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PhenQ Review: Here’s My Story and Results

Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 20, 2023
15 min read 2005 Views 0 Reviews
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The PhenQ supplement claims to increase metabolism and burn stored body fat, but does it actually work?

PhenQ reviews

How do we vet brands and products? Learn more.

There are a lot of people who try their best to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. As one of them, I struggled with yo-yo dieting and unrealistic weight loss plans for most of my life.

I never believed weight loss supplements could work and, to be totally honest, I always thought it was some sort of scam. However, I was looking for something that could truly help me. 

After reading several reviews on internet forums, I decided to try so-called diet pills. There was nothing to lose at that point.

While browsing, one brand name caught my attention – PhenQ.

This weight loss supplement claims to help you lose weight by curbing your appetite, increasing your metabolism, and inhibiting fat production. There was definitely something promising about it. Here, I explain what PhenQ is, its ingredients, and if it helped me lose weight.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ logo
Our rating:
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports weight loss
  • Increases fat burning
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Inhibits weight gain
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  • checkmark
    Reduces cravings and suppresses appetite
  • checkmark
    Helps the body burn fat
  • checkmark
    Boosts metabolic rate
  • checkmark
    Expensive compared to other weight loss supplements
  • checkmark
    Some users have experienced negative side effects
  • checkmark
    Caffeine may have an adverse effect on users sensitive to it

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight, speed up the fat-burning process, increase metabolic health, and suppress appetite to help reduce cravings.

Thermogenic ingredients, such as α-Lacys Reset, create the basis for this fat burner and helps speed up the rate at which your body burns calories. It’s important to note that PhenQ is only effective when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

PhenQ Weight Loss Pills
Health Reporter image

The product is aimed at people with slow metabolisms who struggle to lose weight through exercise and a healthy diet alone. It is designed to ensure that the calories you consume get burned and used by the body.

It was impressive that the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

⭐ Rating


✅ Pros

Burns fat, might boost the metabolic rate

❌ Cons

Might cause bloating and anxiety

☕️ Contains caffeine?


🔔 Where to buy?

💰 Price

From $69.99

Why Did I Decide to Try PhenQ?

Having tried losing weight and keeping it off numerous times, I was certain nothing would work for me. No matter how much money I spent on meal plans and workout routines, none of them worked for me in the long run.

It’s all fun and games at the beginning, as motivation is high and you’re ready to conquer the world. However, eating plain meals and going to the gym no longer seem as enjoyable after a few months.

That’s where PhenQ supplements come in.

After hours of research, I became convinced that this diet pill could help me lose weight. I knew the weight loss supplement wouldn’t melt off the pounds overnight, but when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it might be effective.

How I Started With PhenQ

Since PhenQ weight loss supplements can only be purchased online, I went straight to their website. Reading about the ingredients, other customer testimonials, and how PhenQ actually works was interesting.

When buying the product, three options are available: buy one bottle, buy two bottles, and get one for free, or buy three bottles and get two for free. At that time, I wasn’t sure whether PhenQ would work for me, so I chose the second option.

I also received 10% off and free shipping with the code that appeared on my screen during the purchase process. Win-win!

How to take PhenQ

It is recommended to take two pills throughout the day with a full glass of water, one with breakfast and one at lunch.

As I mentioned before, to achieve the best results with PhenQ weight loss pills, you must combine them with a nutritious diet and daily exercise. My diet and activities were as healthy as possible during the testing of this supplement.

By using this schedule, you may consume fewer calories at meals and absorb fewer fats due to the fiber contained in nopal cactus. Because of the high caffeine content of these pills, you should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Due to its high caffeine content, this supplement should not be taken after 3-4 p.m.

How Does PhenQ Work?

In my search for an effective weight loss supplement, PhenQ caught my eye since it targets several aspects of the process. By combining thermogenic and appetite-suppressing ingredients, it increases the rate at which your body burns calories and regulates appetite. This allows people to achieve great results.

Caffeine and Capsimax Plus blends in PhenQ help increase thermogenesis. It is the process by which our cells burn calories to produce heat. Thermogenesis also increases the rate and number of calories burned.

PhenQ blend contains piperine, a well-known aid for weight loss. The manufacturers claim that this ingredient may have the ability to stop the production of new fat cells. Current studies, however, have yet to definitively prove this ability.

This supplement also includes cactus fiber, which is known to help reduce cravings and suppress appetite by helping us feel fuller for longer. It might help to reduce the number of calories we eat and helps us stick to a caloric deficit.

Lastly, the caffeine content in PhenQ helps boost energy levels, helping you be more active. Caffeine may also play a role in weight reduction, too.

How Did PhenQ Capsules Work for Me?

Three months after taking PhenQ capsules, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed the following:

First two weeks

During the first two weeks, I noticed a significant decrease in my appetite, making it easier to resist unhealthy cravings. The energy boost provided by PhenQ was a game-changer, fueling my workouts and keeping me motivated.

First month

A month later, I noticed gradual but consistent weight loss, especially in stubborn areas such as my belly and thighs. PhenQ’s unique blend of ingredients, including Capsimax Powder and Chromium Picolinate, seemed to increase my metabolism, promoting fat loss and overall weight loss.

I must mention that I went to the gym every second day, so the results were seen faster.

Second month

I saw continued progress in my weight loss journey as I entered the second month of using PhenQ capsules.

As a result of PhenQ’s appetite-suppressing effects, my portion sizes naturally decreased, and I felt satisfied with smaller meals. I’m sure this contributed to a steady decline in my body weight.

As the energy boost provided by PhenQ continued, I was able to engage in more intense workouts and maintain an active lifestyle with ease. During my fitness routines,

I noticed an increase in endurance and stamina.

Third month

With PhenQ still going strong, I was amazed at my progress during the last month.

Aside from experiencing decreased appetite and cravings, I also noticed significant improvements in my body composition.

Moreover, PhenQ provided me with mood-enhancing benefits, which kept me positive and motivated. With each passing week, I felt more confident and proud of the changes I had achieved.

In the third month, I realized PhenQ had become an invaluable ally in my quest for a slimmer, healthier body.

What Are the Benefits of PhenQ?

My personal experience with PhenQ has been positive. During my 90-day testing period, these were the four most noticeable benefits:

#1 My appetite reduced

Trying to follow a caloric deficit diet often makes me feel hungry and causes me to crave unhealthy foods. In truth, I struggled with my sweet tooth for years, so I was astonished when I barely had any cravings after just a few weeks of using PhenQ.

In my later research, I discovered that caffeine, chromium picolinate, and nopal cactus contributed to this effect. A combination of these ingredients tends to decrease feelings of hunger and balance blood sugar levels.

#2 It improved my mood

Sticking to a strict weight loss regimen is difficult when cutting calories leads to fatigue. Let’s be real, when you are always tired, you are less likely to exercise and go to the gym. By blending natural caffeine with Capsimax powder, PhenQ aims to resolve this issue.

Moreover, the L-carnitine found in the supplement provides cognitive support for people suffering from daily mental fatigue. The makers of PhenQ claim that this ingredient helps you stay positive and motivated as you shed excess weight.

And it really does!

This supplement improved my mood and overall feeling of well-being. It also gave me more energy, a sense of happiness, and motivation to lose weight. Being in a better mood helped me stay focused, committed, and enthusiastic while making healthy choices.

#3 My energy levels were steady throughout the day

The constant and steady energy I received from PhenQ helped me maintain an active lifestyle. Instead of causing energy crashes or jitters, PhenQ provides sustained energy without any adverse side effects.

I could exercise regularly, stay productive, and accomplish my daily tasks with ease because of this steady supply of energy. Enhanced energy levels allowed me to push harder during workouts, thus maximizing the effectiveness of my activities.

#4 I lost 14 pounds

Two main ingredients in PhenQ are responsible for burning fat: α-Lacys Reset and Capsimax powder. Both stimulate the fat burning process by providing a powerful thermogenic effect.

It turns out that these ingredients help mobilize excess fat and prioritize it as the primary energy source for the body instead of carbohydrates.

PhenQ helped me lose 14 pounds during 90 days. With such a visible and tangible result, this supplement proved effective in helping me lose weight.

Not only did I see my weight decrease, but I also noticed a considerable difference in the fit of my clothes and how I felt in my own skin.

Cons of PhenQ

PhenQ has been a positive experience for me, but I have encountered a few disadvantages. Before making an informed decision about PhenQ for weight loss, consider these factors along with its benefits:

#1 The price point is high, and you can only buy it online

PhenQ might not be the most cost-effective weight loss supplement for those on a budget. If you take the supplement regularly, the price can add up quickly. It’s a topic I’ll talk about later, but for now, let me just tell you that PhenQ costs $69.99 per bottle. Product quality and effectiveness can justify the cost, however.

Another disadvantage is that the supplement is only sold online. The result could be a delay in shipping or difficulty obtaining the product.

#2 You can’t use it in the evening

In order to sleep well at night, you shouldn’t take PhenQ in the evening due to its high caffeine content. It was a disadvantage for me because I had to carry the PhenQ bottle everywhere I went so I wouldn’t miss a dose.

Although I am not sensitive to caffeine, many people are, so keep this in mind before purchasing.

#3 There are side effects

There are potential side effects associated with PhenQ, just as there are with any dietary supplement.

Even though I didn’t experience any adverse side effects, some users have reported mild side effects such as jitteriness, increased heart rate, or sleep difficulties.

The caffeine content in PhenQ is usually responsible for these side effects. Following the recommended dosage is essential, especially if you are sensitive to stimulants or have underlying health conditions. 

It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting a new supplement.

What Ingredients Are In PhenQ?

The ingredients in the PhenQ diet pills are all-natural and generally backed by science. I have summarized each of them below so you can get to know this dietary supplement better.

#1 Capsimax powder

Considered the main fat-burning ingredient in the PhenQ product, the Capsimax Plus blend combines capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin (vitamin B3). 

Capsicum extract, which comes from chili peppers, is believed to increase fat oxidation and calorie burning. Caffeine and niacin boost energy levels and support metabolism, while piperine enhances the absorption of other ingredients.

#2 α-Lacys Reset®

The α-Lacys Reset® formula is patented and exclusive to PhenQ. 

By combining alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine, it enhances metabolism and thermogenesis. With this unique ingredient, your body’s natural fat-burning ability is boosted, assisting you in losing weight.

However, alpha-lipoic acid has shown only mild benefits in those losing weight. While it has some weight loss benefits, it remains to be seen whether this ingredient is the wonder that PhenQ claims.

#3 Chromium picolinate

As a trace mineral, chromium picolinate regulates blood sugar levels and reduces cravings for carbohydrates and sugar. Maintaining a healthy blood glucose level helps reduce overeating and maintain a balanced appetite.

Chromium is often found in weight loss pills, and supplementation is thought to boost weight loss, particularly in obese adults.

#4 Caffeine

Caffeine is used in this supplement for several reasons. To begin with, it is known to boost mood and energy levels, helping you stay on track with your diet and reducing fatigue, which is common when dieting.

Caffeine has also been linked to weight reduction and a lower BMI. It could also support appetite suppression.

#5 Nopal cactus 

As a result of its high fiber content, nopal cactus may support better appetite control and decrease hunger cravings. Besides being an essential macronutrient, fiber is commonly used on fasting diets to reduce appetite.

The fiber used in this supplement is designed to help you feel fuller for longer, improve satiety, and reduce hunger pangs. This helps you eat at a caloric deficit and avoid so-called unhealthy foods that could lead to weight gain.

PhenQ Ingredients
Health Reporter image

What Customers Say about PhenQ?

These reviews and testimonials are provided by individuals who have been using PhenQ for a while and have shared their honest opinions. Let’s dive in and discover the real stories behind these popular diet pills.

What Is the Price of PhenQ?

At the time of writing this review, one bottle of PhenQ, which contains 60 pills, costs $69.99. 

Though this is relatively expensive for a one-month supply, PhenQ does offer a few “bundle” deals, which brings the price down the more you buy.

For example, you can buy two bottles and get one for free for $139.99 or opt for 3 bottles, get 2 for free and pay $209.99.

It also comes with free delivery and all orders have a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Where to Buy PhenQ?

In my opinion, the official website of the manufacturer is the best place to purchase PhenQ weight loss pills. It ensures that you receive genuine products and can take advantage of any special offers and discounts.

While navigating the page, the code with a discount appeared and I received 10% off and free shipping. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, the website provides a convenient and secure method for placing orders.

PhenQ vs. PhenQ PM

There are some key differences between PhenQ and PhenQ PM weight loss supplements, even though they are both produced by the same manufacturer. Here’s how they compare:

#1 Formulation

PhenQ: As a weight loss supplement, PhenQ is designed primarily for daytime use. This supplement contains caffeine, capsicum extract, chromium picolinate, and other natural ingredients that promote fat burning, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and enhance energy levels.

PhenQ PM: Alternatively, PhenQ PM is explicitly formulated for weight loss at night. It contains ingredients such as 5-HTP, melatonin, and L-theanine, which promote relaxation and sleep. In addition to improving sleep quality, these ingredients reduce evening cravings and support weight loss while sleeping.

#2 Usage and timing

PhenQ: It is generally recommended to take PhenQ in the morning and at lunchtime. It helps you stay active, focused, and manage your food intake throughout the day by boosting energy and suppressing appetite.

PhenQ PM: In order for PhenQ PM to work, it must be taken before going to bed at night. During sleep, it promotes relaxation, reduces nighttime cravings, and supports weight loss.

Choosing between the two depends on your specific needs, lifestyle, and preference for targeting weight loss efforts during the day or night. An exercise and diet plan are required to achieve long-term weight loss with PhenQ and PhenQ PM. 

Whenever you begin a new weight loss regimen, follow the recommended dosage and guidelines and consult your doctor, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

Comparison Table

Comparison Winner: Keto Cycle FUEL
Keto Cycle FUEL

Helps you reach ketosis faster

No added sugar

Natural ingredients

Supports fat burning

Boosts weight loss

Boosts appearance and strength of the skin

Improves hydration

Reduces cravings and suppresses appetite

Helps the body burn fat

Boosts metabolic rate

24-hour approach

Natural ingredients

Boosts metabolism


Not suitable for fasting

Expensive compared to other weight loss supplements

Some users have experienced negative side effects

Caffeine may have an adverse effect on users sensitive to it

Expensive supplement

Only available on the manufacturer’s website

Caffeine may cause sleep disturbances

Multiple doses required throughout the day


Who can use PhenQ?

Anyone trying to lose weight can try out these pills; however, the brand states that pregnant and breastfeeding women, and anyone under 18, should not use the pills. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.

What is the daily dose of PhenQ?

The daily dose of PhenQ is two tablets each day. They can be taken for as long as necessary to lose weight.

Is PhenQ safe?

None of the ingredients used in the PhenQ supplement appear to have any adverse effects on humans. The ingredients used are natural, making them unlikely to cause any ill effects in humans.

A Word From Our RD

Expert image border HR_author_photo_Rosmy
Rosmy Barrios
Medical advisor for Health Reporter

Diet supplements are a great way to decrease body fat and reduce overall weight. They can be really useful for people who have struggled to lose weight in conventional ways and can help prevent weight gain.

Fat-burning supplements come with a ton of ingredients that can help you reduce body fat and overall weight, but there isn’t anything as effective for weight reduction as a calorie deficit. Consuming fewer calories than you burn is the number one way to reduce body weight.

You can achieve this by eating fewer calories throughout the day or trying a dieting method that enforces a natural caloric deficit, like intermittent fasting. Try methods like the 16:8 fast or alternate-day fasting.

You can also increase the caloric deficit by getting more active. It is recommended that you get 150 minutes of physical activity each week. You could achieve this by joining a gym class or taking up cycling to burn more calories.

Dieting pills are a great way to enhance weight reduction but should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle.

How I Tested These Weight Loss Pills

As part of my evaluation of PhenQ, I assessed its effectiveness, price, and brand reputation. The following is a summary of how each factor was tested:

Quality 8/10

PhenQ’s quality was evaluated based on its ingredients, my results, and other customer testimonials. In my research, I looked into the manufacturer’s reputation and their commitment to producing high-quality supplements.

As a result of my findings, I have given PhenQ a rating of 8 out of 10.

Results 8/10

The results and effectiveness of PhenQ was measured over three months by following the recommended dosage and incorporating it into my weight loss routine.

I closely monitored my progress, including weight loss, body composition changes, energy levels, and appetite suppression.

Overall, PhenQ contributed to my weight loss journey and earned an 8 out of 10 rating for effectiveness. The caffeine content might be an issue for some users, so I took 2 points away.

Price 7/10

As I assessed the price of PhenQ, I compared the product to other weight loss supplements claiming similar results.

Despite PhenQ being priced in a moderate range, I considered factors such as its quality, effectiveness, and overall value for money. I believe it delivers on what it promises.

In light of these factors, I gave PhenQ a price rating of 7 out of 10.

Brand reputation 9/10

In order to evaluate PhenQ’s brand reputation, I researched the manufacturer’s track record, customer reviews, and feedback, as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The brand has a strong reputation in the industry, with many positive testimonials and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Accordingly, I gave PhenQ a brand reputation rating of 9 out of 10.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Money?

As a result of using it for three months, I lost an impressive 14 pounds. With PhenQ, I was able to control my appetite, improve my mood, develop a steady energy level, and burn fat.

My trust in this supplement has been solidified by the significant results I’ve achieved along with the positive impact on my overall health. To anyone looking for effective weight loss support and a healthier lifestyle, I recommend PhenQ without reservation.

There are many weight loss supplements on the market right now. From pills to liquids and powders – you can get it all. However, PhenQ has created a useful fat-burning supplement that appears to be an effective way to shed weight.

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Written by Edibel Quintero, RD
Fact checked by Rosmy Barrios, MD
Last update: September 20, 2023
15 min read 2005 Views 0 Reviews
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