more fat will be burned, and more cell repairs will be done. These are the important health benefits you can get from clean fasting, which is more than just losing weight.

Other benefits

  • You will have a faster metabolism
  • It will increase your overall health and lifespan
  • The liver will function at peak performance
  • Your heart health will increase drastically
  • The chances of inflammation will be reduced
  • It will have a positive impact on the quality of your life
  • Better mental functions

All of this we learned from the experts on the various websites we visited to help us understand the benefits.

What Can I Eat and Drink During Clean Fasting?

It is very important that you stay hydrated while fasting, especially during clean fasting. Mineral water and sparkling water are safe options to stay hydrated.

Fruit, herbs, and even lemon slices added to the water should be avoided because they contain calories. If you want hot beverages, only black coffee and tea without sugar are permitted, as they don’t affect blood glucose levels.

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Black coffee and tea also don’t trigger an insulin response, while coffee will slightly increase resistance against insulin.

As soon as you consume calories, your body will stop the fat-burning process, which you don’t want. If you do consume any extra calories during clean fasting, it will be dirty fasting.

Is Clean Fasting More Effective Than Dirty Fasting?

Many people ask the question of whether clean fasting is better than dirty intermittent fasting or whether they have the same benefits. No real research on dirty fasting in the medical and health communities can be used as evidence.

The distinction between clean and dirty fasting is that when calories are consumed during clean fasting, it becomes that. Clean fasting has more advantages than dirty fasting, such as consuming fewer calories and thus having the potential to lose weight.

To sum up, clean fasting is much better and healthier than dirty fasting.


We took a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the intermittent fasting lifestyle to shed some light:

How long is a clean fast?

This may all depend on how much weight you want to lose and what your personal schedule allows you. Clean fasting can last as long as 24 hours, but 12 hours will also help you burn more stored fat.

You can choose 12-hour clean fasting and stick to your daily decision to stay clean for that period.

Does coffee break intermittent fasting?

If you previously drank black coffee on a normal fasting system that is sugar-free and without milk or cream, you can stick to it. Drinking coffee (and diet soda or sugar-free, calorie-free drinks) during clean fasting will not affect your fasting, and the calorie content is negligible.

So, consuming coffee during intermittent fasting will not interrupt it. The same thing can be said for drinking diet soda that is sugar-free in your fasting window.

Will 10 calories break a fast?

Any amount of calories may cause you to break a fast, but low levels of less than five are negligible. For instance, a cup of black coffee or diet soda contains around zero calories and is sugar-free, which is acceptable for calorie restriction fasting. It will not disturb your fat-burning process.

A Word From Our MD

While clean fasting has many health benefits, like weight loss and weight management, not everyone can do it. If you feel you cannot make it through the period, consume low-calorie food such as bone broth to help you.

For some, this may seem like breaking a fast, but you will still benefit from your fasting over the long run. While weight loss is the main purpose of clean fasting, keep in mind that there are many other health benefits to clean intermittent fasting.

The great thing is that if you can keep up your clean fasting, you will gain maximum health benefits. You should also know that protein powder is a caloric beverage and should not be consumed during clean fasting.


Now that you know clean fasting provides you with many benefits, it is time to consider this healthy option. You will find that if you do intermittent fasting and are stuck, this method will help improve your health and also weight loss.

Most of us need some form of motivation when it comes to clean fasting; for that, you need the DoFasting program. You will find that the features included with this convenient system will help you when you feel like giving up.

So, if you are serious about fasting and the weight loss benefit you get from it, you should consider using DoFasting. You will get everything you need from the app, and this is where your journey to a new body begins.

Written by Thalia Oosthuizen
Thalia has always wanted to be a writer, starting her first local newspaper at the age of 11. She also has enjoyed a passion for health and fitness since a young age, playing many sports through her schooling career, and still enjoys biking, running, and swimming today. She studied English Language at University for 3 years, developing a passion for spelling, grammar, and research. She now has over 10 years of experience writing, proofreading, and editing, and has paired this with her love for health and fitness by writing health content.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Thalia Oosthuizen
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 15, 2023
7 min read 1473 Views 0 Comments

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