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Weight Loss Dr. Now Diet: Latest Fad or Real-Life Miracle?
We take a look at the viral Dr. Now diet and discuss whether it's a dream come true for weight...
Intermittent Fasting How Long Does It Take for Intermittent Fasting to Work?
You might be thinking – what fasting option works the quickest? Can I burn fat straight away...
how long does it take for intermittent fasting to work
Weight Loss How to Get a Smaller Waist Safely and Quickly
5 things you need to know if you want to have a slim waist.
Weight Loss How to Burn 1,000 Calories Quickly and Safely
It might look like a crazy number but it's actually not that hard to burn 1,000 calories a day.
how to burn 1000 calories
Weight Loss Does Sweating Burn Calories? The Truth About Sweat
Can sweating lead to the loss of a few pounds? Our doctor explains.
Weight Loss How to Lose Lower Back Fat: Effective Secrets Revealed
You've tried everything but still can't lose that stubborn lower back fat. There must be...
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Intermittent Fasting

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best fasting books 10 Best Intermittent Fasting Books in 2022
Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle plan that has taken the world by storm. Those who have tried...
Stages of fasting Stages of Fasting Explained and the Health Benefits They Bring
Weight loss, cell renewal, and disease prevention are among the purported benefits of...
Simple app review The Simple App Review: Is This Intermittent Fasting App Legit?
Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular ways to lose weight. People can choose when they...
Fasting foods Fasting Foods: What Can You Eat During a Fast?
Fasting for long periods can be a challenging task. It’s perfectly normal to feel hungry during...

Keto Diet

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Keto cheese list Keto Cheese List: 20+ of the Best Keto Cheeses for Your Diet
Cheese is one of the best items for your keto food list. It fits smoothly into your diet,...
healthy thanksgiving sides Healthy Thanksgiving Sides to Balance Your Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to overindulge, but that doesn’t mean your holiday meals...
When to take keto pills morning or night? When to Take Keto Pills: Morning or Night?
Keto pills are a great way to supplement your ketone intake. By ingesting more than your body can...
Keto fruit list Keto Fruit List: The Only Guide You’ll Need
The keto diet has strict rules for what you can and can’t eat. Keto dieters need to eat a...
Keto Food List

Check Out The Keto Food List​

If you’re wondering what food to eat while being on Keto diet, we’ve got you covered! Find the list of all keto-friendly ingredients created by our nutritionists in one place.
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Weight Loss

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Weight loss for moms Weight Loss for Moms: 8+ Ways to Reach Your Goals
Losing weight is challenging, especially if you add a busy mom’s life. It might even seem like...
itworks slimming gummies review It Works! Slimming Gummies Review: Scam or Legit?
Gummies are an attractive way to take vitamins because they look and taste good. Such supplements...
how to lose thigh fat for men How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men: Discover Our 7 Top Tips
Excess fat can be stored anywhere in the human body. Men typically carry more fat around the...
Phengold review PhenGold Review: Is It a Good Weight Loss Supplement?
Losing weight doesn’t come easily to some people, and in these cases, turning to a weight...

Gut Health

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best fiber supplement for IBS Best Fiber Supplement for IBS: 6 Products to Consider
Irritable bowel syndrome is a common digestive disorder. It comes with a group of symptoms that...
Provitalize review Provitalize Review: Don’t Buy These Pills Just Yet
Going through menopause can be a challenging time. There are lots of physical side effects that...
Does bloating cause weight gain Does Bloating Cause Weight Gain? +5 Reasons for Bloating
So, you step on the scale to find a big change in the numbers. Yesterday, you weighed a few...
Bloating vs fat Bloating vs. Fat: What Is the Difference, and How Can You Tell?
If you’ve recently noticed that your midsection is larger than before, you may be wondering...


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are pumpkin seeds healthy Are Pumpkin Seeds Healthy? Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Inside its spongy pulp, pumpkin, scientifically known as Cucurbita pepo, hides valuable,...
are blueberries healthy Are Blueberries Healthy? Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Blueberries are a common fruit loved for their sweet flavor. They have a high nutritional value...
is avocado healthy Is Avocado Healthy? 10 Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Have you heard mixed messages about avocados that have left you unsure whether they’re healthy?...
are pistachios healthy Are Pistachios Healthy? Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Nuts are often recommended to people wanting to improve their diet and lose weight, but their...

Heart Health

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foods to lower cholesterol The Best 45 Foods to Lower Cholesterol
High cholesterol? The right foods can help you better manage bad cholesterol and reduce your risk...
best cholesterol tracking app 8 Best Cholesterol Tracking Apps in 2022
High cholesterol levels are dangerous for people of all ages. They are directly linked to a...
best blood pressure monitor 7 Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2022
Some people have to measure their blood pressure daily. For this regular occurrence, they need a...
Best blood pressure apps 6 Best Blood Pressure Apps: Our Top Picks
Blood pressure is one of the biggest silent killers among adults in the U.S. Maintaining good...


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Type 2 diabetes food list Type 2 Diabetes Food List: 15 Foods Suitable for Your Diet
People living with diabetes need to be careful of what kinds of foods they eat. Following the...
Pinch method for diabetes Pinch Method for Diabetes: How Does It Work?
Dealing with high blood sugar levels can be frustrating. Not all remedies help lower blood sugar...
The Infamous Insulin Scandal Here’s Why the Twitter Insulin Scandal Is More Important Than It Seems
There have been a lot of scandals on Twitter recently. Some of them are forgotten as quickly as...
are corn flakes good for diabetes Are Corn Flakes Good for Diabetes? Find Out Before Taking Another Spoonful
For some people, a bowl of corn flakes is the only thing they need to get going in the morning....

Mental Health

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can stress cause kidney stones Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones? 3 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make
Anyone who has had a kidney stone knows that it is one of the most painful sensations you can...
how to deal with a midlife crisis Experts Explain How to Deal With a Midlife Crisis: Follow These 7 Tips
As you approach middle age, you might wonder about the possibility of having a midlife crisis. It...
Neuromodulation A New Way of Treating Anxiety Neuromodulation: A New Way of Treating Anxiety
About 30% of people worldwide suffer from mental disorders and diseases such as depression,...
loving yourself after a breakup Loving Yourself After a Breakup: 10 Ways to Find Peace of Mind
A failed relationship can lead to low self-esteem. Not feeling good enough will negatively affect...