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Does Bone Broth Work for Weight loss? Benefits of This Drink

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: April 14, 2023
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You might not think to drink bone broth when losing weight, but it could progress your results. How does this product benefit your weight loss journey? Can it improve the fat-burning process? We explain what bone broth is and how it may help you lose a few pounds.

Bone broth for weight loss

Bone broth has been a popular product for improving health.

People often drink bone broth for anti-aging, digestion, and immune function purposes. You can also use this product to lose weight. The nutrients, like calcium and iodine, work to strengthen your metabolism. A strong metabolic rate is always the key to dropping fat.

Does bone broth actually control your appetite? Can you consume bone broth regularly on a diet? How does it encourage your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day? These are questions we can answer in our guide to losing weight.

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of bone broth, including how it works for weight loss.

Can Bone Broth Work for Weight Loss?

Yes, bone broth is packed with protein and fiber that can help you feel full after regular meals. This prevents you from binge eating throughout the day, leading to reduced calorie intake. You can drink bone broth between meals for a healthy snack.

Many people go on the bone broth diet to lose weight. This includes only drinking bone broth and eating low-carb foods, like chicken, non-starchy vegetables, berries, avocados, coconuts, and plain water. Cutting out carbohydrates from your meals can promote strong fat loss.

Similar to a keto diet, you’ll be removing carbs from your meal plan. There are nutritional benefits that come with ketogenic diets or fasting. One of such is ketosis – a metabolic state that encourages the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Broth can also be a part of the paleo diet. This involves eating lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. People may believe that going on this “caveman diet” can help you lose or maintain weight. You can try the paleo diet for a few days to see if it’s suitable enough.

The nutrients in bone broth work to improve gut health, leading to a stronger metabolism that uses fat for energy. You may have less fat storage once your metabolic rate has increased. Just remember to properly diet and exercise if you want to see a drastic change in body weight.

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a type of stock that contains liquid from boiled animal bones and connective tissue. People commonly use this product in soups, gravies, and sauces to add nutrition to meals. You can also buy bone broth as a health and fitness drink.

There are many healthy minerals and vitamins that derive from making bone broth. Calcium, potassium, vitamin A, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids are just a few of those nutrients. You can make bone broth using bones from beef, pork, turkey, chicken, fish, lamb, and duck.

All you need to do for a bone broth recipe is simmer the bones in some water and apple cider vinegar for 12–24 hours. The longer you leave it, the more nutrients will absorb into the liquid. Mixing bone broth with vegetables and herbs can also enhance natural flavors.

How Does Bone Broth Help You Lose Weight?

Bone broth is low in calories, making it great for a weight loss diet. It’s also full of protein that reduces hunger cravings and increases lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn during physical activity and rest.

The simple bone broth diet won’t burn fat directly. You need to perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and go on a calorie deficit to progress weight loss results. However, consuming bone broth every day will fuel your body with amino acids like arginine and glutamine.

Amino acids can improve the synthesis of muscle, which leads to a greater drop in body fat percentage. They have powerful antioxidant properties that reduce weight by cutting down on fat cell production. Bone broth diet recipes are one way to get your daily amino acid intake.

On this broth diet, you can’t have any other drinks, even beverages with artificial sweeteners. If you pair the diet with intermittent fasting, you might choose to have broth on non-fasting days. Not eating at all during the fasting windows may help you drop some weight.

Best Bone Broth for Weight Loss

There are many bone broth recipes that help you lose weight.

Chicken bone broth is a popular option that uses chicken bones. This type of broth will mix well with vegetables and spices that enhance natural flavors. White meat is also full of protein and omega-3. These nutrients reduce blood sugar levels, limit fat cells, and improve gut health.

Beef bone broth is another popular flavor to have during dieting. Just combine beef bones with tomatoes, vegetables, and sea salt to create a rich taste. The beef bone broth diet contains protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B6 that maintain your muscle mass, leading to a higher metabolic rate.

You can buy pre-made dehydrated bone broth from fresh or frozen aisles in the store. However, these products could have secret additives. Companies sometimes include hidden ingredients to strengthen flavors, preserve the texture, and prolong shelf life for customers.

It might help to make your own bone broth. Just use the bones from whatever meat you like and boil them for 24 hours. This ensures you’re getting all the right nutrients that promote weight loss. The bone broth diet claims to improve blood sugar levels, leading to less glucose storage.

4 Health Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth

The bone broth diet contains many healthy fats and minerals that fuel your body. Pairing this drink with nutrient-dense foods can further support your weight loss progress.

Let’s take a look at the 4 benefits of bone broth:

#1 Improved skin health

Bone broth is rich in collagen that can enhance the complexion of your skin. It works to strengthen collagen production in the body. You might notice small physical changes on the bone broth diet, like fewer fine lines, radiant-looking cheeks, and more skin hydration.

#2 Better digestion and gut health

The several nutrients in bone broth can alleviate digestive stress. This is due to the antioxidants that reduce inflammation in your gut. On a bone broth diet, you will also consume gelatin – a water-soluble protein that supports people with leaky gut syndrome and bowel diseases.

If you suffer from regular constipation, try the bone broth diet. You need fiber to soften stools and clear out bad bacteria from your digestive tract. Drink some bone broth at least twice a day and eat other fiber-rich foods that can soothe your stomach from constipation symptoms.

#3 Reduced joint pain

Those who experience joint pain from diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis may enjoy the bone broth diet. Bone broth has glucosamine – an amino sugar that repairs joint damage. It can stimulate new collagen, leading to healthy joints with no inflammation.

#4 Supports immune function

It’s no doubt that the nutrients in a bone broth diet can support your overall health. Having a stable immune system prevents certain infections from occurring. The amino compounds in bone broth work to destroy pathogen cells that might weaken your immune system.

A stronger immune function leads to better weight loss results. It can keep you feeling energized during cardio-based workouts and throughout the day. More energy means more motivation to lose fat. You might also get better sleep, which encourages improved blood sugar levels.

How Much Bone Broth Should I Drink?

There is no specific answer but aim to consume around 2–3 cups of bone broth a day. If you’re on the bone broth diet, you might drink up to 6 cups during mini-fasts. Everyone has different fitness goals and may consume more to support lean muscle growth.

Many people try to drink more than one cup of bone broth to feel the physical effects. Consuming one is better than nothing and will still improve your gut. A good bone broth will taste delicious and encourage you to have seconds, but remember to eat other healthy foods on your diet.

To build more muscle, you need to have several cups of bone broth throughout the day. This ensures your body absorbs the nutrients and starts generating strong muscle tissue. You can talk to an experienced nutritionist about how much you should drink on a bone broth diet.

Bone Broth FAQs

How often should I consume bone broth?

You can drink any bone broth throughout the day, but it might help to drink it before meals. One cup before breakfast can improve your digestive process. Even one cup before bed can support your immune function during sleep, so choose times that are best for your diet.

Is chicken broth good for losing weight?

Yes, chicken broth is packed with nutrients that can help you drop a few pounds. It contains healthy fats, like fatty acids and protein, that don’t add extra calories to your bone broth diet. Just remember to pair chicken broth with other low-calorie foods to encourage weight loss.

Do bone broth diets work?

A bone broth diet will work if you use intermittent fasting methods. Simply drink some bone broth during mini-fasting windows and eat nutritious foods when the fasting period is over. You can also consume only bone broth for a few days if you wish to lose excess water weight.

A Word From Our Dietitian

Drinking bone broth is a great way of fueling your body with nutrients. You can have a few cups each day to feel cleaner and healthier. If you’re trying to reduce your body weight, try the bone broth diet. This can encourage your body to burn fat for energy instead of carbs.

Bone broth drinks can benefit those who suffer from joint, immune, and digestive problems. The proteins and amino sugars will soothe bowel problems like leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colonic polyps, and Crohn’s disease.

Speak to a dietitian if you want to drink some bone broth to drop a few pounds. They can give you a plan regarding healthy foods and workouts. The bone broth alone won’t dramatically boost your physical progress, so try other common methods like exercise and healthy dieting.


So, does the bone broth diet work for losing pounds of fat?

Bone broth can support your fitness journey, but it doesn’t burn fat directly. You’ll need to stick to a calorie deficit and perform intense workouts. The more calories you burn, the more likely your body will eliminate fat cells. Use bone broth as a low-calorie snack throughout the day.

The bone broth diet isn’t just good for weight loss. It regulates blood sugar control, smoothes out wrinkles, reduces inflammation, and maintains your gut health.

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel’s goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.
The article was fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: April 14, 2023
6 min read 1558 Views 0 Comments

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