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Home arrow Nutrition arrow Weight Management arrow Boxing for Weight Loss: Will It Get You In Shape?

Boxing for Weight Loss: Will It Get You In Shape?

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 13, 2022
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Discover how boxing can help you burn more than 500 calories in just one hour and burn fat all over your body, even stubborn belly fat. Learn why boxing is a healthy way to relieve stress and anger, as well as the other benefits it offers.

Boxing for weight loss

Boxing workouts are long considered a men’s sport for improving self-defense skills, but they are becoming increasingly popular among women as well.

Workouts for boxing mimic the fast-paced, high-intensity fights, which require strength and agility.

There is no wonder why a boxing workout includes a variety of exercises, such as running, skipping, bag work, and body weight exercises like squat thrusts, press-ups, and sit-ups.

You’ve always wanted to try boxing, but you were not sure where to begin? Let’s bust the myth that boxing is just for men and discover why it should be part of your daily exercise routine and how it can help you lose weight and achieve your best shape.

Boxing for Weight Loss – Is It A Good Workout?

Boxing is perfect for weight loss, doesn’t matter if you are fighting in the ring or punching a bag. A boxing workout is also a great option as it combines steady-state cardio, high-intensity interval training, and resistance training. You rarely stop moving while working out in the ring, and your body becomes more agile and stronger.

What is more, boxing is more fun and effective than treadmills or aerobics. If you choose boxing. The typical boxing training session lasts anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes to cover warm-up, a variety of drills, and conditioning.

What is a boxing workout?

The warm-up is the ultimate cardio workout that requires you to jump rope, run, and stretch for 20 minutes without stopping.

Next comes real boxing, where you do shadow boxing, punch a bag, or spar in pairs for 3 rounds of 3 minutes each, followed by a minute of rest. Exercises are short and intense, as you strike quickly and defend yourself. This part is a high-intensity workout that’ll improve your endurance and help you burn fat.

At the end of a workout, you will spend 30 minutes cooling down at the average pace. The workout includes resistance training, weight training, and abs workout.

While fighting an opponent, you don’t think about fatigue, and even 90 minutes pass in a flash. The only thing on your mind is not missing a beat. So you don’t get bored or mentally exhausted.

You’ll probably feel really good after a boxing workout, even if you’re completely exhausted.

How Many Calories Does a Boxing Workout Burn?

One hour session of boxing with a punching bag will burn around 500 calories and if you take it further to a 90 minutes session, it can reach even 900 calories on average.

During a boxing session, you train at a speed that makes your heart beat in what is referred to as the “cardio zone” (a heart rate between 60% and 75% of your maximum heart rate), where your body burns more calories and makes you lose weight faster.

When you compare boxing 4 times a week for 12 weeks versus brisk walking for the same period of time, boxing beats brisk walking in terms of weight loss and muscle building.You will notice drastic improvements in your entire body after you start boxing and as you progress and do more sparring. Additionally, longer workout sessions aid in burning fat like no other, and the process continues for up to three days, making it easier to lose stubborn belly fat.

5 Benefits of Boxing for Weight Loss

Boxing is the way to go if you are searching for the best way to lose weight, especially stubborn belly fat.

Boxing can significantly boost your weight loss, heart, and overall health, as well as your quality of life.

Here we have listed for you 5 benefits of adding boxing to your fitness program.

#1 Full body workout

While boxing is often regarded as arm training, it engages all the muscles in the body. If you box wrong, you will overstretch your shoulders, but if you box right, it is also an excellent workout for your whole body. 

Boxing relies on hips and core muscles to build speed and power. It tones all your muscles, but the serratus anterior is the most important one because other exercises rarely tone it.

#2 Burns lots of calories

Ever seen someone break into a sweat during a boxing workout like they just came out of the shower? This is the metabolism working overtime.

Boxing is a serious calorie burner. A boxing workout can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, which is about 4 times more calories than what you would burn on a brisk walk for the same amount of time and twice what you burn cycling.

#3 Excellent for weight loss

The more calories you burn, the faster you can achieve your weight loss goals, but only if you follow a proper diet. If you work out 3 times a week, you will burn more than 1,200 calories in total, and if you also lower your calorie intake by another 200 calories per day, you can easily lose a pound per week on average. 

Remember, though, to eat enough nutrients to fuel your body, including healthy fats and protein, as these workouts can exhaust you.

#4 Improves heart health

Your entire body is saturated with oxygen during boxing as it combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

For example, running, swimming, and jumping rope are all examples of cardiovascular exercise. As a result of long-term boxing training, overall endurance increases, and the cardiovascular system becomes stronger, which prevents blood clots and heart disease as you age.

#5 Helps to get rid of stress

Punching a bag or your opponent in the ring is a safe way to release anger and relieve stress. Being aggressive is part of our nature. By practicing martial arts in a gym, you can learn anger management without harming yourself or others. This is also an excellent mental exercise that can improve both your physical and psychological health. Besides, learning self-defense builds confidence


Is boxing cardio?

Boxing is a vigorous cardio workout that helps to lose weight. The entire workout time, you will have to move and combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises. You will feel your heart rate shoot up to 75% of its maximum throughout the workout.

Does boxing burn fat?

During a boxing class, both upper and lower body muscles are worked out in high-intensity short bursts followed by short breaks. Depending on how skilled you are, it can burn between 600 to 1000 calories per hour. As you burn calories, you will kick start the fat-burning process, including toxic visceral fat, which is the root cause of inflammation and other diseases.

How long should I do boxing to lose weight?

You can burn around 500 calories per hour in a boxing class, but it widely depends on various factors. For every pound of fat you lose, you need to burn 3500 calories. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should take boxing classes 3 times a week and cut 200 calories from your diet. It will help you lose roughly a pound a week.

Tips From a Personal Trainer

While it is a great way to lose weight fast and build lean muscle, boxing is a martial art and a contact sport that carries risks for people who are not prepared for it. Observing proper safety precautions can prevent injuries and sprains.

Beginner boxing workouts typically do not include sparring to avoid injuries and are focused on learning how to perform basic moves, especially defensive movements.

Follow these tips to avoid injuries, whether you’re a beginner or a pro:

  • Keep your elbow close to your body during your punch, and not let it lift off as you punch.
  • In both a real fight and during a class, you’ll be protected by having your hands up. If your hands drop, it’s hard to get back into the right position, so you may punch incorrectly, resulting in a strain.
  • When you kick, make sure you use the flat top of your foot instead of your toes. This will prevent acute pain and broken toes.
  • When working out with a partner, make sure to wear headgear, a mouth guard, boxing gloves, and an armored groin or chest protector.
  • Prepare yourself properly for workouts by warming up with a jog or some star jumps to get your blood flowing and wake up your muscles.
  • When you are done working out, make sure to refuel and take some time to rest and give your body and mind the nutrients they require.


Boxing isn’t just for man but it is an excellent way for everyone to achieve their weight loss goals quicker. It is also much more exciting and fun than monotonous fitness programs that rely on repeating exercises or running at a steady pace.

You will look and feel much better after a boxing workout because it tones your muscles everywhere. Even those parts of your body that are missed out by most sports will get toned. As a bonus, boxing also has great benefits for your heart and lungs and will keep you away from diseases in the long run.

Besides losing weight and burning fat, boxing can also help you gain self-confidence and finally let go of nagging anger and stress. Just make sure you choose a certified trainer and high-quality gear before you step into the ring.

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 13, 2022
5 min read 1373 Views 0 Comments

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