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BodyFast App Review: Unveiling the Potential of This Fasting App

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
14 min read 1335 Views 0 Reviews
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Is BodyFast the best intermittent fasting app out there? I delved into its features to find out.

BodyFast App Review - Unveiling the Potential of This Fasting App

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

Intermittent fasting has been a popular trend for years, with its followers praising it for everything from losing weight to maintaining overall health.

While intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, for it to be successful, you must find what works best for your body.

One great way to do this is to use an intermittent fasting app that offers a personalized approach to your diet. Throughout my fasting journey, I’ve had my fair share of fasting apps, but there is one that has recently piqued my interest. And that is BodyFast.

Can the BodyFast intermittent fasting app lift people’s motivation and help them achieve their health and weight loss goals? I answer this and more in this detailed overview.

What Is BodyFast?

BodyFast logo
Our rating:
  • Over 10 different fasting plans
  • Weight, water intake, and fasting tracking
  • Educational material on fasting
  • Daily coaching
  • 100+ tasty recipes
  • Weekly challenges
Get Started
  • checkmark
    Offers a free plan
  • checkmark
    Intuitive to use
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    14-day money-back guarantee
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    The free app contains ads
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    Although reasonably priced, it is a paid app

BodyFast is a fasting app that supports people on intermittent fasting to reach their weight loss and health goals. The app provides tailored fasting schedules, daily coaching, recipes, water intake tracking, weight and body measurement tracking, and motivational challenges.

The BodyFast coach determines the best fasting schedule for each user every week based on your objectives, activity level, weight, and regular diet type. Alternatively, you can select your strategy from the app’s collection of pre-established fasting plans.

While the app is free to download, a membership is necessary to access all coach features.

Using the BodyFast intermittent fasting app, you can keep track of your fasting success, share it with others, and earn trophies as you accomplish specific tasks. BodyFast also provides a selection of recipes with perfect foods after fasting.

⭐ Rating


🔔 How to use

Track your eating and fasting periods, follow in-app recommendations, and lose weight effectively

💰 Price

$19.99 – $69.99

☕️ Where to get it?

How I Started Out With BodyFast

I analyzed this fasting app because, as a nutritionist and a fasting enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for tools and information that can empower people to achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Since intermittent fasting has gained significant attention for its potential benefits, I wanted to find an app that could simplify and personalize the fasting process to the individual needs of my clients. 

BodyFast seemed to offer just that with its promise of personalized fasting plans, coaching, and motivational challenges.

The sign-up process

Signing up for BodyFast is simple. After downloading the app from Google Play, I launched it, and the welcoming interface was friendly. You can also download the app from the App Store if you’re an iPhone user.

BodyFast then asked a series of essential questions in determining the best fasting schedule for me. These questions included:

  • My name
  • If I have fasted before
  • What I want to accomplish
  • My gender
  • My height
  • My weight
  • My weight goal

I was then asked to provide my email address, which the app used to send me nutrition tips and updates from the user community.

How I Started Out With BodyFast
Health Reporter edit

First impressions of the app

Once I subscribed to BodyFast’s newsletter, I was presented with an overview that briefly explained how intermittent fasting is healthy and whether I could drink water while fasting. The overview also answered a few questions about the app, including how the app works and what the weekly challenges are. 

After completing the sign-up process, I was directed to the Fasting tab, which has Coaching Journeys, Single Fasting Plans, and Categories.

Coaching Journeys has several fasting plans, including Beginner Journey, Relaxed Fasting, Better Health, Fat Killer, 16-8 special, and Immune Power. Single Fasting Plans includes different fasting plans based on your experience level. They include 16-8, Power Week, 23-1-Omad, and 14-10. 

I chose the 16-8 fasting plan and was directed to a fasting chart that showed my eating and fasting periods.

What I liked most about BodyFast is its user interface. The app is clear, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It seemed friendly and wasn’t overly complicated, making it usable by people with different tech-savvy levels.

The app’s emphasis on personalization, especially through the initial sign-up, demonstrated a commitment to tailoring the fasting experience to individual needs and goals. This was a big plus, especially because diet and wellness depend on personalization.

I also liked how the app went beyond just weight loss and highlighted other potential health benefits of fasting I would achieve.

How Does BodyFast Work? 5 Key Features

How Does BodyFast Work 5 Key Features
Health Reporter edit

I set out to find how BodyFast works, making it a top choice among intermittent fasters worldwide, and here are the key features that make it work seamlessly: 

#1 Personalized intermittent fasting plan

BodyFast creates a personalized intermittent fasting plan tailored to an individual’s specific goals, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. Through the detailed questionnaire during the sign-up process, BodyFast gathered essential information about me and crafted a fasting plan that suited my unique needs.

While you can get a personalized plan that Body Fast offers to all users, you can connect with a coach with a premium plan. This valuable feature allows you to receive expert advice and support, making your fasting journey even more personalized and effective.

BodyFast claims that people who subscribe to their coached program lose weight up to 30% faster than those who continue using the app’s free plan. The coach provides an optimal fasting plan, nutritional advice, and mindset shifts to help prevent hunger pangs.

#2 Fasting, weight, and water tracker

BodyFast helps you track your progress, stay hydrated, and easily follow your fasting schedule. Whether you’re following the popular 16:8 method or the 5:2 plan, this app simplifies the process.

You can also choose from daily fasting, alternate-day fasting, or custom schedules, which can be easily adjusted to your lifestyle. The app also includes a built-in timer that helps you keep track of your fasting period. 

It then sends notifications to remind you when it’s time to start or end a fast, ensuring you stay on track.

BodyFast’s weight tracker lets you record your weight regularly, helping you see your progress and decide on your fasting strategy more clearly. 

With this feature, I could set my specific weight goals, and BodyFast provided recommendations on achieving them within my chosen fasting plan.

Staying hydrated is also essential, especially during fasting periods. BodyFast has a water tracker that allows you to record your daily water intake during fasting, helping you meet your hydration goals.

#3 Healthy recipes

BodyFast is your go-to resource for healthy and delicious meal ideas during fasting. The app provides recipes appropriate for various dietary requirements, including keto, vegetarian, and vegan options. 

Whether you’re seeking breakfast ideas, main courses, soups, or snacks, you will find recipes that capture your interest.

Each recipe has nutritional information, helping you track your nutrient intake. They also have clear and concise cooking instructions, making cooking easy even for those who don’t have experience cooking.

#4 Educational content

BodyFast does more than just manage fasting schedules. It offers educational resources about intermittent fasting, nutrition, and general well-being.

The app offers articles that cover various aspects of intermittent fasting, dietary choices, and health. One such article example is “How do I deal with feeling hunger?” These articles are well-researched and provide valuable insights for beginners and experienced fasters.

#5 Motivational challenges

BodyFast offers weekly motivational challenges to keep you on track. While these challenges are only premium, they range from maintaining consistent fasting schedules to nutrition and mindfulness challenges.

Completing every challenge comes with “Trophies” that recognize your dedication and achievements. I found these trophies to be motivating, providing a sense of accomplishment.

What I Liked About BodyFast: 4 Main Benefits

As someone who’s not new to intermittent fasting, I was still pleasantly surprised by what BodyFast has to offer. Here are a few ways it can benefit its users:

#1 You can customize your fasting plan

Creating a customized fasting plan tailored to specific needs is one of BodyFast’s selling points. Whether you’re new to intermittent fasting or a seasoned practitioner, you can customize your own fasting schedule. The app allows you to create and save your unique fasting plans.

There are days when it may be challenging to maintain a strict fasting schedule. I can adjust my BodyFast fasting window to fit my schedule, making it a flexible and long-lasting strategy. 

The app can also alert you about where you’re on your fasting day, helping you stay on track.

#2 It motivates beginners to continue fasting

Intermittent fasting can be challenging for beginners, especially when adjusting to new eating patterns. BodyFast starts with simple and brief blurbs and titles that allow beginners and experienced users to choose which fasting schedule or challenge is right for them. 

They can easily see their fasting history, set reminders, and track their progress. The app also offers a simple, user-friendly interface and is simple to use and navigate.

The educational resources also help beginner fasters to understand the science behind fasting, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

#3 It supports weight loss

Intermittent fasting is a great tool for weight loss, and BodyFast promotes it well. Intermittent fasting helps you eat fewer calories, making it effective for weight loss.

BodyFast allows you to set specific weight goals within your fasting plan. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or a bit more, the app offers suggestions tailored to your unique fasting schedule.

Monitoring your progress is essential, and the app’s weight tracker allows you to log your weight regularly and generate clear graphical representations of your weight changes over time. This can motivate you and help you make informed decisions about your fasting approach.

#4 It has a supportive community

BodyFast has a community feature with active participants where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, find inspiration, and get support. If you’re like me, with an occasional need for encouragement and motivation, you may find this useful.

3 Downsides of BodyFast App

While BodyFast offers several valuable features, it comes with limitations. Here’s what I found frustrating about the app:

#1 The free version is limited

While you can download the app for free, many of its advanced features, like customized coaching and meal planning, demand a premium subscription. If you’re an advanced faster like me, you’ll be unable to switch between plans unless you upgrade to a paid version. 

While this may seem like a major drawback, you can easily opt for the premium plan to access more advanced features and get the most out of your intermittent fasting experience.

#2 It doesn’t track calories

BodyFast does not include calorie tracking, which can be a drawback, especially for those closely monitoring their caloric intake as part of their health and weight loss strategy.

Nonetheless, the absence of a calorie tracking feature may not be a significant drawback. Many other apps specialize in calorie tracking, and users who wish to count calories with intermittent fasting can integrate such tools alongside BodyFast. 

#3 There’s no real coach to talk to

BodyFast lacks a real human coach. While the app does provide coached services, they’re computer generated, so you can give feedback but can’t get any consultation or extra advice.

Access to a real coach can be beneficial for addressing specific questions, receiving personalized advice, and gaining motivation from a supportive real-life source.

How Much Does BodyFast Cost?

The BodyFast app offers free and paid versions. If you subscribe to the BodyFast app: 

  • 1-month subscription will cost you $19.99
  • 6-month subscription will cost $34.99
  • Annual subscription will cost $69.99

If you see intermittent fasting as a long-term goal (ideally becoming your lifestyle), select a 12-month plan for the best price.

As for the individualized fasting coaching app, $1.35 a week is a reasonable price that matches the market average for a high-quality app. 

BodyFast also provides discounts and offers that can make the app even more accessible and cost-effective, especially if you plan to commit to intermittent fasting in the long term.

Free version vs. premium 

The app offers two versions – free and premium. The free version offers basic features and a few fasting plans. Overall, if you are new to intermittent fasting and want to see if the app works for you, it costs nothing to try it out.

FeaturesFree planPremium (coach) plan
Personal fasting coachX
Fasting plans10 different fasting plansAccess to 50+ special fasting plans
Fasting timer and notifications
Weight tracker and statistics
Water tracker and reminder
Recipe ideasA handful of recipe ideasFull access to 100+ recipes developed by nutrition experts
Educational resources
CustomizationXCreate and save your own plans
SOS tips and expert helpXSOS tips and instant help from BodyFast’s team of experts
Motivational challengesX

If you are satisfied with the user interface and want to start an all-in fasting journey, you would highly benefit from upgrading to the premium version.

It unlocks 50+ fasting plans (customized to your needs), challenges, a coach (great for accountability), and daily educational tips. 

What Do Other Users Think About BodyFast?

With over 30 million downloads, BodyFast has received positive and negative user experiences. Most users seem satisfied with the free version and find the app suitable for their needs. They highlight the helpful timer, flexibility in adjusting fasting start times, and minimal advertising. 

So far, I have been using the free version of this app
Screenshot from Google Play
So far, I have been using the free version of this app
Screenshot from Google Play

One user who subscribed to the premium plan expressed some disappointment. They mention that the plans offered in the premium version can be found online and that the coaching offered is not a real human. However, the user does find the notification feature helpful when starting or stopping their fast.

I paid for three months of premium, but honestly
Screenshot from Google Play
I paid for three months of premium, but honestly
Screenshot from Google Play

Another user reviewed BodyFast on their YouTube channel. They found the free version to be limited but loved the fact that you can subscribe to the premium version and get several options:

Remember that user experiences and opinions vary. What works for one person may not align with another’s needs and preferences. Explore the app features and assess whether it matches your needs and goals before committing to a paid subscription.

BodyFast vs. Other Fasting Apps

Comparison Winner: DoFasting

Tracks calories

Over 5,000 healthy recipes

Meal suggestions

20 unique diets to choose from

Daily motivational boosts

Expert guidance and tips

Suitable for beginners and advanced fasters

Personalized fasting plan

Fasting, weight, and water tracking

Educational resources

Daily coaching

Weekly challenges

Simple user interface

Educational resources

Video tutorials for beginners

Offers alerts and reminders


No free trial

The free version is limited

Requires constant updates

No exercises

How I Tested the BodyFast App

To evaluate the BodyFast app thoroughly and brief you on the findings, I tested critical app features. 

Among the factors applicable to health-related apps, I included quality, effectiveness, price, and brand reputation. 

Quality 4/5

The BodyFast app can be considered a high-quality app. It has favorable user reviews on Google Play and the App Store (4.7 on both). 

The user interface is perfect, making the app very easy to navigate. I didn’t experience any issues regarding the technical side of the app. 

The only downside that made me lower the grade was the lack of flexibility to change the fasting week schedule. If you have a family dinner twice a week, you cannot move around your fasting schedule.

Effectiveness 4/5

As a fasting app, this app deserves praise. You can find 50+ fasting plans, training practices, educational content, and motivational bits here. 

This app helps people achieve their fasting goals, one of the main being weight loss.

The BodyFast app also claims to help users reach their fasting goals 30% faster, although some customer reviews vary. 

Price 4/5

Although the app provides a free plan for trying it out, the price is still relatively high for an app. 

Even though it fits in the average price range for high-quality fasting apps, not everyone can afford to buy such an app, which is why I deducted a few points in this category. 

Brand reputation 4/5

BodyFast seems like a dedicated brand in helping its users achieve their fasting goals – starting from the intuitive app interface and finishing with responsive customer support. 

If you are looking for a brand you can trust, BodyFast may be a good choice. 


Is BodyFast premium worth it?

BodyFast premium is worth it if you’re looking for a personalized fasting plan, access to additional features like recipes and motivational challenges, and are willing to invest in your intermittent fasting journey.

Who owns BodyFast?

BodyFast is owned by Patrick Hammer, who is also the co-founder of this app.

Is there an intermittent fasting app that is free?

There are intermittent fasting apps that offer free versions with basic features. They provide fasting timers, tracking tools, and educational content.

However, while these apps offer free plans, they may also have paid subscription options with additional features.

Where can you get BodyFast?

You can download the BodyFast app from your device’s app store. It’s available for Android devices on Google Play and iOS devices on the App Store.

A Word From Our RD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Edibel
Edibel Quintero, RD
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

Intermittent fasting can be challenging for beginners. To avoid the side effects, start slowly. For instance, you might begin with a 12-hour fasting plan before progressing to a 16:8 schedule. Afterward, you can go to a narrower eating window If you’re comfortable.

High-quality, science-backed fasting apps can help you fast correctly without harming your body. The educational approach will help you follow the plan and understand why you’re fasting.

When selecting a fasting-focused app, you should stick to the ones that customize the plans and intensity according to individual human health conditions and expected results.

This way, you can achieve the desired body weight, psychological well-being, and overall better health more effectively and sustainably than you would if you were to do it yourself.

Conclusion: Is BodyFast Worth a Try?

Overall, BodyFast is a high-quality app. The educational resources you have access to and the water, weight, and fasting trackers are certainly worth the price. 

The feature that stood out to me was the personalized fasting plans. It makes it easy to fast according to your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and schedule. The stats section also caught my attention. Seeing your progress is a motivation to work towards your goals.

Nonetheless, BodyFast lacks other features like a calorie tracker or fasting workouts, and if you prefer an app with such tools, you may try DoFasting or Simple intermittent fasting apps to see if they help you reach your weight loss success.

You can also try the BodyFast free plan and get an overall sense of the app before putting money into it.

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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: October 5, 2023
14 min read 1335 Views 0 Reviews
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